Vocalo Feature: LadyDrawers, A Feminist Comic Series (Radio Segment)

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 10:42 By Sarah E Lu and Lucy Hall, Vocalo | Radio Segment
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In this piece, comic artists Rachel Swanson and Abe Lambert talk boobs, comics, and feminism. They're part of a new series called "LadyDrawers" on that began as a class at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago taught by Anne Elizabeth Moore. LadyDrawers looks at how comics--and the publishing world at large--are influenced by a lack of women content creators.

For a good read that underscores Rachel and Abe's points about boobs and mainstream comics, check out the comic strip "In Comics World, Women are Invisible--Except When They're Naked" on Truth-out.

The latest in the LadyDrawers series is Pt. 1. of "Why Have There Been No Great Women Comic Artists?"

Listen, below: 

The audio piece was produced by Lucy Hall, with help from Sarah Lu.

Thanks to Sari Gelzer and Maya Schenwar at Truth-out.

Listen to more Vocalo, Truthout collaborations.

Sarah E Lu

Sarah E. Lu likes to hear stories and tell stories and have adventures. She's climbed some big rocks, biked so far you wouldn't believe it, and hugged a real-live panda. According to her, nothing compares to working with :Vocalo, which is an exploratory journey into uncharted radio territory. She produces content in collaboration with Vocalo's community partners, including By the Way with EXTRA News, and segments you can hear weekdays at 12p.

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