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Once upon a time in America, we had reporters who weren’t afraid, who had integrity and credibility, who wouldn’t pledge to George Bush’s Office of Disinformation, Thank God there are still a few of them left brave enough to pen the truth, Thank You Jimmy Breslin!

Army Dismisses Gay Arab Linguist

by Tony Peyser

It seems this translator's higher-ups
Had been given the same instruction
To ask if he had ever acted in
A community theater production.

Monday, 07 August 2006 01:31

World Media Watch for August 7, 2006


1//The Moscow Times, Russia--U.S. PUNISHES ARMS TRADER, SUKHOI (The United States has slapped sanctions on state arms trader Rosoboronexport and jetmaker Sukhoi, accusing them of helping Iran acquire weapons of mass destruction. Officials in Moscow reacted angrily, criticizing Washington for attempting "to impose U.S. laws on foreigners." The sanctions on Friday came as relations between Moscow and Washington were strained over a number of other issues, from tensions over the Middle East to frustrations over the United States blocking Russia's World Trade Organization bid to Russian delays in announcing large contracts that U.S. firms hope to win. ... "In effect, the United States is punishing its own companies by preventing them from working with the most advanced Russian enterprises," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its web site Friday evening. ... Rosoboronexport called the sanctions "an unfriendly act toward the Russian state and an attempt to destabilize Russia military and technical cooperation with other nations." ... Sukhoi is working on a project with Boeing to design a 100-seater regional airliner, while Boeing is eager to secure imports of titanium, a metal used in the aerospace industry, from Russia. Rosoboronexport has been widely seen as planning to acquire VSMPO-Avisma, the world's largest producer of titanium. The state arms dealer also controls AvtoVAZ, the country's biggest carmaker, which has a joint venture with U.S. auto giant General Motors.)


By all accounts, Joe Lieberman is a smart guy. He got into Yale on his merits at a time when there was a Jewish quota. He wasn't a prep school guy or the son of an alumnus. He just had a good brain and worked hard. He earned his admission to one of the nation's most elite schools, unlike George W. Bush who got in based on affirmative action for mediocre WASP preppies whose fathers went to Yale.


Strategy for self-defense in modern times is like a chess game. It exists on a variety of levels, of which the use of military force should only be used sparingly and for achievable military objectives, not political ones.

Saturday, 05 August 2006 04:35

Crocket Article

Organized Labor (and You) Can Defeat Republican Corporatism

Progressive Internet activists, local Democratic Party stalwarts and reformists of all stripes need to unite under the leadership of organized labor to take back our government and economy from the Republican-Corporate alliance. The coalition should include efforts to win elections, change trade
policies and unionize workplaces all over America.

The labor union movement has the resources to change the direction of
American politics if firmly and actively supported by allies outside
labor. No other institution in America understands the serious threat
Republicanism poses to a Middle Class American lifestyle and American
as well as American labor unions.

Corporations have totally captured the modern Republican Party and
it thoroughly. The so-called Christian Right has fallen victim to the
corrupting influence of Corporate money. The infection is spreading in
Republican circles, as demonstrated by Ralph Reed, Conrad Burns, Jack
Katherine Harris and many others. Conservatism has been completely
destroyed as a
coherent ideology and replaced by a "Greed Is Good" creed.

Corporations have been buying up media, blocking campaign financing

using outsourcing to undermine the American Middle Class, blocking
wage increases, denying the American public access to universal health
curtailing consumer ability to hold corporations responsible for abuses
courts of law and crippling workers rights to unionize. The Bush
Republicans are
actively promoting this anti-American and un-Christian set of political
activities completely.

They are additionally making it more difficult for American youths to
college education. Workplace safety rules and regulations have been
This has directly resulted in the deaths of American workers in our


We have a confession to make. Well, actually we've made it before.

The Editor and Publisher of BuzzFlash.com graduated from Yale. But in contrast to George W. Bush, who got into Yale after a mediocre academic record on the WASP affirmative action program that kept more qualified students from admission, the BuzzFlash editor was only admitted to Yale after they dropped what was a Jewish quota at Yale and other Ivy League schools.

Friday, 04 August 2006 12:52

World Media Watch for August 4, 2006


1//The Independent, UK--BRITISH AMBASSADOR SAYS CIVIL WAR IN IRAQ ‘LIKELY’ (A confidential report by the outgoing British ambassador in Baghdad says civil war and the break-up of Iraq is more likely than the country developing into a stable democracy. The bleak assessment of the situation by William Patey, who left Iraq last week, is wholly at odds with more optimistic claims by George Bush and Tony Blair. The memo, leaked to the BBC, admits the most likely outcome in Iraq is "a low-intensity civil war and a de facto division of Iraq". The warning was disclosed as two of America's most senior generals also admitted the surge in sectarian violence in Baghdad in recent weeks raises the possibility of Iraq descending into civil war. General John Abizaid, the US commander in the Middle East, and General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said all-out civil conflict was a distinct possibility. ... Mr Patey sees the main Shia militia, the Mehdi Army loyal to the nationalist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, as a growing threat. He says: "If we are to avoid a descent into civil war and anarchy then preventing [the Mehdi Army] from developing into a state within a state, as Hizbollah has done in Lebanon, will be a priority.")


Many people are aware that George Bush has broken numerous laws during his presidency. BuzzFlash has certainly pointed out several instances. But today, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI) released "Constitution in Crisis," a report identifying 26 specific laws and regulations implicated by the Bush Administration.


This is Part 2 of the August 4, 2006 BuzzFlash Mailbag. Click here for Part 1.

Subject: A Mistake

Like the corporate media, you incorrectly refer to Joe Lieberman as a centrist. Ned Lamont is a centrist, Joe Lieberman is further to the right of most Americans.

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