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Senior Military Officers Accused Of Coercing Soldiers To Become Evangelical Christians

by Tony Peyser

It seems tacky to do God's work
By indulging in behavior
Where converts are strong-armed to shout,


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by Brent Budowsky

As these words are written it appears that Senator Johnson is doing well with the real prospect of a full recovery. As we hope and pray for the best, it is time to take stock of the potential for the next two years becoming an ongoing constitutional crisis in the U.S. Senate.

Thursday, 14 December 2006 07:19

DNC: When Will Bush Listen?

Written by


DNC: When Will Bush Listen?

Washington, DC - While President Bush continues to distance himself from the important recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton Commission, both the American people and our military commanders are supporting the work of the bipartisan group. A recent Newsweek poll found that Americans back the study group's "recommendations by a two-to-one margin," and that sixty-two percent of Americans "want the Bush administration to set a timetable for withdrawal." [Newsweek, 12/9/06]

by Peter Michaelson, author of "Democracy's Little Self-Help Book"

This report is ninety-nine percent substantiated. It comes from my best source, Matt Drudge, who admits that he's wrong maybe one percent of the time. The story is such a scoop if it's true that I had to go with it.

by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

"Most Americans think the United States is losing the war in Iraq and support a bipartisan commission's key proposals to change course, according to a poll released yesterday. But the Iraq Study Group's report has become a political orphan in Washington with little backing from either party (‘Americans Say U.S. Is Losing War,' Peter Baker and John Cohen, Washington Post, December 13, 2006; A01)." Backing away from the ISG Report as fast as his legs can carry him is President Bush. Why, is the question on the tongues and pens of many. The ISG says the U.S. is losing the war, the incoming SecDef says that the U.S. is losing the war. Most U.S. generals, publicly if they are retired, privately (apparently) if they are on active duty, say that the U.S. is losing the war.

by Dennis Loo

An edited excerpt from "The ‘Free Fire Zone' of Iraq" by Dahr Jamail in Impeach the President: the Case Against Bush and Cheney, edited by Dennis Loo and Peter Phillips, Seven Stories Press, NY.

Thursday, 14 December 2006 05:54

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 14, 2006


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Subject: Public Financing of All Political Elections

Hi Buzz,

For about the last 6 years the American people have been forced to stand by and watch the RAPE of our country and the ravishing of our Constitution. What was the driving force behind these devastating violations? Big business and their corruptive interest in maintaining and increasing their wealth and power, to influence the corrupt politicans, not only in Washington but throughout our country.

The only solution that the American people have available to them is to stop the flood of money that the big businesses and the wealthy pour into the pockets of the corrupt politicans. The only way we can do this, is the public financing of all elections. The cost of funding these elections would be borne by the governing bodies throughout the country, federal, state and, local.


Saudi Leader Summoned VP to Riyadh And Read Him The Riot Act About Iraq

by Tony Peyser

No one any longer should
Be prepared to annul a
Belief that Cheney really
Answers to King Abdullah.


"... the White House had initially suggested that Bush would deliver his speech on Iraq strategy before Christmas, he has decided to delay it until early next year." Nothing unusual here, the country is in chaos, the Middle East in crisis, and the world in turmoil, so what does our unelected appointed moron do? Why he opts out for another vacation, that's what! Gotta celebrate those holidays, after all, there's more shopping to do, more parties to attend, more naps to take, and certainly now is not the time to be bothered with such a horrible thing as the war going badly in Iraq!!! What's a "decider" to do? Maybe there's time for an unannounced midnight flyover in Iraq, a photo-op that shows some regard for our troops, there could be a banner wishing one and all on the ground a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year," yes, that's something that might soothe the savage beast in the masses, and then let the vacation begin!

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