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by Kathleen Wynne

I read your article on Mark Crispin Miller's book Fooled Again. I have great respect and appreciation for Dr. Miller's work. However, in the article, you only mention the following men who have tried to get the word out about the election reform issue: Steve Freeman, Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman, Steve Rosenfeld, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Greg Palast, Brad Friedman, Paul Lehto, Jonathan Simon, David Moore as those who are getting the word out about election reform. Where are the women who are getting the word out?


Thom Prentice, Austin, Texas

Texas Lt. Gov. and 19 Senate Republicans nominated for worst person in the world honors on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC program!

Texas state senator Mario Gallegos, Jr. (D-Houston), who had a LIVER TRANSPLANT last winter, has been forced by Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and 19 Republican state senators to stay in a hospital bed in a small room next to the Texas Senate in the state's capitol building AGAINST DOCTORS ORDERS.

by Dave Lindorff

The divide between Democratic leaders contemplating their re-election prospects in 2008 and rank-and-file Democrats is becoming a chasm -- one so wide that Congressional Democrats may soon find it hard to straddle it.

The issue is impeachment.


The longer the Bushies stay in power, the face of the Repuglican Party looks more and more corrupt, dishonest, fraudulent, and shady! The IRONY is Gonzales makes Ashcroft look really good! Actually George Bush makes Richard Nixon look saintly in comparison! And don’t even let me get started on Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, the neo-cons, and mainstream corporate media!!!! When gathered together they are the most repulsive, sordid, disgusting, bunch of associates trolling the halls of government we’ve ever had to endure!

Mr. President, for over 25 years you were a drunk
Of the combative and nasty variety
So it's kinda ill-advised for you to ever trot out
Any variation of the word "sobriety."

So you thought Creation 'Science' was dead, huh? You thought it has been replaced by the anti-evolutionary 'Science' of Intelligent Design considered by some a more difficult target for the rational thinkers of our society (theist and non-theist alike) to attack, huh? Well, you were wrong.

edited by Gloria Lalumia

The World Energy Watch presents recent news and analysis highlighting the activities of the players involved in the power struggle for the world's remaining energy resources.


"It is this kind of political theater that has caused the American people to lose confidence in how Washington operates," President Bush said on Monday about Democratic plans for a no-confidence vote on Attorney General Gonzales.

Well gee, isn't that the point of a vote of no-confidence? It is amazing how effortlessly Bush can blame Democrats for why folks are upset about the AttorneyGate scandal. Talk about shooting the messenger.

By Amy Branham

Last night, while surfing for something to watch on the television, my husband ran across the show "Austin City Limits." The Dixie Chicks were playing, so he stopped his surfing and we watched them perform. It was good to see them up on stage performing again, especially in a Texas venue, though I do believe the show was a rerun from about a year ago.

by Cindy Sheehan

We have an old saying in my adopted state of Texas and you may have it in your own state too: "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." America is not unique for perpetuating a history founded on genocide and where violence is constantly relied upon for problem solving, but this is our country and how can we finally learn the lessons of war and corrupt regimes?

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