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Thursday, 31 August 2006 04:00

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 31, 2006


BuzzFlash Note: Mailbag will appear on a sporadic basis for a few more days. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Subject: How much blood for oil? US casualties rise to 21,868


News from Korean Americans Against War and Neoliberalism (KAWAN):

Korean Farmers and Workers, American Labor and Activists to Protest the
South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement Talks his September 6-9 in Seattle

Ex-Deputy Secretary Of State Leaked Valerie Plame's Name "Because He Loves To Gossip"

by Tony Peyser

Richard Armitage's
Defenders all wish more
Of us would believe that
He's just Mt. Dishmore.


News from the Democratic National Committee:

As President Bush kicks off his latest PR campaign in an attempt to regain public support for his failed policies in Iraq and the war on terror leading into the midterm elections, a new document from DNC research outlines how the Bush Administration's policies have made America less safe at home and around the world.



The most accurate bumper sticker I've seen in a very long time -- "I THINK, THEREFORE I AM A DEMOCRAT."

* * *

Given the fact that George Bush has ignored that "God-d**ned piece of paper," the Constitution; given the fact he waged a preemptive war on a nation that had not attacked America; given the fact he sent American soldiers to do battle without the proper equipment; given the fact that he endorsed and encouraged torture and abuse and ordered the illegal spying of Americans; and given the fact he has done everything possible to thwart "freedom and democracy" in America, I firmly believe it is UNPATRIOTIC to support George Bush and his criminal endeavors any further! IMPEACHMENT is the only solution left if America is to survive this onslaught of despotism and tyranny!

Bush Remembers Katrina Victims

by Tony Peyser

As the president listened to
The sound of church bells tolling
He thought of things that had been lost
(Like high numbers in his polling.)


News from the Democratic National Committee:

Washington, DC - With President Bush's foreign policy blunders becoming clearer with each day, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld again engaged in partisan political attacks today at the American Legion national convention in Salt Lake City, despite a promise by the Commander-in-Chief that the White House would not question the patriotism of their opponents.

by Julie W.

In the wake of the anniversaries of 911 and Katrina it is interesting to reflect on the effect both of these events had on George W. Bush and his administration and how George Bush mishandled and mismanaged both of these occurrences.


Last week, a federal district judge struck down rules created by the Bush Administration intended to make it easier for pesticides found harmful to endangered species to reach the market. The defeated policies had allowed political appointees and bureaucrats in the federal government to make unilateral decisions that ignored or contradicted research conducted by their own scientists. (click here to read the decision - pdf)


It's a scary world we live in, and the "terrorists" are not always easily identified. So, whenever I read an unflattering description of George W. Bush these days, I say a prayer and hope that whoever wrote it or said it has the wherewithal to prepare for retaliation and intimidation (and by the way, it wouldn't hurt to check the underbelly of their automobile). It's hard to believe, but if the names were changed, the circumstances surrounding the condition of our government today would be the tale of an implausible dime store spy novel that, in reality, people would think could never happen in America! But, happening it is, with all the horror and disgust that only George Bush can generate.

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