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Where Oil and Politics Mix
After an unusual land deal, a giant spill and a tanker-train explosion, anxiety began to ripple across the North Dakota prairie.

Countries Without Militaries
More than 20 nations lack standing armies - and it's not always about pacifism.

Israeli officer charged in shooting death of Palestinian teen

Thai editor sentenced to jail for defaming king

They Believe in Teachers and in Education for All: Why Finland's Kids Often Top League Tables

Vietnam, Agent Orange, and GMOs
An Agent Orange maker is being welcomed back to Vietnam to grow genetically modified organisms.

Click Here to See If You’re Under Surveillance

US policies in Mexico have made bad situation worse
Missing Mexican students are collateral damage of drug-war capitalism.

Henry Giroux: Marginalized Youth Must Challenge the System That Oppresses Them

Media Goes Wild Over Hagel Firing But Not Obama's Secret Afghanistan Reversal

The Longest Wrongful Imprisonment in US History Is Over

Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptographer

Black Friday highlights the contrast between rich and poor

DHS Set to Destroy Governmentwide Network Surveillance Records

What "Free Trade" Has Done to Central America
Warnings about the human and environmental costs of \u201cfree trade\u201d went unheeded. Now the most vulnerable Central Americans are paying the price.

Who will stop Wal-Mart from 'wreaking havoc' on the American Dream?

Seven Candidates for Corporate Rip-Off of the Year
-- Paul Buchheit for BuzzFlash at Truthout

How Grassroots Efforts Against Fracking Are Succeeding
-- Walter Brasch for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Blockadia on Trial: What the Jury Did Not Hear

Extreme Weather Will Be ‘New Climate Normal’ Without Immediate Action, Warns World Bank

US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN

Left Out of Obama’s New Plan: The Immigrants Excluded

Greenpeace Activist Injured in Confrontation with Spanish Navy

CIA's Torturous Maneuvers on Torture
The CIA is fighting congressional demands to release a report on its covert program for torturing \u201cwar on terror\u201d suspects, even as the spy agency contemplates a reorganization that could give the covert-action side more ways to bend the truth.

The Antitax Push Has Done Harm to State and Local Government

What’s a CEO Really Worth? Too Many Companies Simply Don’t Know

The Fight for $15.37 an Hour: How a Coalition Pushed for a Hotel Workers' Minimum Wage

Bigger Health Care Providers Mean Bigger Profits, But Not Always Better Care
Hospitals are buying private physician practices left and right, and state attorneys general should consider whether such mega-providers violate anti-trust laws.

Malarkey on the Potomac: Five Bedrock Washington Assumptions That Are Hot Air
People in Washington don't have time for reality. They're lost in a world of their own.

Police: Woman Saying She's 'Ready For Ferguson' Shoots, Kills Self By Accident

Highest-value terror detainees excluded from Senate investigation of CIA torture

Dean Baker | Seven Years After: Why This Recovery Is Still a Turkey

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to resign

Senegal Arrests Five Women Under The Country’s Draconian Anti-Homosexual Law

Iran nuclear talks extended to 2015

The Craving for Democracy
Many people are unwilling to participate in an electoral game that does not provide any form of genuine popular control over decisions that affect people's well-being and freedom.

Trade Agreement With Iceland Might Allow Japan To Bypass Effect Of Whaling Sanctions

Deforestation, "Development" Connected to Spread of Ebola in West Africa

As climate changes, park loses glaciers for which it is named

Faith in the age of mass incarceration: Healing Communities training in Northern Illinois

Meet the Fortune 500 Companies Funding the Political Resegregation of the US

Wall Street’s taxpayer scam: How local governments get fleeced — and so do you