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This is not a withdrawal of our troops, letting them stay overseas in Iraq for the next ten years and call that a withdrawal. No. That's a stall. We don't need to give in to these warring Republicans -- period. Ten years in Iraq or the Middle East. Why is that? By then this world will be having a nuclear war if this is the way the US is going to withdraw our troops. Remember when the excuse for the 911 bombing was said that bin Laden was angry because the US would not move troops out of Saudi Arabia?

Friday, 09 February 2007 07:28

BuzzFlash Mailbag for February 9, 2007


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Subject: Magical Thinking in the White House

Friday, 09 February 2007 05:35

Will Durst: Executive Timeout or Phuket?

Written by

In a stunning announcement that shook capitals and media centers around the globe, White House press Secretary Tony Snow read a simple statement at an extraordinary 2 a.m. press conference last night revealing that George W Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, has entered an undisclosed medical facility for therapy. No further information was forthcoming as to whether the treatment was for emotional distress, drug or alcohol abuse or just an "executive timeout" but an eyewitness claims the decision for the President to enter rehab was anything but voluntary.

Friday, 09 February 2007 04:59

Shirley Smith: And What Was the Dodo?



More proof that Americans need to see that the GOP goes down in our Congress like the Dodo (flightless bird, big head, stumpy, and said to be a simpleton) went down in history. No sign of them. They disappeared because it was said that they feared no man and were easily killed. The Bush GOP fear no one and get everyone else easily killed.


For an administration that claims a dislike of lawyers and lawsuits, this one sure has a whole lot of legal representation at every level including some family!!! One such example being Elizabeth Cheney's husband, Philip Perry who was general counsel for the Dept. of Homeland Security before he conveniently resigned to join a law firm, just last month after the Democrats regained the majority in Congress!! It's called, getting out of Dodge while you can, Perry must have known "congressional hearings" would in fact reveal "that Perry did everything he could to frustrate and hinder government investigation into Homeland Security"!!! What is it with these Repuglicans, why do they do everything they can to destroy the American government? Why do they want to demolish freedom and democracy?


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by Lucinda Marshall

Governor Rick Perry's decision to sidestep the Texas legislature and issue an executive order mandating that girls entering the 6th grade receive the new HPV vaccine raises troubling questions about the influence pharmaceutical companies wield on the crafting of public health policy. Cervical cancer is only expected to cause 3,670 deaths in the U.S. in 2007, a miniscule percentage (less than 2%) of the 270,000 deaths from the disease worldwide and only 1% of the total annual number of deaths from all cancers in the United States.

When many White House journalists ask questions
see softballs gently lobbing
(They don't seem to like it whenever their jobs
get in the way of their hobnobbing.)




And, I suppose McCain thinks he is a representative of the US military today? This Bush criminal regime has done everything they can to shut up any voices in the military, and they don't even respect them enough to attend the funerals. We've seen one dead soldier brought home alone and with cargo as his companion and he gave all he had to give to this country and that is the respect our dead get from this treasonous regime.


Are you a soldier worried about being killed in Iraq? Fear no longer; the Army has instituted a new safety precaution just for you. No, it's not body armor or better training, and it sure ain't an exit strategy.

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