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Don't Fall for it: The Narrative Hijacking of the Orlando Shooting

From Brexit to Texit: Texas secession movement targets 2018 ballot

Clinton's Wall Street Donors Revolt After Warren Emerges as VP Contender

Cleveland Bans Soapboxes and Sleeping Bags, Not Guns, Near Republican Convention

People's Summit Offers Hope for a Movement Bigger Than Bernie

The Centralization of Policing: A Push to Integrate Local Police in Mexico and the US

Reimagining Safety for Queer and Trans Communities in Wake of Orlando

Speaking Mirth to Power: An Interview With "Tactical Performer" L.M. Bogad

Black Lives Matter withdraws from S.F.'s Pride Parade due to increased police presence

Brexit and the New Global Rebellion

Fields of Filth: Landmark Report Maps Feces-Laden Hog and Chicken Operations in North Carolina

Donald Trump Becomes International Laughingstock Over Brexit Tweet

U.S. markets plunge more than 2.5 percent amid fallout from Brexit vote

President Obama Designates Stonewall a National Monument

Congress Could Save Puerto Rico From Collapse. They Have One Week

Obama Administration Approved Gulf Fracking During Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Far-Right Party in France Also Dreams of an Exit: Marine Le Pen

Donald Trump in Scotland: 'Brexit a great thing'

New Physical Standards for Marine Recruits Overwhelmingly Weed Out Women

Bernie Sanders says he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November

"During the [Brexit] campaign the very worst impulses were given free rein and voice."

Senate Reports Fault Cable, Satellite TV Providers for Questionable Billing Practices

Is Trump’s Campaign Just Another Conservative Con? And Should The Press Cover It That Way?

African Fisheries Plundered by Foreign Fleets

Reformed Chemical Safety Law Doesn’t Eliminate Need for Public Vigilance

The harmful impacts of sex offender registries—and a CCR client who was removed

A brother’s tragic passing: Facing death in life

Illinois Bill: Catholic Hospitals Must Inform Patients Where They Can Obtain Denied Care

Canadian Parliament Legalizes Medical Assistance in Death After Non-Partisan Disputes

Data Shows Surge in Texans Traveling Out of State to Get an Abortion

Orlando: Deeper Than Terrorism

Has Technology Estranged Us to the Point That We Need to Rent Friends?
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Local news isn’t dead. We just need to stop killing it.

Majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices are millionaires

Injustice System: The Supreme Court Serves and Protects Crooked Cops

People Near Wyoming Fracking Town Show Elevated Levels of Toxic Chemicals

Hospital life in Sierra Leone after Ebola

If Facts Don’t Matter, What Does?

A Striking Number of College Students are Food Insecure. Can Campus Farms Help?

Five Immigration Actions Obama Should Take Before Leaving Office

Clinton, Want Berners on Board? Walk Back AIPAC and Never Again Say Kissinger

Alicia Garza on Importance of Voting, Disruptive Black Power

If Scotland blocks England from Brexit, what happens next?

Democrats End Gun Control Sit-In After More Than 24 Hours on House Floor

How Bernie Sanders’ Revolution Can Win, Even Without Him

You May Be Surprised Where Most Refugees Come From

How neoliberalism’s moral order feeds fraud and corruption

Scientist: Fossil fuels’ two-way assault on children’s health needs to stop

'Make America White Again' campaign billboard sparks outrage in Tennessee

Those Grieving Over Orlando Can Get Free Mental Health Services Thanks To This Insurance Company

The Fraudulent Case for a Syrian Escalation

Friends In High Places: Who Endorses America’s Troubled For-Profit Colleges?

New Chicago Law Will Give Almost Half a Million Workers Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave

Agroecology Can Help Dismantle the Capitalist-GMO Food Model

What Happened to the Bernie-crats?

Settlement From Police Pepper Spray Assault to Support Student Activists

Oil-Funded Groups Have Spent $2.7 Million To Defeat California Candidates Who Want Climate Action

Still #FeeltheBern? You’re Not Alone

Supreme Court Deadlocks on Obama Immigration Plan. It Remains Blocked.

Warren would give a middle finger to Wall Street as Clinton's vice-president
Elizabeth Warren would bring strength to the Democratic ticket where it’s lacking – which may be bad news for fundraising but great news for galvanizing voters

The shocking waste of cash even leavers won’t condemn
In or out, everyone seems to agree that the poor should keep subsidising the rich with land subsidies

20 Percent of Trump Campaign Spending Is Going to ... Donald Trump

Abortion demand soars in countries hit by Zika outbreak, study finds
Women in Latin America, where abortion is often illegal, are seeking online help in unprecedented numbers in response to the virus linked to birth defects

Republicans adjourn House after night of chaos over gun votes

Hair-Trigger Alert
-- Bob Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Majority of Vulnerable Refugees Will Not Be Resettled in 2017

