Canadian National Railway: Stop Delaying Amtrak Passenger Trains!

Thursday, 21 February 2013 14:47 By Robert Naiman, | Press Release
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Canadian National Railway: please stop delaying Amtrak passenger trains with your freight trains. By ending your delay of Amtrak passenger trains, you'll help make the use of passenger rail in the United States more attractive and help us reduce our carbon emissions and our contribution to climate chaos.

Petition Background

One easy thing we could do to reduce U.S. carbon emissions that contribute to climate chaos would be to get more Americans to take trains more often. When you take the train, your marginal contribution to carbon emissions is basically zero.

More Americans would take the train more often if they had greater trust that the train would almost always be on time. Unfortunately, Amtrak passenger trains are often delayed by freight trains, like the Canadian National Railway, which owns the former Illinois Central line between Chicago and New Orleans, among others in the U.S. (You can share other examples or your story of passenger train delay in your comment with your signature.)

Tell the Canadian National Railway to stop delaying Amtrak passenger trains so we can get more Americans to ride the train and reduce our carbon footprint by using infrastructure we already have.

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Robert Naiman

Robert Naiman is policy director at Just Foreign Policy and president of Truthout's board of directors. 

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