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by Danny Schechter, Editor, Mediachannel.org

As they say when the Olympics convene, "Let The Games Begin." A new Olympics gets underway today, the news Olympics, as the anglo-American hegemony of the big news cartels has for the first time a challenger in the form of well-packaged professional network. al Jazeera international goes on the air globally (but not yet in the USA) to offer another perspective.


President Bush's upcoming visit to Vietnam bolsters comparisons between the Iraq and Vietnam wars, the Associated Press reported today. Since Bush was too busy partying during the original conflict, hopefully the trip will be a good first lesson on the effects and solutions to stupid, hopeless wars.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006 03:51

Cindy Sheehan: In-Curious George Goes to Vietnam


Q: What is the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?
A: George Bush had an exit plan for Vietnam.

This is an old joke that has made the circuits. It is amusing, but not really one hundred percent accurate. George didn't have a strategy for exiting Vietnam...he had a very clear and orchestrated plan between his father's friends and his illicit drug problems to not even go to Vietnam. In my journey since Casey was killed, I have met many fine men and women who didn't dodge their duty to be dragged off to Vietnam, although most of them disagreed with that tragic war. However, most of them were conscripted against their wills and they didn't have the "advantages" of being wealthy and having influential friends to keep them out of combat.


Well, now, what an interesting development this is, considering "charges are being sought in Germany against Rumsfeld, and other top officials in the U.S. government," and "the CIA has formally acknowledged the existence of two classified documents governing aggressive interrogation and detention policies for terrorism suspects ... CIA lawyers say the documents -- memos from President Bush and the Justice Department -- are still so sensitive that no portion can be released to the public." Exactly who is being "protected" by not releasing these oh "so sensitive" documents to the public? Could this renounce the "We don't torture" statements made by Bush? Could the courts in Germany also seek out George Bush? Should "impeachment" really be "off the table"? Patriotic minds want to know!  


Alleged Anthrax Hoaxer Appears To Be Free Republic Poster

by Tony Peyser

Chad Castagana wants to get
Rid of every Liberal commie
Even though he currently lives
At home with his mommy.


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Tuesday, 14 November 2006 07:28

Peter Rost: Whistleblowers -- Who Are They?

by Peter Rost, M.D., author of "The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman."

Most people wonder how anyone can become a whistleblower -- ever. After all, most stories of whistleblowers don't end well. And that's the reason most people keep quiet.


DNC: The Bush Economy Continues With New Record Deficits

Washington, DC - President Bush's fiscal irresponsibility continues unabated as the latest Treasury Department report shows that the "federal government started out its new budget year with a slightly higher deficit than last year as revenues and spending for October both set records." The "deficit for October totaled $49.3 billion, up 4.3 percent from" last year. The department also reported that "the deficit for the current 2007 budget year is expected to resume rising." So far, President Bush has "presided over the three largest deficits in U.S. history in dollar terms." [AP, 11/14/06]

by Ray McGovern

President George W. Bush conferred yesterday with members of the James Baker-led Iraq Study Group against a background of chaos in Baghdad, a quisling government demonstrably incapable of stemming the violence, and an Iraqi resistance emboldened by the vote of no confidence given to the president's Iraq policy. As expected, yesterday's meeting was primarily photo-op.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006 03:49

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 14, 2006


Subject: Accountability and Justice

When will the Democrats stop letting the Republican Party set their agenda? I'm really frustrated that the Democrats always seem to cave in to Republican spin machine. The Republicans have started the spin that investigations of the Bush administration's past six years would be some kind of unfair partisan political ploy and if the Democrats hold investigations those investigations would only be out of revenge for the Clinton impeachment. Now the Republicans claim bipartisanship and working together for the good of the country is what they're all about. Where was all this Republican bipartisanship the last six years?

The Democrats better understand that investigations of the Bush administration are not only warranted they were DEMANDED by the people in the mid term elections. I know the spin machine says the elections turned on one issue, Iraq, but that's SPIN, exit polls clearly included corruption!

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