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This amount is no doubt much higher than had been planned
But now (phew!) Roger Mahony won't have to take the stand.


If anyone is really interested in why Bush doesn't give a damn about anything, how many soldiers are dying in Iraq, the Constitution, the polls, his legacy, the Repuglican Party, Congress, etc. etc. etc., it can be found in this not so little tid-bit from "retired diplomat, former U.S. Ambassador Dan Simpson"---"There is also the late-at-night, eerie concern that Mr. Bush has in his head some sort of scenario where, for reasons of national security - real or drummed up - the 2008 elections will have to be postponed and he will get to stay on. My suspicions have at their base the feeling I have that, given their operating style now, this bunch will not leave the White House easily in 2009." A terrifying but highly probable happening! Impeach now!!! 

Thursday, 19 July 2007 02:15

Cindy Sheehan: Give War a Chance

by Cindy Sheehan

Journey for Humanity and Accountability: Day 9

Being in the Deep South has been a very interesting experience. As George's approval numbers hover down somewhere in Congress's range and approval for their war is shrinking, we have encountered very little opposition to our message, but the opposition we have encountered has been vile, abusive, and potentially dangerous.

by Jesse M. Reiter

Over the last several election cycles, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its powerful corporate backers have been silently purchasing state Supreme Court seats across the country. As a result, many state supreme courts, which were once fair and neutral, now favor big business interests. This in turn has left average citizens without a voice in our court system and is making our system less democratic.

by Stephen Crockett

"Out of control, elitist power mongers" would be the best phrase to describe the political mindset of the Bush Republican machine. The current Bush Administration and their Senate allies are completely unwilling to bend to majority rule on the Iraq War or the other major issues of today. In the Republican elitist world, the people are to be ruled over instead of represented by Republican officeholders and judges.

by Jimmy Lohman

The 59,130,092 Americans who voted for the re-election of "Bush-Cheney in '04" need to make some serious amends to the nation and world they have destroyed. They could start by burning their voter registration cards and making a commitment to never again darken the voting booths of this former democracy with their grossly incompetent, hopelessly inept electoral decision-making. Get a hobby, people. Grow vegetables, learn an instrument, take up knitting, do anything, but please, please don't ever cast another vote. You have proven incapable of being a responsible citizen, so don't even try. It's OK, we will forgive you if you promise never to vote again.

by Burt Hall

If a remedy is constitutionally required, the facts below dictate that House impeachment hearings begin soon. Speaker Pelosi is taking calls on impeachment -- pro or con -- at 202/225-0100.

The President and Vice President have committed high crimes in their conduct of national security. The high crimes constitute grave breaches of Commander-in-Chief authority, and apply equally to 9/11 and Iraq. Investigating these crimes can end the war in Iraq, cause the President and Vice President to resign, and change the direction of our country.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007 04:25

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 18, 2007


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Subject: Florida Democratic Party Corruption?

Could we at least stop being surprised at any demand this
Man makes?
It's like going to IHOP & being dumbfounded that they serve

Wednesday, 18 July 2007 03:16

Shirley Smith: Do Americans Understand?



This is one sign of what is wrong with US government: People not believing in accountability from their governments. Why do people think that Germany's government and their people do not bear responsibility for the survivors of such a carnage that in no way was any fault of their own? Years of horror that killed off millions of people.

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