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THIS JUST IN: America Is Defined and Crippled by Fear

Obama’s Atlantic Drilling Plan Criticized by Democrats

Will the Obama Administration Finally Bring the CIA's Torturers to Justice?
In the hearing to confirm her as attorney general, Loretta Lynch confirmed that waterboarding is torture. She should prosecute those who did it.

Bill Nye Says "Give a F**k" About Climate Change and Forget "Deflategate"

Dems Sound "Privatization" Siren Ahead of New Social Security Fight

Yes, Oil Is Behind a Lot of Wars

Enbridge Gets Another Federal Tar Sands Crude Pipeline Permit as Senate Debates Keystone XL

HUD Official Worked for Government and Housing Industry at the Same Time...Beyond the Revolving Door

Some Ugly Truths About the Bank Bailouts

Something Really, Really Terrible Is About to Happen to Our Coral

All Hell Breaks Loose at St. Louis Meeting to Consider Civilian Review Board for Police

Forbes Tears Boehner, Netanyahu Apart in a Scathing Column, Says GOP Cannot “Think Beyond Their Distaste for This President”

The Strange Case of Darren Wilson’s Mysterious Disappearing Duty Belt

US Incarceration System Facilitates Breakdown of Society
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Why This Baby's Mom Is So Angry at the Anti-Vaxxers
When kids aren\u2019t vaccinated, others pay the price.

Republicans Are At a Loss on What to Do if SCOTUS Nixes Obamacare Subsidies
Many Republicans would view it as a dream come true if the Supreme Court were to slash a centerpiece of Obamacare by the end of June. But that dream could fade into a nightmare as the spotlight turns to the Republican Congress to fix the mayhem that could ensue.

Mayor: Beijing Is Now “Unliveable” Due to Pollution

Teenage Girls in Argentina – Invisible Victims of Femicide

Ayotzinapa Calls for Mexico’s Transformation

The Woman Who Died From the Lethality of Economic Inequality
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout