How Racial Profiling in Stop and Frisk and The Global War on Terror Are Connected

Monday, 26 August 2013 15:35 By Dennis Trainor Jr, Acronym TV | Video Report
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Kevin Zeese, writes: "In a ruling that will change racially unfair police practices in New York, a federal judge has found the NYPD stop and frisk program to be unconstitutional. Judge Appoints Monitor to ensure immediate reforms, and Facilitator to develop long-term reforms. Judge Scheindlin finds stop and frisk to be "indirect racial profiling" that violates the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

I conclude with a particularly apt quote: "The idea of universal suspicion without individual evidence is what Americans find abhorrent and what black men in America must constantly fight. It is pervasive in policing policies — like stop-and-frisk, and . . . neighborhood watch -- regardless of the collateral damage done to the majority of innocents. It's like burning down a house to rid it of mice."

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