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  • In Depth: How Big Business Buys State Courts

    By Mike Ludwig, Truthout | News Analysis

    Judge's gavel(Image: Judge's gavel via Shutterstock)

    Last Halloween, tobacco giant Reynolds American quietly cut a $30,000 check for Justice For All NC, a nonprofit that funneled more than $1.6 million in outside funding into North Carolina's 2012 Supreme Court elections, to help incumbent conservative Justice Paul Newby keep his seat on the bench.

    The Winston-Salem-based company's $30,000 donation was pocket change compared with the wave of outside spending that would flood the primary elections for the state's high court months later, but it was a start.

  • Viral Panic and the Politics of Quarantine

    Viral Panic and the Politics of Quarantine

    By Ben Agger, Truthout | Op-Ed

    Dominion over nature and uneven development produce illness, both communicable and noncommunicable, while our involvement in new wars prevents us from addressing the desperate demography and ecology of poor regions that see eco-illness go viral. These are choices, not iron laws. We could have avoided internal combustion, meat, the Manhattan Project. It is not too late to quarantine capitalism.

  • Disposable Life: Jean Franco

    Disposable Life: Jean Franco

    By Jean Franco, Histories of Violence | Video Essay

    Drawing upon her extensive understanding and personal experience of the Latin American region, Specialist Jean Franco maps out the history of state violence as perpetrated against disposable populations, notably indigenous, onto the privatization of atrocity in more contemporary times and what this means for normalizing a fatalistic politics that destroys hope and political transformation.


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