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New Greek PM Alexis Tsipras Appoints Radical Economist to New Government
The post of economics minister \u2013 chief negotiator with the country\u2019s international creditors \u2013 is going to an economist who has described austerity programs as \u201cfiscal waterboarding\u201d.

Louie Gohmert: God Will Punish America for Obama's Tense Relationship With Netanyahu

KFC’s Hot Dog in a Fried Chicken Bun Is Here to Kill You Swiftly

Cuban Migration Surges on Fear of Policy Change

BPA Exposure Linked to Changes in Stem Cells, Lower Sperm Production

Natural-Gas Line Explodes in West Virginia

Netanyahu to American Jews: Get Lost
By accepting Speaker Boehner's invitation to address Congress, the Israeli leader has chosen to side with political forces opposed by many US Jews.

US Spies on Millions of Cars

To Collect Debts, Nursing Homes Are Seizing Control Over Patients

White House Backs Plan to Allow Atlantic Oil Drilling

Gay Legislator Threatens to Spill the Dirt on "Family Values" Colleagues
Alabama's only openly gay legislator is putting her anti-gay colleagues on notice: If they keep espousing family values rhetoric as a reason to oppose marriage equality, she'll start making their marital infidelities public.

CIA Officer Is Found Guilty in Leak Tied to Times Reporter

Obama Challenges India on Women's Rights and Religious Tolerance