• New Blueprint for US Workplace: Ellen Bravo on Fight for Paid Family Leave

    By Amy Dean, Truthout | Interview

    Ellen Bravo. (Photo:<a href="" target="_blank"> Ralph Alswang for the Center for American Progress / Flickr</a>)Ellen Bravo. (Photo: Ralph Alswang for the Center for American Progress / Flickr)When American workers finally get paid family leave, it's no exaggeration to say that they'll have Ellen Bravo to thank. Bravo, director of Family Values @Work, a 21-state coalition that is working to pass paid leave legislation at both the state and national level, has worked to organize women and men with this one policy goal for several decades. Bravo, who both wears her working-class identity proudly and can deliver data-driven talking points like a seasoned policy wonk, says that although the majority of employees are women working outside the home, most workplaces are still designed for men with wives at home.

    In not providing any paid family leave for workers, the United States is alone among the world's richest nations, all of which provide at least some paid leave time for each worker to care for a newborn or sick/elderly family member. Just 12 percent of US workers have any paid family leave from their employers. Bravo argues that the American workplace needs to be retrofitted to accommodate the realities of today's workers.

  • Stop Calling Soldiers "Heroes": It Stops Us From Seeing Them as Human

    Stop Calling Soldiers "Heroes": It Stops Us From Seeing Them as Human

    By Cara Hoffman, Salon | Op-Ed

    Last month the Institute of Medicine released a study showing that only half the Veterans with PTSD are getting treatment for the condition. While this might seem a failure on the part of the Veterans Administration, there are likely bigger cultural issues at play. The more I learned about life after combat, the more I realized the power of one particularly dehumanizing and often paralyzing word: hero.

  • Israel's Grinding Ground War in Gaza

    Israel's Grinding Ground War in Gaza

    By Richard Silverstein, Truthout | Op-Ed

    Israel and the international community, for there to be a viable Palestine, must recognize Hamas as a valid political interlocutor, rather than purely a terrorist organization. The current charade sponsored by Israel and accepted by the West, sees Hamas as a band of bloodthirsty Jew-hating al-Qaeda-like zealots. If you wish to remain in a state of perpetual war with Palestine, then this rejectionist stance works well for you.