• Fairness and Justice? Post-9/11 Muslim Charity Prosecution

    By Katherine Hughes, Truthout | Op-Ed

    2014 920 justice st(Image: EL / TO; Adapted: JMT Images, Rana Ossama)My passion for the protection of civil liberties was sparked at the age of 14 when I saw a documentary on the Allies' liberation of Bergen-Belsen. For the past 40 years, in an effort to understand how something like that could happen, I've been reading first-hand accounts of 1930s and 1940s Europe and the former Soviet Union. Over the last 25 years I began noticing similar circumstances in both Europe and the United States: wars creating millions of refugees, financial crises, erosions of workers' rights and sharpening income inequality, along with national and individual poverty and debt, a xenophobic and racist climate, and attacks on civil liberties, including freedom of speech. My alarm grew as I witnessed the post-9/11 demonization of Muslims. I have always known that if anything like this happened in my lifetime, not only did I not want any part of it; I did not want to be a bystander. It was for this reason that I decided to attend the trial of Rafil Dhafir.



  • "They" Live; "They" Rule

    "They" Live; "They" Rule

    By Paul Street, Paradigm Publishers | Book Excerpt

    Described by Cornel West as "the most acute observer and insightful analyst of the 'Obama Phenomena,'" Paul Street is the author of seven books, numerous project studies, and hundreds of articles published around the world. His publications include the prophetic, "lucid and penetrating" (Noam Chomsky) volume Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics (2008), described by John Pilger in 2009 as "perhaps the only book that tells the truth about the 44th president of the United States."

  • Machiavelli and Oligarchic Democracy

    Machiavelli and Oligarchic Democracy

    By Lorenzo Del Savio and Matteo Mameli, Truthout | Op-Ed

    Machiavelli wrote that when we are trying to understand politics and the history of human societies, much can be explained in terms of the eternal conflict between two fundamental desires. One is the desire of the grandi - that is, the super-rich and the super-powerful - to protect their wealth and power, and to accumulate more wealth and power. The other is the desire of ordinary citizens.