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"American Teacher": New Film Rebuts Vilification of Underpaid, Dedicated Public School Teachers

Sunday, 02 October 2011 10:33 By Vanessa Roth and Jamie Fidler, Democracy Now! | Video
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Opening today, the new documentary "American Teacher" follows the lives of four teachers who struggle to remain in a profession they love, despite the heavy toll exacted on their lives by the grueling hours and low-salaries. The documentary is a rebuttal of sorts to pundits who portray public school educators as cushioned recipients of tax-payer supported benefits, extended summer vacations and low accountability. We speak with the film’s Academy Award-winning director, Vanessa Roth, and with Brooklyn first-grade public school teacher, Jamie Fidler, who is featured in the film. 

Jamie Fidler

Jamie Fidler is a first-grade public school teacher in Brooklyn, New York. She is featured in the documentary film, "American Teacher."

Vanessa Roth

Vanessa Roth is an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her latest film is called, "American Teacher."

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