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Here Is Donald Trump’s Newly Released Videotaped Deposition

Where Is That Wasteful Government Spending?

US drone strike kills 15 civilians in Afghanistan

Trump says he may not accept result if Clinton wins, in reversal from debate

Hacked: Clinton's Musings on Sanders Fans, Nuclear Arms, Inhabiting the Center-Right

Judge rejects attempt to stop internet oversight transfer
A federal judge ruled Friday that the transfer of internet domain systems oversight to an international governing body can move forward, overruling opposition from several state attorneys general and lawmakers.

Protesters March to Call for Close of Rikers Island

Trump Foundation is no charity at all: New York AG says Trump lacks certification to collect funds

On Sunday, Hungarians will cast ballots in a national referendum on European Union quotas for accepting asylum seekers, with polls showing an overwhelming majority of likely voters poised to reject them.
Now, the nation is launching a massive recruitment drive for 3,000 \u201cborder hunters.\u201d

Why Bruce Springsteen’s Depression Revelation Matters

Egyptian lawmaker says women should prove they are virgins to go to college

How Arms Sales Distort US Foreign Policy

Trump’s bad week is a ‘nightmare’ for the GOP

Hurricane Matthew churns toward Jamaica, Haiti

Scammy, Bankrupt “USA Discounters” to Pay $96 Million for Targeting, Then Suing Armed Forces Customers

DEA's Army of 18,000 Informants Pocketed $237 Million Over Five Years

Philippine President Duterte tells police officers to ignore Human Rights groups because "... human rights is always the anti-thesis of government."

Sacramento police tried to run over man before shooting him, recordings reveal

Lawmaker Who Pushed Bill to Protect People Filming Police Arrested for Filming Police

ExxonMobil sued over climate cover-up

Law enforcement officials across California will no longer be able to share in the proceeds of most cash and property seizures unless there is a criminal conviction resulting from the case, under a bill signed Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

River Fight Boosts a Tribe's Long-Threatened Culture

As Brazil’s New Ruler Admits Lie Behind Impeachment, US Press Closes Eyes

Hacked Audio Reveals Hillary Clinton Sees Herself Occupying “Center-Left to Center-Right”

Chicago Renters Back "ROOTS" as Solution to Affordable Housing

GOP Blocks Probes Into Trump-Russia Ties

Unions announce nationwide boycott of Trump hotels

Video released of police fatally shooting unarmed Alfred Olango in San Diego

Beyond Opportunity: The Future of Americans With Disabilities

Citing Environmental Risks, Scientists Back Tribes in Dakota Access Fight

We Are Not Alone: Listening to the 8.7 Million Other Animals Who Live on Earth

No End to Syria’s Agony in Sight?

How the Left Can Circumvent the Rise of the Alt-Right

Eric Trump ‘Charity’ Spent $880K at Family-Owned Golf Resorts

Republican Official: Don’t Raise The Minimum Wage, Because Workers Will Just Spend It On Heroin

Tracking the Kaepernick Effect: The anthem protests are spreading

Pro-Fracking Law Ruled Unconstitutional by Pennsylvania Supreme Court
-- Dan Zukowski of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Teen accused of stealing 65-cent carton of milk at middle school to face trial

Did Donald Trump Sleep Last Night?

India Strikes Pakistan: Why It's 'Very, Very Significant'

Dahr Jamail | The Super-Rich Are Cruising the Arctic's New Passageway as the World Burns

Confronting Contradictions on the Path to Revolution: A Review of "Demand the Impossible!"

Standing Firm at Standing Rock: Why the Struggle Is Bigger Than One Pipeline
For Indigenous people at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, the fight to halt the Dakota Access pipeline is about reviving a way of life.

Wells Fargo Doubles Down on Predatory Banking: Illegally Repossesses Cars of Military Members
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump Foundation lacks the certification required for charities that solicit money

Federal judge blocks Illinois’ same-day voter registration program

Sexual assault on the pipeline

A Growing Grassroots Movement in Mexico Is Resisting the US-Backed Drug War

Florida Ballot Initiative Would Make Abortion, Birth Control Punishable by Death

Arizona paper faces death threats, subscription cancellations after Clinton endorsement

Jacob Hall, South Carolina school shooting victim, on life support, family says

Congress Now Blaming Obama For Its Embarrassing Override Of His Veto

Claims of Saudi Role in 9/11 Appear Headed for Court

Wisconsin Is Systematically Failing to Provide the Photo IDs Required to Vote in November
New recordings from the DMV show how the state is continuing to disenfranchise black voters.

Today Is the Anniversary of a Dark Day in Abortion Rights History
Forty years later, the Hyde Amendment still won't go away. This Supreme Court case explains why.

To die with dignity, he left the US

Civil War in the Right-Wing Media, Set Off by Trump
Forced to choose sides, the outsize personalities of the conservative media have turned their megaphones on each other.

Philippines' Duterte likens himself to Hitler, wants to kill millions of drug users

Peru Suffered Brutal Massacre, and Ex-President May Be to Blame

GOP Blocks Probes Into Trump-Russia Ties

US will 'sharpen military edge' in Asia Pacific, says Pentagon chief
Defense secretary Ash Carter signals US intention to remain the dominant power in the region despite China\u2019s rising might

Pennsylvania mayor asked to resign for racist Facebook posts

Warm Pacific Ocean 'blob' facilitated vast toxic algae bloom

Reykjavik Briefly Swaps Its City Lights for Northern Ones

After Release of Arrest Video, Ramarley Graham's Family Files FOIL Request to Uncover Truth

The first debate was a defeat for Trump. Here’s why the second could be an outright massacre