Eyeless in Gaza

By Uri Avnery, Antiwar | Op-Ed

Parents Mourn a Soldier

By Emanuel E. Garcia, SpeakOut | Poem

Primal Crimes

By John Steppling, John Steppling's Blog | Op-Ed

God's Final Interview

By Lee R. Haven, SpeakOut | Creative Writing

Wars' Eleven Litmus Tests

By Gary Brumback, SpeakOut | Op-Ed

An Eyewitness to Shujaia Massacre

By Marah Alwadia, SpeakOut | First Person Account

Nobel Peace Laureates Slam Human Rights Watch's Refusal to Cut Ties to US Government

By Mairead Maguire, Richard Falk, Hans von Sponeck, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Keane Bhatt, AlterNet | Open Letter

Mowing the Lawn in Gaza

By John Feffer, Foreign Policy In Focus | News Analysis
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