With $42 Billion and Seven Homes, Why Are the Kochs Buying Our Democracy?

Monday, 09 May 2011 09:53 By Robert Greenwald, Brave New Foundation | Op-Ed
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The Koch brothers had plenty of places to party after their triumphs last November. They might've celebrated at any one of their multiple homes in five states worth a total of $105.9 million.

And that's not including the Koch's two-story single family home that David Koch bought for his children as a play house.

The billionaire brothers who brought you Tea Party groups like Americans for Prosperity and anti-worker governors like Scott Walker and John Kasich are now attacking some of the most vulnerable Americans likeSusan Montalbano and Wendy and Jerry McDowell

Each one has a different story, but each is united against the Kochs and their drive to buy our democracy.

"They don't want to see government money spent on people they feel are beneath being taken care of," Jerry McDowell says in the video.

The New York Times heard Jerry's comments and published an exclusive about Koch Brothers Exposed and what we're trying to achieve.

We went on offense to make this video. We went right up to the Kochs' doorsteps to ask, why are you spending millions to buy our democracy?

Watch what happens, then add your voice to our movement by posting a picture, caption or both to the Koch brothers house party.

Robert Greenwald

Robert Greenwald, president of Brave New Foundation and producer/director of Koch Brothers Exposed, recently launched a blog about the country's notorious one percenter brothers.



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