CCR, NLG and CAIR-USA Ask House Education Committee to Oppose Anti-Boycott Bill

By The Center for Constitutional Rights, SpeakOut | Press Release

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Is Syrian "Peace" Conference Laying the Foundation for War?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers , Truthout | News Analysis

Myths that Are Impediments to Peace

By Dr James J Zogby, SpeakOut | Op-Ed

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Putting Peace in Double Jeopardy

By L Michael Hager, Truthout | Op-Ed

Snow Job About Israel-Palestine - An Analysis

By Lawrence Davidson, Truthout | News Analysis

Boycotts, Backlash, Authority and Change

By David Palumbo-Liu, Truthout | News Analysis

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Obama's Praise for Mandela Is an Insult

By Patrick O. Strickland, Truthout | Op-Ed
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