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Boehner sets Oct. 29 floor speaker vote, delays other leadership elections

The Prominence and Plight Of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Girls, many of whom have suffered a range of trauma at home, make up a growing share of children arrested and detained across the country.

Australian Group Calls For Boycott Of US Until America Fixes Its Gun Laws

Can Cities Desegregate? Some Show How It’s Done

Is Social Justice Unionism Going to Save Public Education in Philadelphia?

Respecting the Laws (of Nature)

Why The Alabama DMV Closures Struck Such A Nerve With Voting Rights Activists

GOP New Mexico Secretary Of State Now Faces 65 Corruption Charges

Carson Has Been Promoting a Fraudulent Nutrition Company: WSJ Exposes Him

"Economic Migrants" Getting Bad Rap in Refugee Debate

In Search of Our First Trillionaire
No 13-digit fortune has yet appeared on the horizon. But if we wait until we get close enough to see one, warns wealth analyst Bob Lord, we may find our plutocracy set eternally in concrete.

Republican Student Loan Bill Is A Handout To The Loan Industry

ETUC Opposes Austerity, But Divided On Tactics

Top US general: Afghan forces requested airstrike that hit hospital in Kunduz

14 Senators Push for Stronger Ethanol Mandate

SunEdison Announces Massive Layoffs

Meet the drought-stricken communities of California’s San Joaquin Valley

Tar Sands Mining Makes Leap from Canada to Utah

Dean Baker | Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve Board

Iowa's new anti-bullying office raises questions

When Residents Clash with Homeowner Associations, Some States Step In

California shoots down drone bills

The Populist Prophet

Lyme Disease Guidelines Panelists Engage in Coordinated Propaganda Campaign

The Institutionalization of Abortion Stigma: What Care at an Ambulatory Surgical Center Can Look Like

Chaffetz won’t rule out future shutdowns

Police Commission must stop stonewalling activists

South Carolina Mom Shows Homophobic Sex Education Isn’t a Thing of the Past

60 Minutes: Patrick Kennedy Breaks The Silence On Mental Health And Addiction

This is the smart Bush?
Jeb Bush's statement on the Washington football team show his cloistered ignorance.

Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up

Inside the NRA's money: 10 things we know

Somalia Ratifies Rights of Children Treaty, Leaving United States as only Holdout

Sweden’s liberal image is a mirage that hides a very ugly problem

How Many “Biblical” Floods Will It Take For the World to Address Climate Change?

Today's Poor Kids Are 'Alone And Unsupported'

US, Australia Agree on Complicated Compromise on Biologic Drugs

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan is running for the US Senate

ISIS Destroys Another Ancient Landmark: 'We’re Going to Lose Palmyra,' Syrian Director Says

Pope Francis Is Right, Climate Change Is a Moral Imperative
-- Robert Redford for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Why San Francisco's last gun store is shuttering for good
High Bridge Arms, the last gun shop in San Francisco, has thrown in the towel in the face of mounting restrictions imposed by local lawmakers and voters and organized campaigns calling for its closure.