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Nonprofit Ordered To Pay $75,000 Over ‘No Pregnancy In The Workplace’ Policy

Charles Robinson and George Tiller: Two Physicians Who Fought for Justice in a Turbulent Kansas

Deadly Texas floods could herald wet winter in parched California
A brewing El Ni\u00f1o brought deadly downpours to Texas and Oklahoma, but could be just what California needs to temper its drought crisis.

France's Intifada: Rocking the Casbah, From Paris to Algiers

Understanding the Supreme Court Argument on Same-Sex Marriage

Verdicts often set before trials take place in Iran’s revolutionary courts

New HIV Study Was So Dramatic, It Had To Be Stopped Early

North Carolina Republicans Advance 72-Hour Waiting Period Bill

Our Gang Problem Is Bigger Than We Think

Deportation Relief Stalled as Court Declines to Lift Injunction

Alabama Minister Fined And Sentenced To Probation After She Tries To Marry A Same-Sex Couple

Flight Risk
As climate and habitat change in South Texas, where will all the birds go?

The Press And Bernie Sanders

Why don’t Americans feel better about the economy?

Why We Need to End Mountaintop Removal Now

Facebook users plan protest against site's 'real name' policy at headquarters
Drag queens, transgender people and others part of #MyNameIs coalition will demand removal of fake name reporting option and clearer appeals process.

Never Say Never: Maryland Fracking Moratorium Becomes Law

Women March for Peace, Reconciliation in Historic Korean Border Crossing
International peace activists travel through heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) from North to South Korea.

Remembering Those Lost On That Awful Day, 102 Flights Up
The observation deck of 1 World Trade Center is gorgeous and breathtaking, and you can\u2019t help but think of those who jumped on 9\/11.

Can you tell the difference between Bush and Obama on the Patriot Act?

Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption

Dennis Hastert allegedly paid to hide past sexual misconduct
\"It has nothing to do with public corruption or a corruption scandal, or to his time in office.\"

The Desperate Plight of a Declining Superpower

Grassroots organizing shapes North Charleston's response to police killing of Walter Scott

Sepp Blatter attacks critics as he vows to pull Fifa through corruption crisis
Re-elected president also downplays US corruption investigation as he insists he is the right man to reform world football\u2019s governing body.

Another Dead Banker – Banker jumps to his death from luxury apartment

(Un)documented: the truth about why I'm afraid to fly
Last week, I boarded a plane for the first time since arriving in the US from Slovakia 15 years ago. Despite having all my papers in order, I couldn\u2019t shake the anxiety of all those years I was unable to leave, and the fear of being deported.

Child sex abuse claims shake UN as revelations continue

Crowds gather for anti-Islam demonstration outside Phoenix mosque

You’re All Out
A defense attorney uncovers a brazen scheme to manipulate evidence, and prosecutors and police finally get caught.

Fraud in Science: the retracted study on attitudes toward gay marriage

NSA reformers zero in on the magic number

Domestic Violence Offenders in Dallas Are Surrendering Guns Under New Program