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Scott Walker says building Canada border wall is a 'legitimate issue'
The GOP candidate said voters have raised concerns to him about terrorists entering US from north, as immigration has become hot-button Republican topic.

Trump: Women (Who Love Their Husbands) Can’t be Trusted to Keep National Security Secrets

California court to consider if delays on death row violate US constitution
More prisoners have died of natural causes on death row than have perished in the death chamber, which some say amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

China and Russia are cross-indexing hacked data to target US spies, officials say

Dominican Republic-Haiti Crisis Simmers as the OAS Comes Down Hard on the D. R.
Dominican leaders are defensive and in denial, as investigators document 'forced' migration of Haitians out of the DR.

Brazil's economy enters recession

Hard Graft: The Wasteful War in Afghanistan

Nicki Minaj has something serious to say about race. We should listen to her

Escape casts spotlight on Washington use of juvenile inmates to fight wildfires
Teen survives and state suspends decades-old firefighting program

VMAs 2015: Kanye West reveals plan for 2020 presidential run

MI6 spy who was found dead in locked bag had 'hacked secrets files about US president'

Legendary Horror Director Wes Craven Dead At 76

Nestlé Under Fire For Drawing Tens of Millions of Gallons Of Water For Sale While Paying Only $524 Under An Expired Permit

Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush

Why border walls – even with Canada – are not the Republicans' Trump card
The frontrunner says Mexico must pay for a wall. A challenger says a northern barrier is \u2018a legitimate issue\u2019. Cost, practicalities and history say otherwise.

NT Health finds 'higher than expected' blood lead levels in remote Indigenous children

Behind Deadly Tianjin Blast, Shortcuts and Lax Rules

Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called Denali

Colombia to End Coca Farm Glyphosate Sprayings

In the Execution Business, Missouri Is Surging
Defense lawyers call it a crisis; the state says it\u2019s just doing its job.