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From Civil Disobedience to Civil Defiance

By Ed Kinane, Truthout | Op-Ed

Diagnosing New Inflation Symptoms

By Dimitri B Papadimitriou, New Geography | Op-Ed

Zombie Politics, Democracy, and the Threat of Authoritarianism - Part I

By Henry A Giroux, Peter Lang Publishing Group | Book Excerpt | Book Excerpt

Pakistan's Road to China

By Shahid Javed Burki, Project Syndicate | Op-Ed

Crazy Liberals!

By Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World | Political Image

The Revenge Killing of Osama bin Laden

By Noam Chomsky, Truthout | Op-Ed

The Thousand-Yard Stare

By Leslie Griffith, Truthout | Op-Ed

The Debt Ceiling as a Bargaining Chip

By Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co. | Op-Ed

America's Top Hypocrites

By Alexander Cockburn, Truthout | Op-Ed

GOP's Self-Destruction Derby

By Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post Writers' Group | Op-Ed

Big Bad Free Trade Accord

By Khalil Bendib, OtherWords | Political Image

The Sky Really Is Falling

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig | Op-Ed

Rumi's Field

By Winslow Myers, Truthout | Op-Ed

E.J. Dionne Jr. | Our Imagination Deficit

By EJ Dionne Jr, The Washington Post Writers Group | Op-Ed