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To Avenge Mr. Merlin, CIA Exposed Mrs. Merlin

Report: Solar Added 50% More American Jobs than Oil and Gas Drilling and Pipeline Construction in 2014

Scott Walker's Freudian Slip

Four reasons so many Republicans are running in 2016

Let's See Who Can Justify This Police Behavior

Too Often, Military Sexual Assault Survivors Must Fight for Disability Benefits

Still No Solution to Storage of High-Level Radioactive Nuclear Waste

Saudi Dictator's Death Shows New York Times as Pawn of Power
Abdullah, tyrant who beheaded 'sorcerers,' was 'force of moderation'.

In Case You Missed It: Three States Have Proposed 20-Week Abortion Bans in First Weeks of 2015

The Supreme Court Allowed A Man To Be Executed, Then They Took His Case

El Salvador: Pardon Granted For One of 17 Women Jailed for Miscarriage, Accused of Homicide

Dean Baker | Why Rand Paul Is Wrong About Social Security Disability

Commodity boom extracting increasingly heavy toll on Amazon forests
Falling prices and rising debt are driving some Latin American leaders to relax legislation aimed at protecting the environment.

How the CIA made Google
Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war and Skynet.

The Ghastly, Remotely Piloted, Robotic Reaper Drone

A government-issued pill intended to protect troops from nerve agents may have made some troops more vulnerable to a chronic condition marked by headaches, cognitive problems, pain and fatigue, researchers say.

Seven States That Are Next in Line to Legalize Marijuana

Federal Prison Sentence Begins for Anti-Drone Activist

After Spending More Than Half His Life Behind Bars, Innocent North Carolina Man Now Free

Forced Disappearances Are Humanitarian Crisis in Mexico

Africa's quiet solar revolution
The continent skipped land lines for mobile phones. Now a new generation of start-ups is trying to bring sun power to rural Africa - and leapfrog the fossil fuel era.

Arctic ice cap slides into the ocean

Know What's Killing More People in Nigeria Than Boko Haram? Lack of Drinking Water

Divesting ​the United States​ of Ozone-Destroying Energy Sources
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The war on leaks has gone way too far when journalists' emails are under surveillance

Is USAID Helping Haiti to Recover, or US Contractors to Make Millions?

Mass surveillance is fundamental threat to human rights, says European report

To Collect Debts, Nursing Homes Are Seizing Control Over Patients

People can be induced to remember crimes they never committed
Implanting a false memory of committing a crime is easier than you think.

Border Bill Brings More Headaches for Embattled GOP

Verizon’s Mobile ‘Supercookies’ Seen as Threat to Privacy

Rooftop solar is now cheaper than the grid in 42 American cities
Escalating utility rates lose out to solar\u2019s fixed price.

Chemical Industry and Republican Lawmakers Succeed in Stalling EPA Chemical Regulation Process

Sheriffs Want Popular Police-Tracking App Disabled

'It was cold, very cold': migrant children endure border patrol 'ice boxes'

Report: Half of Federal Arrests Are on Immigration Charges

Tsipras sworn in as new Greek prime minister

ECB: The Ultimate Enforcer of the European Neoliberal Project?

Ex-FBI Official: 'We Left Our Most Important Prisoners To Amateurs'
Former FBI agent Ali Soufan was one of the first to interrogate terror suspects at Guantanamo. He later left the prison and criticized torture methods used by the CIA.

This Week, US Will Send 1,000 More Ground Troops to Iraq

Super Bowl for the Rich: Upper-Class 91, Middle-Class 9
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Gaza in Arizona: How Israeli High-Tech Firms Will Up-Armor the US-Mexican Border

“American Sniper’s” biggest lie: Clint Eastwood has a delusional Fox News problem
The insanities and fantasies at the heart of \"American Sniper\" explain everything about the state of the 2015 GOP.

As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes
Hedge fund managers are preparing getaways by buying airstrips and farms in remote areas, former hedge fund partner tells Davos during session on inequality.

Solitary Not Yet Over at Rikers, but Advocates Keep Fighting

“We’re Going To Be Watching”: New York Police Arrest Man Over Allegedly Threatening Statements and Images Posted On Facebook

Counter-terrorism is supposed to let us live without fear. Instead, it's creating more of it
How many \u2018terrorism plots\u2019 initiated by FBI informants will the agency interrupt before Congress finally performs some oversight?

Fracking Boom Expands Near Chaco Canyon, Threatens Navajo Ancestral Lands and People

Syriza forms government with rightwing Independent Greeks party

Using pro-forced birther “logic,” we’re all corpses

Search Warrants Against WikiLeaks Staff: Justice Department, Google and US Media Silence Threaten Press Freedom

Egypt Marks Anniversary of 2011 Uprising With Deadly Clashes Between Protesters and Police

Henry A. Giroux | Death-Dealing Politics in the Age of Extreme Violence

Net Neutrality – U.S. Internet still threatened by greed

Chris Christie Launches PAC for 2016 Run

Conservatives At Iowa Freedom Summit Would Rather Not Talk About Gay Marriage

The Sheriff Who Sold Amnesty
Jimmy Metts, the longest-serving sheriff in South Carolina, exploited the contradictions between anti-immigrant sentiment and the need for cheap, undocumented labor.

The Hidden Threat To Free Speech in the State of the Union Address

GOP's New Social Security Playbook: Pit The Disabled Against Retirees

Greece Rejects Austerity With Election of Leftist Government: Syzira

Middle Class Shrinks Further as More Fall Out Instead of Climbing Up

Guns in schools: Gun control debate, stalled in DC, picks up in the states

WikiLeaks ‘astonished and disturbed’: Google gave its major staff data to US govt