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  • Can Civilization Survive "Really Existing Capitalism"? An Interview With Noam Chomsky

    By C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout | Interview

    2014 1001 chom stNoam Chomsky (Photo: Haymarket Books)

    For decades now, Noam Chomsky has been widely regarded as the most important intellectual alive (linguist, philosopher, social and political critic) and the leading US dissident since the Vietnam War. Chomsky has published over 100 books and thousands of articles and essays, and is the recipient of dozens of honorary doctorate degrees by some of the world's greatest academic institutions. His latest book, Masters of Mankind: Essays and Lectures, 1969-2013, has just been published by Haymarket Books. On the occasion of the release of his last book, Chomsky gave an exclusive and wide-ranging interview to C.J. Polychroniou for Truthout, parts of which will also appear in The Sunday Eleftherotypia, a major national Greek newspaper.

    Here, Chomsky discusses ISIS, the rise of religious extremism globally, actually existing capitalism and its incompatibility with democracy, Israel, Ukraine and the "root of all evil."

  • Climate Disruption's "Confederacy of Dunces"

    Climate Disruption's "Confederacy of Dunces"

    By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | News Analysis

    Given that over 97 percent of climate scientists agree on the matter, the fact that anyone is questioning the reality of human-caused climate disruption remains an amazing phenomenon - one which Republican officials, corporate lobbyists, the fossil fuel industry and right-wing think tanks readily take part. If your child were sick, and 97 percent of doctors recommended one treatment for them, which treatment would you use?

  • Rebuilding Neighborhoods and Mitigating Trauma After Israel's Attacks on Gaza

    Rebuilding Neighborhoods and Mitigating Trauma After Israel's Attacks on Gaza

    By Nora Barrows-Friedman, Truthout | Report

    Israel's onslaught in July and August killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, including more than 520 children, and injured over 11,000. As human rights workers, doctors and international aid organizations begin to figure out how to rebuild Gaza after Israel's 51 days of attacks this past summer, deep-seated trauma - especially in children - could be felt for generations.


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