• Tortured and Raped by Israel, Persecuted by the United States

    By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report

    2014 902 rasmea st(Photo: Arab American Action Network)Twenty-two-year-old Rasmea Odeh, along with 500 other Palestinians, was arrested in 1969 by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) during a massive security sweep following the 1967 war and occupation of the West Bank.

    At the time, as now, Palestinians who were detained by the IDF were later charged with crimes they did not commit in order to justify their detention.

    Charged with bombing a supermarket, while in prison, Odeh was tortured with electrical shock and raped with batons. Her father was tortured in front of her.

    IDF personnel even attempted to make her father rape her.

    She was beaten regularly with metal rods, kicked, threatened, humiliated, denied medical care and access to a bathroom, and almost needless to say, was denied access to legal resources.

  • Protecting Abortion Clinics - Without a Buffer Zone

    Protecting Abortion Clinics - Without a Buffer Zone

    By Katie Klabusich, Truthout | News Analysis

    The Supreme Court's decision striking down the Massachusetts 35-foot abortion clinic buffer zone is barely in the rearview mirror, but the effects are being felt around the country. While Governor Deval Patrick dealt with the decision by quickly signing new legislation in an attempt to provide protections in the small space left by McCullen, some municipalities facing challenges of their own have chosen not to put newly passed laws into effect. This atmosphere of uncertainty has made advocating for buffer ordinances tough as cities weigh the benefits against the costs.

  • Art After War

    Art After War

    By Stacy Bannerman, Truthout | News Analysis

    The arts are moving center stage as providers brace for the coming tidal wave of war-related post-traumatic stress disorders in troops and veterans, especially those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. For some who've seen war, the arts - including music, creative writing, dance, drama and painting - offer relief from depression and anxiety where traditional treatments, such as talk therapy and medication, may not have succeeded. Art therapy is based on the idea that the creative process of art making is healing and life enhancing, and is a form of nonverbal communication of thoughts and feelings.