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What We Learned From Scott Pruitt's Emails to the Fossil Fuel Industry

The Dog-Whistle Racism of the Neoliberal State

The promise of a pipeline

A Victory 50 Years in the Making
After decades of protest, Indian Point to be closed

Inmates are excluded from Medicaid – here’s why it makes sense to change that

What You Need to Know About Trumps New National Security Advisor

Sen. Wyden: Border Searches of Digital Devices Should Require a Warrant

Wells Fargo Places L.A. Exec on Leave Amid Rate-Lock Fee Inquiry

Standing Rock Lives on as a Model for Peaceful Resistance

In Their Own Words: Officials Refuting False Claims of Voter Fraud

Challenging London, Renewables Are Flexing Power Across the British Isles

Block-Granting Low-Income Programs Leads to Large Funding Declines Over Time, History Shows

Boston Mulls Barrier to Protect City Against Rising Sea Levels
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Costa Rica Has the Right Idea: No Military​
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Fordham charges student over SJP support rally

World Goes Wild for ‘Raw, In-Your-Face’ Native Pop Art

Why I’ll Never Take My Phone On An International Flight Again

EMERGING FEMINISMS, Organizing Political Rage

protesting the sheriff's cooperation with immigration agents

A New Rationalization for Riches
Right-wingers are celebrating a deeply depressing new history of those rare moments where distributions of wealth have become significantly more equal.

Court issues ruling in world's first “Rights of Nature” lawsuit

Organizing against the Irish housing emergency

Where Alternative School Enrollment May Signal Problems

Refugee politics from the local to the international

As US Attorney, Labor Secretary Nominee Enabled Drug and Biotechnology Executives' Impunity

Naomi Oreskes on what stories we can’t let get lost in the noise of 2017 and why scientists should speak up

A declaration of war on 11 million people
The Trump administration wants to kick America's deportation machine into high gear--but there have been important shows of resistance to build on, writes Danny Katch.