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Monday, 28 August 2006 02:08

World Media Watch for August 28, 2006


1//The Moscow Times, Russia--MOSCOW CONSIDERS TROOPS FOR LEBANON (As the United Nations cobbles together a peacekeeping force for Lebanon, debate is heating up in Moscow about whether to send troops to the Middle East. A growing consensus of Defense Ministry officials and military analysts oppose sending ground forces. But a handful of political observers counter that the situation offers Russia an opportunity to restore some of its Soviet-era prestige. ... . Mikhail Margelov, head of the Federation Council's Foreign Affairs Committee, voiced skepticism about sending troops. "That a number of nations have refused to participate in this operation is an alarm signal for me," Margelov said, according to Interfax. And Valery Manilov, a former deputy chief of staff of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, said sending troops now would be premature. "As the confrontation unfolds according to Washington's specifications, and as Israel continues to ignore UN resolutions, the presence of our peacekeepers, with their status and duties still unclear, is hardly warranted," he said. Margelov warned that if President Vladimir Putin decided to send troops to Lebanon, it would prompt heated debate in the Federation Council. By law, the president must get the approval of the upper house of the parliament to send troops abroad.)

600 War Protesters Follow Bush To Maine

by Tony Peyser

This very simple announcement
I'll make in a serene tone:
Even blueblood Kennebunkport
No longer is a Green Zone.


What we describe in One Party Country is how Lee Atwater saw a particular opportunity for Republicans. Atwater realized that, if you were going to have to redraw district boundaries in such a way that you could guarantee minorities would be represented, their surrounding, contiguous districts would lose the benefit of that core Democratic vote. The nearby districts would become, in a sense, whiter and more Republican. So you could elect an additional minority member to Congress, but you might get two or three Republican members in districts that used to have a sufficient number of Democratic minority voters to elect Democrats.-- Tom Hamburger, Co-Author of One Party Country

by Ray McGovern

Talk about chutzpah! I was suffering a bit from outrage fatigue Thursday but was shaken out of it as soon as I downloaded an unusually slick paper, "Recognizing Iran as a Strategic Threat: An Intelligence Challenge for the United States," released this week by House intelligence committee chair, Pete Hoekstra.


Ah yes, need we remind you that it was Donald Rumsfeld who was Reagan's emissary to Saddam Hussein -- and that the Reagan Administration sided with Iraq in the ruinous Iraq-Iran War in the 80s that killed millions of people?

Iraq was the Sunni counterweight to the Shiite Mullahs in Iran. Saddam was a cruel but secular Sunni leader. In realpolitiks, he kept Iran's territorial and Shiite Crescent ambitions in check. We don't justify Saddam and we think he was a barbaric leader, but the facts of realpolitik speak for themselves. In attacking Iraq and getting bogged down in a civil war, Bush has enabled Iran as a regional power.

Saturday, 26 August 2006 00:10

Cindy Sheehan: A Mother's Pain

by Cindy Sheehan

The only thing I ever wanted to be my entire life was a Mom. I never even thought of having a career because I always wanted to have babies. My own family was pretty dysfunctional when I was growing up and I just wanted to have a family of my own to love and nurture.



When is it ever going to stop? The abuse and criminal activity from this Bush administration. Reimbursement? ... Let's start with the confiscation of all of those who have profited off of the illegal Iraq war ... starting with the Bush administration and allowing the ripples to go as far as they can go ... we Americans shouldn't have to pay for this treasonous war, and, oh, there is so much more that we Americans should not be paying for and should be reimbursed.

Friday, 25 August 2006 09:24

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 25, 2006


Subject: Pay Attention, Kkkarl Rove Is Tipping His Hand

Pay attention, this is a very rare opportunity for Democrats. KKKarl is tipping his hand and showing us just one of his many dirty tricks in an effort to curb a massive shift in political power in November. He knows that the Democrats will use the issue of the lack of National Security to illustrate that the reTHUGs are lacking any plans to keep us safe. He thinks he can use his dirty little trick of grounding many planes and few if any will thwart any plot. He is using porn and pedophilia as an emotional tool to erode law abiding citizens' civil liberties. Media will play along making them a large show. We can expect to see it played out time and again until election time.


Imagine waiting twelve long months for your loved one to return from serving in Iraq. For 365 days you watch the news, recoiling at every report of casualties. Dread encompasses every ring of the telephone. With just two weeks left before your son, father, brother, or friend returns, the anticipation is unbearable. You plan a huge cookout with the whole town, or maybe just a quiet family greeting, as you prepare to welcome your loved one back into normal life again.

by Jimmy Lohman

A caller to the Randi Rhodes show on Air America Radio yesterday ranted about how Randi hates America. "You only criticize and never say anything good about our country. Why do you live here, anyway?" he asked. As always, Randi deftly handled the poor fool, insisting that it is her love of America that compels her to criticize the horrid administration at the top of it.

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