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On Tim Hardaway

Oh the irony of it all. There's Tim Hardaway, former National Basketball Association All-Star, who happens to be African-American, sounding off about gays. "I hate gay people. I'm homophobic." If he found one on his team, he allowed, he would ask to have him traded, or lacking that, ask to be traded himself. My-oh-my, shades of the appropriately named Fred "Dixie" Walker, racist and star right fielder for the 1940s Brooklyn Dodgers. When Jackie Robinson came to the Dodgers training camp in the spring of 1947, Walker reacted in much the same way. Robinson, of course, became an All-Star and opened the gates for every African-American player since. Walker, along with every other racist on the team, was shut down by the true Southern gentleman and Kentucky colonel Harold "Pee Wee" Reese.

Friday, 16 February 2007 03:39

Peter Michaelson: Bush's Inner War With Iran

by Peter Michaelson

George Bush can't help toying with the idea of a military strike against Iran. Psychological evidence indicates that he's compelled to act aggressively and to experience that aggression as satisfying if not exhilarating. It makes us queasy to see our leader's malignant psyche. And it terrifies us to realize that his aggressive impulses toward Iran are as pathological as a demented cult leader toward another sect.

Friday, 16 February 2007 01:50

Will Durst: The 14th Annual TGFTLSBIAC Awards

Written by

Better strap a hair spray filter over your mouth, because it's red carpet season everybody. That blessed time of the year when mere mortals like us derive major entertainment value from watching famous singers, actors, starlets, athletes, has-beens and other celebrity wannabes strut and pout and smirk and flaunt and blandish blatant attempts at replicating sincerity during that tiny window of their career that occurs between hiring a big league publicist and having had so much plastic surgery, they start to frighten small children and weasels, by which I mean their agents.

Friday, 16 February 2007 01:17

BuzzFlash Mailbag for February 16, 2007


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Subject: Ricky Martin has a new message for Bush - Celebrity News - MSNBC.com


Please, someone tell me, how can supporting a crazy person, and doing every cockamamie thing he tells you to do, be construed as "doing your job"? Isn't the job of the military leaders, isn't their job, first and foremost, the troops? How can they justify sending our sons and daughters into a battle zone knowing, "all of the U.S.-based Army combat brigades are rated as unready to deploy"? This is crazy and it's about time somebody stops the madness of George!


Republican Culture of Corruption: Gibbons Edition

Washington, DC - Although the American people broke the Republican Party's grip on Washington in November, the Republican Culture of Corruption and its repercussions are still being felt around the country. The Wall Street Journal reported today that the FBI's political corruption unit is investigating potential kickbacks to ex-GOP Congressman Jim Gibbons from a defense contractor. Gibbons is now Governor of Nevada. [Wall Street Journal, 2/15/07]


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Thursday, 15 February 2007 22:30

Gaper’s Block


A February 16 article in the Washington Post once again revealed that the Bush-Cheney wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran are just three of their wars. (You can be sure that covert activity is underway in Iran already through surrogates or through elite U.S. military units).

If his memory has been so bad
For so much of his working life
How in the world did he manage
To remember to out Wilson’s wife?



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Scooter Libby had no problem leaking the identity of a CIA operative to cover up a lie. He had no problem lying about the leak under oath to a grand jury. But now Libby and his defense team have decided to cut and run from defending his actions at his own trial. Even his old boss, Dick Cheney, won't have to account for what happened.

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