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Trump is teaming with "Apprentice" producer Burnette for "helicopter grand entrance" at Inauguration

United Airlines will begin charging to use overhead bins in 2017

Jim Hightower: Augustus Trumpus
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Election 2016 recount: Where 5 states stand

Report: Trump Transition Team Sworn To Secrecy By Non-Disclosure Agreements

War On The Homeless: Cities All Over America Are Passing Laws Making It Illegal To Feed And Shelter Those In Need

Trump Refused to Denounce Extrajudicial Killings of "Drug Suspects" by Philippines President
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Housing Advocate: It's Scary That Trump HUD Secretary Pick Ben Carson Thinks Poverty Is a Choice

Charles P. Pierce: Republican Superstars Are Already Fluent in the Language of White Supremacy
They've spoken it for years.

800 Climate Scientists Warn Trump Presidency Could Be Defined by "Denial and Disaster"

UnKoch My Campus: Opposing Billionaires' Efforts to Infiltrate Higher Education

House GOP Eyes Food Stamp Overhaul, Possible New Eligibility Requirements

Sandy Hook denier arrested after death threats made to parent of victim

For trans women killed by Oakland fire, struggle for respect continues in death

The Strange Career of American Exceptionalism

GOP adds measure to aid Mattis' confirmation to stopgap bill

The Contract: Chicago's Police Union

"He got up there and lied his ass off": Carrier union leader on Trump's big deal

Dahr Jamail | James Mattis Is a War Criminal: I Experienced His Attack on Fallujah Firsthand

Despite damning video, judge declares mistrial in shooting of Walter Scott

Families Have a Lot to Lose – and Protect – Long Before Inauguration Day

Presidential elector says he will reject Trump, cites foreign payments prohibited by Constitution

Gaza fuel emergency is a daily routine

'Clown Of Aleppo,' Who Brought Joy to Syrian Kids, Killed by Airstrike

Portland to vote on taxing companies if CEO earns 100 times more than staff
City official proposing the tax, considered the first of its kind, says income inequality is among society’s greatest challenges: ‘It’s absolutely frightening’

Ag Secretary Vilsack: Financial stress on the rise as farm income falls

Israel blocks Gaza women from breast cancer treatment

Former CIA Officer Tells NYT Trump is "An Authoritarian"

Big Win for Dakota Pipeline Opponents, But Bigger Battle Looms

Trump sold all shares in companies in June, spokesman says

Lentils, chickpeas can help reverse dangerous trend of soil erosion: U.N.

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Native reservations

Mass Protest in Brazil In Face of Rigid Austerity Measures

Trump's Presidency Will Be a Disaster for Public Education

Mexico Army Systematically Hiding Figures of Civilians It Kills

Goodbye Grasslands. Goodbye Birds. Goodbye Carbon Sink.

Colgate, Nestle and Others Allegedly Linked to Child Labor Practices

Before Flint, Before East Chicago, There Was Smeltertown
After a 1970s CDC study showed that the mostly Mexican-American population of this Texas town had dangerously high blood lead levels, its buildings were demolished and its residents were booted.

How to Save the Planet From President Trump

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

EU energy package: What it means for coal, renewables and efficiency

Princess Cruises Will Pay Record Fine for Intentional Pollution

Emanuel’s growing collection of slush funds

Australia pursues plans to mine millions of tons of climate-polluting coal from the traditional lands of the Wangan and Jagalingou people.

6 weeks Left for President Obama to Approve Clemency for U.S. Army Whistleblower Chelsea Manning

How Castro and Cousteau's Legendary Friendship Preserved Cuba's Oceans
-- David Guggenheim for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Jury Awards $93 Million in Federal Fraud Case Against Allied Home Mortgage

An Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Is Wielding Growing Power On Trump's Transition Team

Massacre in Nicaragua
Mayanga Family Slaughtered by Illegal Colonizers While Planting Food on Traditional Land

UN “Profoundly Sorry” for Haiti Cholera Outbreak

After decades of research, why is AIDS still rampant?

We’ll be living with this for a long time

Eligible for job and college aid, half of Tennesseans with disabilities get nothing

Lessons of the Elwha River: Managing Health Hazards during Dam Removal

Trudeau’s Approval of Kinder Morgan, Line 3 Pipelines Is a Failure in Climate Leadership

Can Trump be checked and balanced?

Like kryptonite to campaign finance reform

Angela Merkel calls for burqa ban 'wherever legally possible' in Germany

Nearly 4 weeks later, N.C. governor concedes race to Democratic challenger

Labor battles at Columbia University

The Numbers That Tell the Story of This Standing Rock Victory
The Army Corps announced Sunday that the Dakota Access pipeline will be rerouted. Here are the numbers that show what lies ahead.

Tax cheating, easy living

Taxpayers face bill for nuclear crisis

'It's a pretty disturbing time for Ukraine': Trump's Russia ties unnerve Kiev
The Obama administration has been a strong supporter of Ukraine – a relationship many fear will evaporate once Trump enters the White House

Fighting Back Against the White Revolt of 2016

Senate committee calls for ban on surgeons conducting simultaneous operations

Two juveniles charged with arson in East Tennessee wildfires that left 14 people dead

Trump Taps Pro Wrestling Magnate for Small Business Association
No, really.

