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Number of Displaced Afghans Has More Than Doubled Since 2013

The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret

Still Selling Neoliberal Unicorns: The US Applauds the Coup in Brazil, Calls It Democracy

Iraqi troops seize control of districts of Falluja from Isis
The emergence of an older homeless population is creating daunting challenges for social service agencies and governments already struggling to fight poverty.

Old and on the Street: The Graying of America’s Homeless

Glyphosate Found in Urine of 93 percent of Americans Tested
-- Organic Consumers Association for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Trump's popularity inexplicable and Brexit spells disaster, says Stephen Hawking
Scientist repeats backing for remain in EU campaign and says US presidential candidate is \u2018demagogue who appeals to lowest common denominator\u2019

Refugee deaths intensify call for safe EU passages

Unaccompanied Migrant Children in Greece: IOM Report

America’s atomic vets: ‘We were used as guinea pigs – every one of us’

Big Gains for Striking Verizon Workers in New Agreement

Hoopa Valley Tribe Slams San Luis Settlement Agreement

‘He Brutalized For You’
How Joseph McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trump\u2019s mentor.

Inequality and the Cash Register
Flacks for grand fortune would like us to believe the rich are performing a public service every time they go shopping. Our wallets tell a different story.

Danger Below? New Properties Hide Abandoned Oil And Gas Wells

Libertarians name former Republican governor as presidential pick

Problem Solved? Australia Succeeds In Stripping All References To The Great Barrier Reef From Climate Change Report

Obama Administration Approves Resumption of Offshore Fracking in California

Family of driver killed in US strike on Taliban leader file criminal case
Relatives of Mohammad Azam, killed while driving Mullah Mansoor across Pakistan, lodge a first investigation report for murder

Obama Continues to Ignore Pleas to Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera

Healing From War: Thanking a Veteran for Her Service Is Not Enough

The Elites and the Rise of Donald Trump

Peru Declares State of Emergency as Mercury Contamination From Illegal Gold Mining Poisons People and Planet

Transgender Man Assaulted in Vermont Homeless Shelter Dies of Injuries, Police Say

The long con of military decline: How the right uses the armed forces to lie about the US

Vermont Right-Wingers Threaten Bernie Sanders With 'The Legal Letterhead'

How Dateline NBC Lies About Drones

Congress Bows to the Chemical Lobby on Toxics Regulation

538 Sacrifices Integrity to Go After Sanders on Independents

In Honduras, USAID Was in Bed with Berta Cáceres’ Accused Killers

A New Memorial Day Tradition -- Burning the Confederate Flag

A Pay-to-Play Pick for the Democratic Party Platform Committee

Our Memorial Day collision course with fascism: Donald Trump and the new American militarism

US atomic veterans: "We were used as guinea pigs -- every one of us"

Thousands of Military Members Denied Crucial Veteran's Benefits for Reporting Sexual Assault

A fight is brewing in the Senate over special immigration visas for Afghans who assisted US troops and diplomats during the Afghanistan War.

Why It’s Nearly Impossible for Prisoners to Sue Prisons

Discriminatory Bathroom Law Also Worsens Economic Inequality

Panama Papers May Inspire More Big Leaks, if Not Reform

'Huge wake up call': Third of central, northern Great Barrier Reef corals dead \

The Untold Story of Memorial Day: Former Slaves Honoring and Mourning the Dead

‘Parental negligence’: Thousands sign petitions condemning killing of Cincinnati Zoo gorilla

Tomorrow, Trump will give more details about his donations to vets. Here’s what we still don’t know.

GOP’s poverty proposal: What to expect in the first of Paul Ryan’s big policy initiatives

Even After Minimum-Wage Hikes, Workers Could Still Be Getting Robbed

Refugees to Help Europe Prosecute War Crimes

Why turnout matters, even in true-blue districts: Large margins of victory make politicians more responsive to progressive goals

Fossil fuel darling Ted Cruz demands the feds stop investigating Exxon

Verizon, Unions Reach Agreement on Contract Ending Strike

The Bernie Congress: meet the insurgents trying to recreate Sanders's movement down ballot

'Europe, This is Unbearable': Deadly Crossings Drive Migrant Fatalities to New Heights

Did we blame the wrong villain for the 2008 financial crisis? Perhaps the real culprit is capitalism itself

In Oil-Soaked Niger Delta, 'Avengers' Bombing Pipelines in Struggle for Compensation

Endangered tigers under threat in Indian forest that inspired ‘The Jungle Book’

Veterans Groups Oppose Manchin Amendment Giving For-Profit Colleges Unfettered Access to Military Bases

Refugee runners: Olympics' first team without a country

Hissène Habré, ‘Africa's Pinochet’, found guilty of crimes against humanity

Green Party's Jill Stein on the Feminist Case Against Hillary Clinton

Poll: Voters Feel Disconnected, Helpless in 2016

Used and Betrayed: 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats (VIDEO)

Former CIA Director: Trump Is Helping ISIS

Obama Promised Open Government, but Hasn't Delivered Yet

Eric Holder says Edward Snowden performed a 'public service'
But said NSA leaker should still face trial for \"illegal\" actions.

Two Men, Two Legs and Too Much Suffering: The Forgotten Vietnamese Victims

New Mexico sues EPA and others over Gold King disaster
The suit is the first blow in what is likely to be a long legal fracas.

Even the IMF—the IMF!—Turns on Neoliberalism
New paper by three IMF economists finds that policies of capital account liberalization and austerity fuel inequality, which in turn hurts growth - \"the very thing that the neoliberal agenda is intent on boosting.\"

Brazil: Rules Protecting Amazon Under Threat in New Political Fight

Fighting for CA Workers, Sanders Slams NYT for Ignoring 'Real Issues'

Dems blast ‘disgraceful’ GOP-led anti-abortion panel for naming doctor in ‘reckless’ press release

William Rivers Pitt | Once Upon a Time, My Father Was a Soldier

Air strikes on Isis in Iraq and Syria are reducing their cities to ruins

Hillary Clinton’s big donor problem isn’t going away: Her history of taking Wall Street cash exemplifies all that’s wrong in US politics

The police killed my brother. No one went to jail. This is how I’ve found justice.

Family of driver killed in US strike on Taliban leader file criminal case

The Federal Reserve's $4.3 trillion ticking time bomb
The crisis comes when Congress realizes the Fed is paying the government nothing (or next to nothing) while shelling out billions to the banks.

Los Angeles will convert motel units to 500 apartments for homeless vets