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by Stephen Crockett

It has recently been reported that prominent Republicans in the Bush Administration are screening potential federal government employees concerning how they intend to vote in upcoming elections. This development calls for both Congressional investigation and an independent federal prosecutor. There is a federal law known as the Hatch Act that clearly makes such blatantly politicization of the federal government hiring program illegal. These activities may violate other federal laws, as well.

State Department Official Resigns Over D.C. Madam

Randall Tobias said escorts gave him massages
(Gonzales would claim that's a dumb thing to say)
In fact, it's precisely the kind of bald-faced lie
That's going to rub lots of people the wrong way.

Thinking Outside The Box

The thing that this administration soon really oughta
Do is let the fighting in Iraq be done by Blackwater.

Getting our soldiers home should be a priority that's urgent;
Let the soldiers of fortune take it to each & every insurgent.

The administration's evolved into privatizing whores
So let's publicly insist they go fight their private wars.


"When asked about former CIA Director George Tenet's recent allegation that the White House never had a serious debate over whether Iraq posed an ‘imminent threat' to the United States, Rice did not answer directly. ‘This was a threat that needed to be dealt with, but it was the totality of the picture against Saddam Hussein that led the president to the decision that he made,' Rice said." Remembering this is the same woman who painted the picture of a "mushroom cloud," how does anyone believe anything coming out of her mouth? Rice acknowledged that "there will always be some uncertainty" in determining how close Iraq may be to obtaining a nuclear weapon but said, "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." Five years later, it's just some more of the same old, same old, same war, same familiar faces, same lies, and same waste of televised time! Impeach the whole lot of them! 

by Ray McGovern

"If you can't say something positive about someone, don't say anything." My Irish grandmother drummed this into me and, as was the case with most of her admonishments, it has stood me in good stead. On occasion, though, it has been a real bother - as when I felt called to comment on George Tenet's apologia, In the Center of the Storm, coming soon to a bookstore near you.


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Monday, 30 April 2007 01:52

Another Historic Step On Impeachment


Progressive Democrats of America
Mobilizing the Progressive Vote

Sparked by an insurgency among delegates, the California Democratic Party has taken an historic step forward on the issue of impeachment. In a resolution affirmed by the full state party convention Sunday, the Democrats called on the U.S. Congress to use its subpoena power to investigate misdeeds of President Bush and Vice President Cheney - and to hold the Administration accountable "with appropriate remedies and punishment, including impeachment." The delegate insurgency was coordinated by Progressive Democrats of America and its allies.

Fourteen years ago, I watched an absolutely brilliant episode of "Jeeves and Wooster" on PBS. Stephen Fry, a man who wears so many hats he should have nine heads, played Jeeves. He's an icon in England but Fry is not as well-known here in America. However, you surely are acquainted with the actor who played Bertie Wooster: Hugh Laurie, the misanthropic title character of FOX's hit series "House."


Republican Candidates Weak on War on Terror
Mitt Romney Says Catching Bin Laden "Not Worth It"

DNC Press

Washington, DC - By telling the Associated Press that catching Bin Laden "is not worth moving heaven and earth," Mitt Romney crystallized exactly why Republican presidential candidates are weak on the war on terror, and why America needs real and strong leadership in the White House. [AP, 4/26/07] Romney's comments in New Hampshire on Thursday parallel the Bush Administration's decisions to back down from catching Bin Laden less than six months after September 11, 2001, relegating the war on terror and the war in Afghanistan to second tier status, choosing to initiate a war with Iraq under false pretenses, and failing to fund and support basic security measures recommended by the 9/11 Commission.



Anyone who has ever been in sales has probably been taught about the "puppy dog sale," and Bush did use it to start the invasion into Iraq.

Friday, 27 April 2007 05:28

BuzzFlash Mailbag for April 27, 2007


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Subject: Australian PM campaigns for the GOP

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