The Most Jaw-Dropping Underreported Stories of 2013

Thursday, 09 January 2014 12:36 By Lee Camp, Lee Camp's Website | Video
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A lot of crucial stories got ignored this year. Here are perhaps the most important ones.

1) Unarmed man killed by FBI -
2) AG Holder not going after big banks -
3) Big banks are just a money grab -
4) The pie chart that destroys climate change denial -
5) More about the TPP and TTIP corporate coup -
6) Outro music by Sierra and The Nomads -

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Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the author of the "Moment of Clarity" webseries. Moment of Clarity consists of a 3 to 5-minute video rant that comes out 3 times per week. (You can find them on YouTube by typing in Lee Camp.) They're written, presented, filmed, directed, and edited by him on a laptop. Lee also tours regularly as a stand-up comic. You can find out more about Camp at his website,

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