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Blunt - Make Wall Street Pay; Special Guest, John Dean

Tuesday, 25 October 2011 05:33 By GottaLaff, The Political Carnival | Op-Ed
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This time around, I am honored to have John Dean as a guest contributor. Yes, that John Dean. Not only is he great at commentary, not only does he have the expertise and experience to inform us regularly on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but he’s also a very generous, very nice guy, and a great Twitter follow at @JohnWDean.


GottaLaff lives in California. She’s a UCLA grad and takes pride in her vast experience bellowing catcalls at what passes for TV news. Her career includes teaching theatre at a performing arts high school; TV, stage, improv/stand-up; directing, writing (including for Dick Van Dyke), you name it. You might even catch her on the radio with Nicole Sandler (every week), Lizz Winstead, Shane-O, John Fugelsang, Angie Coiro, or anyone who will have her. Laffy’s posts tend to go for the lighter–okay, demented–side, suitable for pointing and laughing.

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