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by Paul Rogat Loeb

Just as local cities have adopted environmental and wage laws that exceed federal standards, maybe it's time for local initiatives protecting the sanctity of the vote. We've been seeing electoral abuses and manipulations since the Bush administration took power. So we need to ensure the Democrats make national electoral protection a priority. But we can also act on a local level.

Thursday, 30 November 2006 05:28

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 30, 2006


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Subject: Shifting the Blame

Human beings have always tried to blame someone else for their mistakes. Most stop when they become adults. Not so with politicians. They play the blame game lifelong.

Now that the Iraq War has gone so disastrously wrong, politicians have jumped on the “blame the Iraqi” bandwagon. "It’s their fault," goes the hue and cry. “They won’t stand up so that we can stand down,” echoes the chorus. Thus the enterprise that began with much thumping of American chests looks as if it will end with American “finger pointing.”

by Ray McGovern

Press reporting on information provided to the Senate by Robert Gates, President George W. Bush's nominee for the post of defense secretary, show Gates hewing closely to the rhetoric of his predecessor. Gates is shown to be more parrot than innovator in his responses to a questionnaire given him by the Senate Armed Services Committee, which takes up his nomination on Dec. 5.

by Cindy Sheehan

Days up and down they come
Like rain on a conga drum
Forget most, remember some
Oh, but don't turn none away
Everything is not enough
Nothing is too much to bear
Where you've been is good and gone
All you keep is the getting there
Well, to live's to fly awe low and high
So shake the dust off of your wings
And the sleep out of your eyes


Having worked in a government financed "family planning" public health program at one time, I'm here to tell you "abstinence only" does not work; it has never been a solution! Like it or not, sex is what makes the world go round, if it wasn't for sex none of us would be here!


GOP Majority Leader Won't Run For President In 2008

by Tony Peyser

Bill sold his family HMO stock
When it was in a "blind" trust
Right before the price dropped
As promised earnings went bust.


President Bush issued an executive order today renaming the American Civil War as the "American Sectarian Violence Conflict of 1861-1865." In the name of accuracy, all references to the previous title on federal property were ordered changed by the end of December, although current history textbooks in public schools are allowed to remain in use through the end of the academic year.



"Freedom: The right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong." -- John Diefenbaker

My first question is not about what Gingrich would have to say regarding the freedom of speech or any other democratic freedoms this country has enjoyed in the past, pre-Bush administration ... no, my first question is, if this was a real group defending freedom of speech in America, why in the hell did they invite Newt Gingrich?


With its foreign policy already established as a complete failure, it looks like the Bush Administration has simply given up on trying to resolve the nuclear standoff with North Korea. Their new strategy is to use trade sanctions personally directed towards Kim Jong Il, unsurprisingly the first time such targeted action has been taken against another leader. Bans on sales from the U.S. will include luxury items like iPods, Segways, Jet Skis, expensive cars, and yachts.

Washington, DC - Today's news that Democratic State House candidate Barbara McIlvaine Smith has won Pennsylvania's 156th House District means that Democrats will now control the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, bringing the current number of new Democratic majorities to 11. In state legislative races across the country, Democrats gained approximately 330 seats in this month's elections. Democrats now control a majority of state house chambers, and control both chambers in 24 of the 49 states with bicameral legislatures.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement:

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