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Alabama inmate coughs, heaves 13 minutes into execution

Senate Dems Threaten Government Shutdown Over Miners Benefits

Hey, White Working Class, Donald Trump Is Already Screwing You Over
The Carrier deal was a sham. Ivanka\u2019s moving her shoe production out of China\u2014and into Ethiopia. Wake up, people. You\u2019ve been played.

Veterans Help #NoDAPL Resistance Achieve Significant Victory
-- Brian Trautman for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Hidden Cost of Homelessness

Key DC Sites Will Be Blocked for Women’s March
The National Park Service, on behalf of the Presidential Inauguration Committee, filed documents securing large swaths of the national mall and Pennsylvania Avenue, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial for the inauguration festivities. None of these spots will be open for protesters.

The Biggest-Ever Survey of Transgender Americans Shows We Need to Fight Much Harder

The Electoral College Makes White People's Votes Count More

Publishers shy away from Trump satire for fear of being sued

Ohio 'heartbeat' abortion bill could be test case for overturning Roe v Wade

'Silence Not an Option': Calls Grow to Disrupt Trump Inauguration

Paul Krugman: Bad Air Days

South Korea Parliament Votes to Impeach President

Donald Trump wants to work something out for immigrant kids, and the GOP is not happy

German Companies Pull Ads From Breitbart

Portland City Council Adopts the Nation's First Tax Penalty for Excessive CEO Pay
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Tina Fey Has One Answer For Why Hillary Clinton Lost The Election

Republicans Use Worker Votes For More Attacks On Workers