Oil Pipeline Shut Down After Spill, Just 200 Miles From Standing Rock
-- Dan Zukowski of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump appoints Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of Environmental Protection Agency

Hill Democrats Vow To Win War Against Medicare Privatization in 2017

A Chance to Invest Millions in the News and Information People Need

William Rivers Pitt | Donald Trump Can Erase Your Rights With a Bar Napkin

Roe v. Wade may be doomed. Dark days are ahead for reproductive rights.

Hospitals warn Trump, Congress of massive losses with Affordable Care Act repeal

Our Dreams for Bresha Meadows Begin With Freedom
Bresha Meadows's case thoroughly illustrates how wholly ill-equipped the criminal justice system is to provide any real support for survivors of abuse -- a shortcoming that overwhelmingly results in the further punishment of survivors.

Here's What It's Like to Be Arrested While Covering a Pipeline Protest

Emboldened by Trump win, Ohio passes "heartbeat" law banning abortion at six weeks

Donald Trump picks Gen. John Kelly for Department of Homeland Security secretary
Another general.

Openly gay Connecticut politician targeted by anti-LGBTQ group

Ex-CIA official on Trump, Flynn: "I'm watching a clown show"

Obama Warns the Country About How Much Power He's About to Hand Trump

Florida voters sue for recount

The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act would damage free speech rights on campus

Hagel criticizes Pentagon for burying study that revealed $125 billion in wasteful spending

A cross-generational group of US women is planning a nationwide strike against Trump

Boeing CEO waits for Trump's trade play

Lawsuit Claims New Mexico Clinic Broke Informed Consent Laws

Money Trumps Expectations: Investment Politics in 2016

‘Mass Release’ of Asylum Seekers From Detention Following Court Ruling on Licensure of Texas Facilities

The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Doctrine of Native Genocide

The Northwest braces for its own Standing Rock
Tribes have been protesting a new British Columbia pipeline for years.

Death From Above: Taking on the Nearly Indestructible Crown-of-Thorns Starfish

Meanwhile, Trump intensifies groping of the US

Philippines' deadly drug war praised by Donald Trump, says Rodrigo Duterte
Philippines leader says US president-elect felt drug war which has killed thousands was being fought ‘the right way’

After Standing Rock Victory, Trump's Team Announces Retaliation

Exxon Won’t Sponsor AGU, a Win of Sorts for Oil Giant’s Opponents

Radiation in fish off Fukushima tests below detectable level

Sharpton pressures Dems on Trump nominees

Mapped: Climate adaptation around the world

Lessons on Anti-Semitism From Growing Up in Rural US

EPA's Failure to Regulate Factory Farm Pollution Draws New Scrutiny

Voters Win More Solar Energy Options Despite Opposition From Big Energy

The Problem of Our Surveillance Laws: Report Exposes Deeply Rooted Governmental Secrecy—Underscoring Why Obama Should Act Now

As Clock Ticks Down, Pressure Mounts on Obama to Free More Drug War Prisoners

Far South Side homeowners question Red Line extension’s impact on property values

What Happens to Medicare if Trump Supports Speaker Ryan?

A Trump Nation in an ALEC Land

Toxic legacy continues to impede Iraqi organizers as they struggle against the Islamic State

The Northwest braces for its own Standing Rock

Media Complicity Is Key to Blacklisting Websites

Wirikuta in imminent danger, peasant resistance grows for its protection

The seeds of post-Brexit racial violence lie in government policy

The dangerous rise of the right: an interview with Noam Chomsky

Critics: Jobs will be in jeopardy if Ohio energy bill becomes law

South Africa’s student protests: where the past is ever-present

Movement builds to stop Congo’s president from postponing election

Trump's Baseless Voting Charges and the Post-Truth Age
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

What You Need to Know About Transportation Secretary Pick Elaine Chao

Right-Wing Media Slam Student Loan Assistance, Calling It A “Con” And A “Bailout”

The Home Care Business

A Cabinet for the Deep-Pocket Ages

The War on the Poor Is Already Underway

What You Need to Know About Trump’s HUD Pick Ben Carson

US elections: broken machines could throw Michigan recount into chaos
Over half of Detroit and nearly one-third of Wayne County could be affected, and the recount won’t happen if discrepancies can’t be solved by recounting by hand

The Danger in Normalizing Hatred by Using the Term 'Alt-Right'

From boom to bust in Western Australia

Who's keeping a lid on "priceless" whistleblower information in our health system - and why?

This Kansas farmer fought a government program to keep his farm sustainable

Out of Prison, Uncovered
Medicaid for ex-prisoners saves money and lives, but millions are released without it.

Flynn Simply Unfit

Standing Rock protesters asked to 'go home' by Sioux leader
Some determined to stay despite Dave Archambault arguing ‘water protectors’ should stand down after Army Corps rejected Dakota Access drilling plan