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Truth and Documentary Filmmaking

Monday, 08 August 2011 10:53 By Amanda Lin Costa, Truthout | Series
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Creating a compelling documentary film isn't as easy as just picking up a camera, though that is the first step. Documentary filmmakers often devote years of their lives to a single project. The two-hour film presented to an audience has been carefully crafted from hundreds of hours of footage. The interview series, "Truth and Documentary Filmmaking" focuses on the decisions made behind the camera as well as in the editing room that shape the final film. These in-depth interviews will be conducted with directors and producers of documentaries on a variety of subjects. They will focus on providing insights into the process of creating engaging storylines and finding the truth within the subjects and topics of their films. - ALC

"Breaking the Cycle of Violence: An Interview With Documentarian Steve James"

"A Story of the Earth Liberation Front: An Interview With Documentarian Marshall Curry"

Amanda Lin Costa

Amanda Lin Costa is the director and producer of “The Art of Memories,” a feature length documentary on the World Trade Center steel being used in 9/11 Memorials around the world. The film is currently in production and is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2012. Follow Amanda on Twitter as The Lone Olive.

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