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Climate Riders Roll to Fight the Corporate Climate Killers
-- Harvey Wasserman for BuzzFlash at Truthout

How Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner-City Black Kids
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Imagining Our Dark and Stormy Future: Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything"

Dahr Jamail | UN Report: Human-Caused Climate Disruption Is "Severe, Pervasive, Irreversible"

Marijuana Decriminalization a Racial Justice Victory in Philadelphia

How Politics Breaks Our Brains, and How We Can Put Them Back Together

Alaska reporter outs herself as pro-pot activist in epic on-air resignation: ‘F*ck it, I quit’

The Troubling Way We Pay Hospitals in Maine and Throughout the US

Drinking water contaminated by excreted drugs a growing concern

For rich people, mortgages are getting cheaper and easier

'Flood Wall Street' Protesters To Risk Arrest At New York Climate Change Sit-In

Child Pornography Case Spurs Debate on Military’s Role in Law Enforcement

Missing Afghan soldiers at Massachusetts base

Iran seeks US concessions for help with Islamic State

Australian government: "The delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift"

Dean Baker | The Mysteries of Inequality Are Only Mysterious to Elites

Obama vs. ISIS: Remind you of Bush’s 'coalition of the willing' in Iraq?

Prosecutions for Environmental Crimes Decline under Obama

The Quiet Surge Of Micropower Is Major Threat For Nuclear And Coal

Florida fires prison guards after spate of inmate deaths
One mentally ill prisoner allegedly sprayed with scalding water in shower until his skin separated from his body.

Julian Assange: Canada Supreme Court, ISPs Doing the Right Thing on Privacy

Ebola virus outbreak: Collapse of three African states possible

Pentagon allows police accused of civil rights abuses to apply for military gear

US Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms
This expansion comes under a president who campaigned for \u201ca nuclear-free world\u201d and made disarmament a main goal of American defense policy.

Michael Dunn to be retried in Jordan Davis death

Is Obama Going Easy On Banks That Break the Law?
Credit Suisse employees have donated more than $376,000 to President Obama - is he repaying the favor?

The 300,000-Strong Climate Change March Media Ignored
If 300,000 people show up for a massive march about climate change and no one reports it, did it happen?

White House security might spill into surrounding streets
After an embarrassing breach, new Secret Service proposals include blocking sidewalks as well as screening visitors as far as a block away.

Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity From Fossil Fuels

Bill Clinton: Elizabeth Warren Is "an Important Part" of the Future of the Democratic Party

Top-level turnover makes it harder for DHS to stay on top of evolving threats
High turnover among Homeland Security leaders is a result of what employees describe as a dysfunctional work environment, abysmal morale and the lure of private firms paying top dollar.

Climate change marches: Kerry cites fight against Ebola and ISIS as thousands join protests

Fracking Brings Few Jobs, Major Destruction, Mountain Residents Tell North Carolina Energy Commission

Cambodian Garment Workers Are Pressuring H&M, Walmart and Zara to Make Their Suppliers Pay a Living Wage

Lawsuit: School Officials Convince 14-Year-Old Special Ed Girl to Be Bait for Sexual Predator ... Girl Is Raped and School Officials Deny Any Responsibility

Nebraska’s Cowboys and Indians Unite Against Keystone XL Pipeline
The US government must consult with tribes on any issue that might affect them, but tribes say the government has failed to do so in regards to the path of the Keystone XL pipeline - a project that carries massive environmental and social concerns.

Obama: No data on ISIS plots against US

Inside the Biggest Climate March in History
Images and insights from the scene in New York.