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Police: Gunman Killed Seven and Then Himself at Multiple Crime Scenes in Rural Missouri

Bill O'Reilly's LA Riots "Bombardment" Stories Disputed by Former Colleagues

Virtual Charter School Network Making Profit at the Expense of California Schoolchildren, Study Finds

Plastic Smog: Microplastics Invade Our Oceans
-- Marcus Erikson of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Big Melt: Antarctica's Retreating Ice May Re-Shape Earth

An Angry White Man Kills Again

Prison Reform, Proposition 47 and the California Shell Game

The United State's Terrorist Legacy of Lynching
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Senator Whitehouse Rips "The Senator With the Snowball"

In the War of GMO Labeling, Big Food Is Losing the Crucial PR Battle

CPAC 2015 Wants You to Know: You Are In Terrible Danger
From warmongers to conspiracy theorists, all of those present can agree that America needs to be afraid

How Google's Silence Helped Net Neutrality Win

The Killing of Osama bin Laden Did Not Stop the Use of Fear to Justify US Wars

At CPAC, Scott Walker Compares Wisconsin Protesters to ISIS

The Brief Life and Private Death of Alexandria Hill
When the government took her from her family, it outsourced her safety to a for-profit corporation. Nine months later she was dead.

Dozens of Airline Food Workers Arrested in "Nickel a Ticket" Protest

The Siberian Crater Saga Is More Widespread - and Scarier - Than Anyone Thought

UN Reveals "Credible and Reliable" Evidence of US Military Torture in Afghanistan

The Mystery of the Civil War’s Camp Casey
During the Civil War\u2019s final years, a Union base in Northern Virginia trained hundreds of African-American soldiers to fight to end slavery, one of only a few such bases inside a Confederate state. But Camp Casey has nearly disappeared from history.

Hundreds of Illicit Oil Wastewater Pits Found in Kern County, California
Survey reveals more than 300 unlined oil wastewater pits operating in Kern County without permits

"The Interests of the Wealthy": How the Rich Control Politicians - Even More Than You Think
Esteemed political scientist Michael Jay Barber tells Salon why America is a democracy ... for fat-cat donors

With Chicago Tired of “Mayor 1%,” Chuy García Could Actually Win His Runoff With Rahm Emanuel

Twelve Ways to Reverse Inequality and Close the “California Chasm”

Inclement Weather Postpones Execution in Georgia, as if It Were a Baseball Game
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout