Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Friday, 09 November 2012 10:17 By Kate Balandina, YouTube | Video
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Editor's Note 11/9/2012: Unfortunately, this video is no longer accessible because the administrator has set it to "private" on YouTube. We apologize for the inconvenience.

***Update 11/9/12 - So apparently the stuff that was dropped off by the red cross most likely didn't make it to the elderly tenants (info from the group of volunteers that brought hot food and delivered apartment to apartment). Thye said that by the time they got to the building (1PM) there was nothing left in the lobby.

***Update 11/8/12 - Great news! the lady at the Queens president's office Suzanne (that I'm on the phone with during this video) DID make calls and some supplies were dropped off in the lobby by the red cross today! It's a great start!
now we need them to bring volunteers that will take the stuff upstairs to people's homes ... and do this every day!

7-11 Seagirt Ave. Queens, NY 11691

For four days we've only seen volunteer help in these buildings (Occupy Sandy group, home attendants, social workers, a few people from HRA).

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