Today, John Lewis Stood Up for Human Dignity Once Again

A record 66 million trees have died in Calif., increasing fire risk

Post Orlando, hawks make a power play

FL Rep. Says Dems Will 'Sit-In' Until a Vote on Guns or GOP 'Hauls People Off House Floor'

The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it

10 Incredible Photos of Solar Impulse 2’s Flight Around the World

Brexit Should Be a Warning About Donald Trump

European Union’s Imperial Overreach

TransCanada Files NAFTA Suit Demanding More Than $15 Billion for Keystone XL Rejection

A ‘Brexit’ Blow to the Establishment

Trump hopes for boost from Brexit vote

At least 26 dead in West Virginia flooding

Abigail Fisher’s Supreme Court loss: A massive blow to mediocre white people coasting on their racial privilege

Clinton warning about 'accessible' email adds fuel to controversy

Brexit: If it Could Happen There...

Political Elites' Program of Austerity Set the Stage for Brexit

The Shaming of Paul Ryan Is Now Complete

Diablo Shutdown Marks End of Atomic Era
-- Harvey Wasserman for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Five Immigration Actions Obama Should Take Before Leaving Office

Union Pacific blamed for fiery oil train derailment

"Scotland will likely seek independence for a second time this decade after the historic vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Friday."

Brexit: David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU

Joy as Colombia, FARC Sign Ceasefire Ending 50 Years of War

An Inequality Double-Whammy

Volkswagen agrees to pay billions to drivers over emissions scandal

Trump’s 'great' memory draws fire in Trump U deposition

Voting rights today, voting rights tomorrow, voting rights forever!

Federal Court: The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer

Glyphosate: the pesticide industry keeps the data secrecy scandal going in the name of 'investment protection'

Social movements in Spain: When resistance is the alternative

Fearing Violence, LGBT Refugees Rarely Seek Help

Social media is on the rise, but not like you’d expect

How the Carried Interest Loophole Makes the Super-Rich Super-Richer

Senate to vote on two gun bills

Van Driver In Freddie Gray Case Found Not Guilty On All Counts

Taking care of an older relative is hard. Will Pennsylvania’s CARE Act make it easier?

10 Dead One Decade after Education Standoff

The EPA just made it official: No more fracking wastewater in public sewage plants

We Need a Hashtag That Celebrates What Actually Goes on in LGBT Clubs

My Four Months as a private prison guard

How the $15 Minimum Wage Became a Reality in Seattle

Court strikes down Obama fracking rules for public lands

Railroad Blamed for Fiery Oil Train Derailment

Obama decries Supreme Court decision

Colombia and FARC rebels agree to ceasefire deal

India’s ‘Unprecedented’ Plan To Bring Millions Out Of Poverty And Power Them With Clean Energy

Gordon Gekko's America

Hindu Nationalism and the Ongoing Fight Over US History Textbooks

The Limits of Bernie Sanders’ Fundraising Juggernaut

Reducing poverty is not just about income, it's giving people a voice

New Student Debt Scheme Turns Students Into Stock Options

Following the money behind the nearly $500 million 2016 Democratic primary

Up to 5,000 barrels of oil spill in Ventura County; crews race to stop flow into ocean

Dutch prototype clean-up boom brings Pacific plastics solution a step closer
If tests of the 100m-long barrier that collects rubbish on the sea’s surface are successful, it could be deployed at a larger scale in the ‘great Pacific garbage patch’

Baltimore officer found not guilty in Freddie Gray murder case

Cross-movement organizing in Mexico leads to new resources

As Election Day Approaches, Zambia's Largest Independent Newspaper Shut Down by Tax Authority

Jewel v. NSA Moves Forward—Time For NSA To Answer Basic Questions About Mass Surveillance

The Paradox of Refuge: Rise of Gender-Based Violence in Times of Crisis

Dramatic House Sit-In on Guns Is Undercut by Focus on Secret, Racist Watchlist

Travel restrictions and medical shortages complicate care for cancer patients in Gaza

Assault Weapons Are Called Assault Weapons for a Reason
-- Will Durst for BuzzFlash at Truthout

What Is Kasich Planning for the RNC?

Hope for those in debt: Can a non-profit help put predatory payday lenders out of business?

U.S. financial firms spent almost $3 million against 'Brexit'

Union Members Don’t Oppose Environmental Protections. They’re Actually More Likely To Support Them.

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action in College Admissions

House gun control sit-in stretches into second day

Voting begins in EU referendum as polls say result too close to call
Both campaigns have urged a big turnout although bad weather in south-east England could affect numbers

Many Eligible For Prop. 47 Relief Still Need to Apply

Donald Trump, Anthony Bourdain, and the Plight of their (Indentured) Mexicans

Murder of journalist in Texas could be linked to his reporting

Latin America and the Caribbean: What does it take to prevent people from falling back into poverty

Bernie Sanders’s awkward return to the Senate