Junior Walk on Protecting Coal River Mountain

Friday, 18 November 2011 03:08 By Lucy Hall and Sarah E Lu, Vocalo | Audio Report
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Press play to listen to Junior Walk and Rose Aguilar on Vocalo:

Junior Walk grew up in the shadows of Coal River Mountain.

After graduating from high school, one of Junior's few job prospects was working as a security guard for a coal mine. The same coal mine that he believes caused pollution-related health problems for him and his neighbors.

Getting his paycheck from the mine made him feel, "like a miserable human being."

Now he works for Coal River Mountain Watch, fighting against strip mining and mountain top removal, and he makes coal industry executives shake in their boots.

This story came to us from Rose Aguilar, a contributing writer for and host of Your Call Radio on KALW 91.7 in San Francisco. Read Rose's piece on Junior for TruthOut here.

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Produced by Lucy Hall with help from Sarah Lu. Music by Northbound.

Thanks to Sari Gelzer and Maya Schenwar at Truthout.

Sarah E Lu

Sarah E. Lu likes to hear stories and tell stories and have adventures. She's climbed some big rocks, biked so far you wouldn't believe it, and hugged a real-live panda. According to her, nothing compares to working with :Vocalo, which is an exploratory journey into uncharted radio territory. She produces content in collaboration with Vocalo's community partners, including By the Way with EXTRA News, and segments you can hear weekdays at 12p.

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