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John Edwards Indictment Might Come Today

Friday, 03 June 2011 03:09 By J Andrew Curliss and Joseph Neff, McClatchy Newspapers | Report
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Today is likely a decision day for John Edwards.

Edwards' legal team was gathered in the Triangle late Thursday, apparently in the final stages of negotiations over a plea deal or indictment.

Prosecutors have approved seeking an indictment, kicking off plea talks that continued all week.

The focus of a federal investigation of Edwards is on possible campaign law violations, tied to more than $1 million sent from two wealthy Edwards supporters to mistress Rielle Hunter and campaign aide Andrew Young.

Edwards has denied wrongdoing; his legal team says the money was to hide the affair from Edwards' wife.

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Joseph Neff

Joseph Neff is an investigative reporter who joined The Raleigh News & Observer in 1992.

Neff is a graduate of Northwestern and Columbia universities.

Contact him at or 919-829-4516

J Andrew Curliss

J. Andrew Curliss has covered state and local politics for The Raleigh News & Observer for the past decade, and joined the investigative team in December 2008.

Previously, Curliss' work with reporter Dan Kane on the state lottery and former House Speaker Jim Black won the NC Press Association's Public Service Award in 2006.

Curliss is a graduate of the University of Toledo.

Contact him at or 919-829-4840

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