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  • Why There's a Real Chance My Texas Town Might Ban Fracking

    By Candice Bernd, Truthout | News Analysis

    2014 1024 fra 1Local organizers hold electric lights in support of the fracking ban at the courthouse square in Denton, October, 2014. (Photo: Candice Bernd)

    The history of the quirky Texas town of Denton's struggle with fracking reveals why the gas industry's propaganda about "responsible drilling" is deceitful and why a total ban on fracking is necessary. Denton residents understand this from years of personal experience.

  • The Corporate Assault on Direct Democracy

    The Corporate Assault on Direct Democracy

    By Ron Fein, Truthout | Op-Ed

    The direct democracy of ballot initiatives - where voters get to vote yes or no, without any politicians in the way - is a treasured part of the fabric of 24 states and many more cities. But around the country, there's been a disturbing trend this year: When initiatives threaten corporate interests, lawyers run to court to prevent voters from even getting the chance to vote. More often than not, the corporations win. But it doesn't have to end this way.

  • Bachmann's War on Islam: I'm an Enemy. How Did That Happen?

    Bachmann's War on Islam: I'm an Enemy. How Did That Happen?

    By Mahbod Seraji, Truthout | Op-Ed

    At the 2014 Values Voter Summit, Minnesota Republican US Representative Michele Bachmann lambasted Barack Obama for not declaring war on Islam and said that there was no such thing as moderate Islam. I reacted as I always react to her comments, with a headshake and a chuckle. But, as the night wore on, I grew increasingly disturbed by images evoked by her words. What could a war against all of Islam look like?


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