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Istanbul airport explosions: 10 dead, Justice minister says

Glyphosate: one pesticide, many problems

Women’s Cooperatives Ease Burden of HIV in Kenya

Brexit is a disaster, but we can build on the ruins
This is a crisis of astonishing proportions, but also an opportunity for the changes the left has long sought

No confidence vote at U of Wisconsin reveals an education system in crisis

Diversity in the outdoors, one hashtag at a time

Shift to Clean Energy Could Save Millions Who Die From Pollution

Scalia’s Lurch to the Left–and Other New York Times Pipe Dreams

How do Trump and Clinton differ on conservation?

Los Angeles Activists Call On Mexico To Stop Violent Repression Of Teacher's Union

Trump says he will renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA

The World Bank "provisionally" Approves the Democratic Republic of Congo's Redd Program

The U.S. Bears Blame for the Crisis in Venezuela, and It Should Stop Intervening There

The Honduran Shipwreck: Hillary Clinton’s Coup Turns 7

Why Liberal New York City’s Schools Are Among the Nation’s Most Segregated

Guarding Solitary Confinement
Interview with a Former Corrections Officer Who Worked in Prison Isolation Units

Global refugee numbers hit record high

What Leaving EU Will Mean for the UK and 'Developing' Countries

The Supreme Court’s ‘Wise Latina’ Notches Her First Key Victory

On Women Who Oppose Hillary Clinton: A Conversation With Liza Featherstone

Former Chilean military Official found liable for killing of Victor Jara

Oil Uncertainty Threatens Iraq’s Ability to Rebuild

Teenager Detained In Immigration Raids Must Pay ‘Outrageous’ Bail Bond To Be Released

Colombia's New Ceasefire, Pablo Escobar and the Ethics of Buying Cocaine

Homeless But at Home in San Francisco

Israel's security figures take aim at hard-line Netanyahu

Hate crimes against LGBTQ people are a public health issue

Let's Face It: "Capitalism With a Conscience" Is Still Capitalism

Sanders' Delegates Get Steamrolled on Trans-Pacific Partnership by DNC Platform Committee
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

"Dying to Live": Hunger Strike in Wisconsin Prison Protests Indefinite Solitary Confinement

Flying the nativist flag

Where's the missing part, Naomi Klein? Ask Pope Francis and Mohammed Mesbahi

People Near Wyoming Fracking Town Show Elevated Levels of Toxic Chemicals

'Brexiteer' Farage booed in rowdy EU parliament debate

British Teens on Tram Caught Hurling Anti-Immigrant Abuse

Senators Press for Answers After Prepaid Debit Cards Fail

How I became a refugee within a day

The “greenest governor” vs. the climate kids - Running from Hansen’s science?

Why the Sanders "Revolution" Must Take on the Permanent War State

Senate Democrats block Zika deal ahead of recess

Mayors call out Congress for inaction on gun control

Airbnb Vows to Fight Racism, but Its Users Can’t Sue to Prompt Fairness

E.U. leaders toughen line over British ‘divorce’