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Monday, 09 October 2006 05:35

Sounds Like DLC Drag to Me . .

by Shirley Smith

"Angelides Seen as a Drag on the Party" - Los Angeles Times

Monday, 09 October 2006 05:18

Will Durst: Dennis Hastert's Crow Plate Special

Written by

Hubris. (Hyoo-bris) -noun. Excessive pride or self-confidence. Arrogance.

That's the dry dictionary definition. But if you want to see hubris in all its gooey partisan glory, check out the machinations Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, is going through as he twists and turns like a Chinese acrobat in zero gravity reacting to the Congressional page scandal. His first vault into the Olympics of sleaze was picking up the phone. Why? To express his outrage at Florida Republican Mark Foley's inappropriate overtures to young boys? Unh, no. Okay, to console the families of the children ensnared in these lurid imprecations? Well, no, not precisely that either. Then, to demand an investigation into why the report on Foley's behavior was buried by his office? Well, unh, no, no, not really, no. Wait! Wait! Let me think. Unh, no. No. 'Fraid not.

Monday, 09 October 2006 04:28

Cindy Sheehan: A Nation Still At War*

by Cindy Sheehan

While Democrats are jumping for joy and Republicans are scrambling like Keystone Kops and falling all over each other to cover their asses, 25 of our brave young children have been killed in Iraq.


Foley-Related Spin To Look Forward To

by Tony Peyser

We're the "family values" party
So wouldn't it be much better that
Your sons were molested by us
Instead of some creepy Democrat?


1//Asia Times Online, Hong Kong--BLOODY FIGHT OVER KIRKUK'S FUTURE (The security situation in the northern oil-rich city of Kirkuk has further deteriorated over the past few weeks after the Iraqi government formed a committee assigned to "normalize the situation". The creation of that committee under a constitutional provision has led to a rise in ethnic tensions among Kirkuk's Kurdish, Arab and Turkoman populations. Violence has risen with the tensions.

by Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"

"This is the 21st Century. Get with it, man!"


Today in Iraq: The Latest News From the President's War of Choice
G.O.P.'s Baker Hints Iraq Plan Needs Change

Washington, DC - Today's Washington Post reports that James A. Baker III, co-chairman of the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group, said Sunday that the panel would not recommend that the U.S. stay the course in Iraq. This statement comes days after Sen. John Warner, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that the U.S. needs to re-evaluate the current strategy in Iraq and may need to change course. Democrats believe we need a new direction in Iraq that is both tough and smart.

Monday, 09 October 2006 03:03

The Union Leader: "Speaker, others must go"

Written by

The Union Leader: "Speaker, others must go"

Washington, DC - Over the weekend, an editorial in the Union Leader in New Hampshire said that for his gross mishandling of the Foley scandal, "Republicans must insist that [Speaker Hastert] resign." They also noted that Hastert's efforts to blame Democrats have fallen flat and that "there is not one shred of evidence to back up that claim."

by Danny Schechter, Mediachannel.org

New York, Oct 8: Journalism lost one of its brightest lights this weekend when the well- known and globally-honored Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya, a mother of two and the most courageous chronicler of the Wars in Chechnya, was shot to death, KGB style with two bullets to the head in the elevator of her apartment building in Moscow.


October 9, 2006

Dateline -- Buenos Aires, Argentina

For some 30 years, the Argentine women known as the Madres (Mothers) de La Plaza de Mayo have marched every Thursday in front of the Presidential Palace of Argentina. They gather in memory of their children and grandchildren, who were among the estimated 30,000 people who disappeared during "Operation Condor." Another 50,000 people were murdered.

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