Susan Searls Giroux

Susan Searls Giroux

Susan Searls Giroux is associate dean of humanities and an associate professor of English and cultural studies at McMaster University. Her most recent book, "Between Race and Reason: Violence, Intellectual Responsibility, and the University to Come" (Stanford UP), won the prestigious Gary A. Olson Award for Best Book Published in Rhetoric and Cultural Studies in 2010. She has also coauthored, with Henry Giroux, "Take Back Higher Education," and, with Jeffrey Nealon, "The Theory Toolbox: Critical Concepts for the Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences Second Edition," a revised and expanded second edition of which appeared in summer 2011. She has published numerous articles in Third Text, Social Identities, The CLR James Journal, JAC, Works and Days, Cultural Critique, College Literature and Tikkun.

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