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Sep 09

This War Too Is A Lie

By David Swanson, War Is a Crime | Op-Ed

Some smart people thought, and perhaps some still think, that the 2003-2011 war on Iraq was unique in that it was promoted with the use of blatant lies.  When I'd researched dozens of other wars and failed to find one that wasn't based on a foundation of similar lies, I wrote a book about the most common war lie varieties. I called it War Is A Lie.

That book has sold more than any of my others, and I like to think it's contributed some teeny bit to the remarkable and very welcome skepticism that is greeting the U.S. government's current claims about Syria.  The fact is that, were the White House telling the truth about the need for an attack on Syria, it would be a first in history.  Every other case for war has always been dishonest.

SAN FRANCISCO — Abu Ghazi is a man who brings smiles to people’s faces. Last December, while giving inexpensive haircuts and shaves to passersby, including journalists who spent time with him and his family, he made almost all those watching laugh. Today, some nine months removed from the onset of that freezing winter, Abu Ghazi has little to smile at.

With the Obama administration pressing Congress to approve its plans to attack the Syrian government, Abu Ghazi and his family are not convinced the strikes will bring anything but more hardship and a “trail of blood.” 

Greece1Ancient Abdera, Abdera, Thrace.Greece in 2013 is an occupied country. But there's no occupation army anywhere in Greece. Yet the occupation is as real as if barbarians were at the gates.

Enemies captured Greece simply by money debt. Greek leaders, innocent of or stupid about economic warfare, bought the poisoned pill of borrowing from Western banks. Now those banks ordered the Western governments to be tough with Greece.

Sep 08

Obama: The Guy Who Called Wolf

By James and Jean Anton, SpeakOut | Op-Ed

He's proved over and over again that he's a wolf.

If at this point you don't agree, you are negligently naïve. Take a look at some of the facts: He was in office only a few days when he started the war in Afghanistan. Detainees in Guantanamo, who have been officially cleared for release, will die there. He said he ended torture, but prisoners are still being tortured by force-feeding. Black sites, where detainees are rendered, still exist. He stated the treatment of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning was appropriate, even though she was kept in solitary confinement, and severely mistreated for nine months before any charges were even brought against her. He has ordered the assassination of Americans and their children without even the pretext of due process (his due process is that he "thinks" about it.)

President Obama has sidestepped the political hole he had dug for himself (what we might call the "red line" hole) over his proposed attack on Syria. Having insisted there must be "consequences" for a breach of international law, specifically the alleged use of banned chemical weapons by the Syrian government, he was faced with both popular American reluctance to support military action and Congressional pique over not being included in the decision process.

As a consequence President Obama announced on 31 August 2013 that he now supports a Congressional debate and vote on the issue of attacking Syria. Then he told us how he sees the situation, "This [Syrian chemical] attack is an assault on human dignity.... It risks making a mockery of the global prohibition on the use of chemical weapons.... Ultimately this is not about who occupies this [White House] office at any given time, its about who we are as a country."

The finding of a long-term study that questioned the reason there are so few women in Science, Technology and Engineering professions was recently released (1). Electrical Engineering is my professional career, and sometimes in the role of engineering manager, I had often wondered why this was the case; I could find no rational reason for this phenomenon. What the study found was that in the absence of simply the thought of an engineering career, the possibility of such a career never entered into the conversation. In addition, the lack of role models in the local community also contributed to women not even considering an engineering profession - it just never entered into their consciousness as a possible career choice.

This is part two of the good news episode. Three inventions that could save the world. 

If we lie to our government it's a serious crime. Why isn't it an even more serious crime when our government lies to us? If crime is willful action that harms others, and we punish crime based on the extent of its harm, why aren't we criminalizing and severely punishing political lies, which often result in great harm - including massive death and suffering throughout the world?

Is the upper echelon of the American intelligence community running the country? I know that’s an explosive idea, and easily dismissed as being so far out of the mainstream that it’s got no stream at all.

But if you’re willing to ask the question, and then consider it along with what we know so far, it may not be too off the mark.

Obviously I don’t know the answer (though I do have a guess). Everything we know, however, says that this could be true if the generals in charge of the NSA want it to be true. After all, J. Edgar Hoover got quite far down that road with far fewer tools. It’s not like it can’t be done.

Secretary of State John Kerry: “There is no doubt that Saddam al-Assad has crossed the red line. … Sorry, did I just say ‘Saddam’?”

A US drone has just taken a photo of Mullah Omar riding on a motorcycle through the streets of Damascus.

So what do we have as the United States refuses to rule out an attack on Syria and keeps five warships loaded with missiles in the eastern Mediterranean?