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How the U.S. Paid for Death and Damage in Afghanistan

Study unearths impacts of our growing carbon emissions — and it's not pretty

You've Probably Never Heard of America's Worst Police Force
Puerto Rico's police department has a long record of shootings, corruption, and impunity. Is that about to change?

FEMA: Evidence of fraud in Hurricane Sandy reports
FEMA official says he has seen evidence of fraud in engineering reports used to deny thousands of Hurricane Sandy claims.

The city of Cleveland claims the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice at the hands of a police officer and the "losses" suffered by his family were a result of the boy's and his family's own actions that day.

Spy Agencies Are Snooping on Environmentalists Around the Globe

The Media Know That Spreading the Fear of Terrorism Sells

John Pilger: Why the Rise of Fascism Is Again the Issue

The College Student Who Plants to Change the World

US Seeks to Deport Bosnians Over War Crimes

Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling

Oxfam: Gaza Rebuild Effort Could Take 100 Years

Southern Company Caught Promoting Bad Climate Science Again

Our Election System’s Racial Bias Is Even Worse Than You Think

Scott Walker Wants Colleges to Stop Reporting Sexual Assaults

Thousands march in Russia to mourn Putin critic Boris Nemtsov

Jury Awards Guestworkers Over $14 Million in Landmark Human Trafficking, Forced Labor Case

Why FCC's New “Net Neutrality” Rules Are Likely to Survive Legal, Congressional Challenges

The Los Angeles Fire Department has failed to properly inspect hundreds of hazardous sites scattered across the city, exposing the public to increased risks from potential spills and mishandling of toxic substances.

Attorney General Holder to Call for Lower Bar in Civil Rights Prosecutions

The Real Social Security Crisis Is Income Inequality

US-Cuba Officials: Diplomatic Ties Could Resume by Mid-April

Yes, O'Reilly's Fabrications Are Damaging Fox News

Why More Black Parents Are Homeschooling Their Children

This SCOTUS Destroyed the US: How Citizens United Is Ruining More Than Our Elections

Meet the Southern Tycoons Helping Fund the Koch Brothers' Political War Chest

Big Soda’s New Campaign to Buy Silence and Inaction

Why Is the US Still Spending Billions to Fund Mexico’s Corrupt Drug War?

It’s Worse Than Scott Walker and Ted Cruz: Secrets of Conservatives’ Decades-Long War on Truth

David Suzuki: We Have to Stop Killing Our Oceans With Plastic

Israel’s Peace Now: Illegal Settlements Designed to Make Two-State Solution Impossible

Boiling Point: Why Do We Let Big Oil Send Workers to Their Deaths?

Abolish the death penalty!: Here are 8 good reasons why
In Texas--of course--a man faces execution for a crime he probably didn't commit. We can do better.

NSA spying program renewed ahead of congressional showdown

GOP Race Starts in Lavish Haunts of Rich Donors

Plague Outbreaks That Ravaged Europe Were Driven by Climate Changes in Asia

President Obama threatened to veto a bipartisan bill that would allow Congress to weigh in on any nuclear deal the administration reached with Iran.

To Die in an Alabama Cell
In Alabama, several prisoner deaths resulting from apparent negligence by corrections staff illustrate a growing problem that can be fatal. While national conversations around racial injustice dominate our news cycles, it's crucial that the lives of those behind bars be taken into account.

Walmart and eBay oppose shareholder resolutions to disclose gender pay gap

Netanyahu to arrive in Washington to deliver controversial Congress speech

Fracking Opponents Feel Police Pressure In Some Drilling Hotspots

A Brutal Beating Wakes Attica’s Ghosts
A Prison, Infamous for Bloodshed, Faces a Reckoning as Guards Go on Trial

“I was in a black site”: Chicago’s policing nightmare — and assault on people of color
As Rahm Emanuel fights for his political life, let's talk about the detention and abuse of black people in Chicago.

Life in Prison for Selling $20 of Weed
Homeless and hungry, Fate Vincent Winslow wanted something to eat, so he agreed to sell pot to a stranger\u2014an undercover cop.

Rape of Teens in Adult Prisons So Common, the State Made a Video on How to Avoid It

Eight killed, including suspect, in apparent murder-suicide

John Legend Speaks to the Crack in the System Caused by Mass Incarceration

Uninsured wing-nut, anti-Obamacare ex-sheriff raising money for medical bills

Texas conservatives want to stop funding groups affiliated with a U.N. green initiative

Food Waste Grows With the Middle Class

Fossil fuel interests donated millions to Clinton charities. Is this a problem?
ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Saudi Arabia have all given to the family\u2019s groups. What are environmental groups saying about this?

The growing oil train threat

Seven things to know about uprising at Texas private prison for immigrants

Is Bolivia going to frack 'Mother Earth'?
First steps towards producing shale gas meet with increasing concern among Bolivian civil society.

No, Climate Change Is Not Experiencing a Hiatus

At least 6 Republican states revisit their stance of resisting Obamacare