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The Perils of Criminal Justice "Reform" and the Promise of Abolition

Fracking Ban in New York Paves the Way for Other States
-- Wenonah Hauter of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Stephen Colbert Retiring His "Report" and the Host He Played

How Fox News Ran With Bogus Testimony Given to the Ferguson Grand Jury
Witness 40's story has unraveled. Sean Hannity used it at least 21 times to defend Darren Wilson.

Sony Hack a "Serious National Security Matter": White House

Huge US Child Health Study Canceled After $1.3 Billion

Bill O'Reilly: Black People Should Wear "Don't Get Pregnant at 14" T-Shirts

Drone Strikes Counterproductive, Says Secret CIA Report

Street People: Do You Just "Walk On By"?
Is there a helpful way to respond when you encounter one of the approximately 578,424 people who were homeless on any given night in the United States today?

Red Love: Toward Racial, Economic and Social Justice

All Executions Are "Botched" Because Capital Punishment is Inhumane
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Crazy US "Group Think" on Russia

Barack Obama’s Cuba Surprise
Secret diplomacy, prisoner trades, a plea from the Pope, and a breakthrough.

Mark Morford | Miracle Pill! Eat Anything, Burn Fat, Die Miserable

Federal Court Stands Up for Gun Rights for People Who Have Been "Committed to a Mental Institution"

Washington Governor Proposes Big, Bold Climate Plan

Meet the Men and Women on the Hill Who Told Citigroup to Go to Hell

The People Have Spoken: This Is the Most Brazen Lie of 2014

Judge Won't Release Former Alabama Governor Siegelman on Appeal Bond

How Smart NYS Fracktivists Beat Cuomo and Won the Fracking War

The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings
Reframing the CIA\u2019s interrogation techniques as a violation of scientific and medical ethics may be the best way to achieve accountability.

Fixing the Crowded Earth

Paul Krugman | Good Economic News in the US Should Not Lead to Complacency
The US had a good employment report earlier this month, but good news can turn into bad news if it encourages complacency.

Maya Schenwar | Declaring War on Heroin

Quiet Distress Among the (Ex) Rich

Senator Warren Voices Concern About TPP Trade Pact With Asia

Republicans Rustlin' Up Some Cash With Dick Cheney