• Build the Green Economy

    Build the Green Economy

    By Robert Pollin, Boston Review | News Analysis

    This article proposes a transformative U.S. clean energy investment program that can meet the 40 percent reduction target over the next twenty years. Our program goes well beyond what is being advanced or even contemplated by the Obama administration, though Obama’s agenda mostly pushes in the right direction. The program is also economically and politically realistic, offering a framework for action at all levels of public policy, community activism, and private business investments. Critically, this program will not require ordinary Americans to sacrifice job opportunities or overall economic well-being.

  • The US Government Never Understood Afghanistan and Still Doesn't

    The US Government Never Understood Afghanistan and Still Doesn't

    By Anand Gopal, Metropolitan Books | Book Excerpt

    The chaos, destruction and loss of lives that came after United States intervention in Afghanistan is most often told through a government and media narrative of US military power. In his compellingly intimate portrait of how the Afghan war impacted citizens of that nation, Anand Gopal walks readers through the looking glass lens of US empire into the complex and personal history and impact of the conflict.