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Gingrich Admits Romney Wasn’t Honest About Tax Plan During Debate

Sunday, 07 October 2012 10:43 By Judd Legum, ThinkProgress | Report
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This morning on Meet The Press, Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs confronted Newt Gingrich on a fundamental inconsistency in Romney’s description of his tax plan. During the primary debates, Romney insisted that everyone in America would get a 20% tax cut, including the 1%. But last week’s during his debate with Obama, Romney insisted that his tax cut would not reduce taxes at all for wealthy Americans.

Gingrich acknowledged the clear inconsistency, saying “I think it’s clear he changed.” He described the change as “good politics.”

Watch it:


Of course, while Romney’s spin regarding his plan has changed, the plan itself has not. Independent experts have concluded that, even if Romney eliminated every tax deduction, it still wouldn’t counterbalance his massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

His tax plan was one of 27 issues where Romney was less than honest during the debate. Romney’s campaign also conceded he misstated the truth on green jobs.

Originally published on ThinkProgress

Judd Legum

Judd Legum is a practicing attorney and a candidate for state delegate in Annapolis, MD.

Judd previously served as the Research Director at the Center for American Progress, a leading public policy think tank. He founded, the organization’s popular blog and regularly appeared on national television and radio programs.

Judd held the same position with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,managing a team of 15 responsible for the campaign’s policy and political research.

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