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The Real Reason Foley Came Out

by Tony Peyser

The molesting and drunk stuff are just lies and
He only wanted help to get tickets for Streisand.

Thursday, 05 October 2006 01:01

Cindy Sheehan and Her Theology of Peace

Written by


Cindy Sheehan's new book, Peace Mom, A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activism, is the story of how a regular mom became the Peace Mom. Cindy recently spoke with BuzzFlash about her book, her recent hospital visit, her goals for the Camp Casey Peace Institute and her efforts to create a more peaceful planet.


During his long shot 2004 presidential bid, I asked Rep. Dennis Kucinich what he thought about the calls to impeach President Bush. "Let's just vote him out," he told me. "It would be a lot easier."

Wednesday, 04 October 2006 09:24

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 4, 2006


Subject: Military build-up to attack Iran

How about running some coverage about the military build-up happening to attack Iran.

Could you not wait until the attacks are underway?

Bush intends to attack Iran before Nov. 7 and people need to know it.

A BuzzFlash Reader


America loves status symbols, and the Bush GOP is full of them. However, Americans need to look beyond the power and the money and realize that people's lives are at stake every day this administration stays in power.

Wednesday, 04 October 2006 07:43

Ruth Lopez: Time to Connect the Dots

by Ruth Lopez

It is time -- way past time -- to put the Jeff Gannon story right up there next to the Mark Foley story and to ask some very hard questions. The Bush White House is shocked -- shocked!! -- to hear of this slimy Congressman -- but they are already letting their minions use it as an excuse to turn the focus from pedophilia to gay-bashing -- all the nasty right-wing talking heads are already out dispensing fake statistics that blame tolerance of gays for Foley's preying on children. Never mind the apparently straight men, like Denny Hastert, who may be accessories after the fact for covering up for Foley; blame gays.


Why would anyone think the Pages would come forward, on their own, with information about Mark Foley when the Repuglican Leadership in Congress and even the Justice Dept. and the FBI refused to investigate. It just goes to show you that America the politics of bullying and intimidation can create a cause and effect helpful to permanent Repuglican rule. To say that this government is the worst to ever darken the halls of the White House, the Congress, and the Supreme Court is the biggest understatement ever uttered!


1//Foreign Policy in Focus, US-COMMENTARY: THE COLLAPSE OF AMERICA'S ‘SECOND FRONT' (It started in 2002 with a few hesitant probes that were low on intelligence, high on imagination, and short a couple of helicopters reportedly lost in the desert wastelands of northern Mali. Then, in 2003, the US launch of a second front in its "war on terror" moved into top gear. In collaboration with its regional ally Algeria, the administration of US President George W Bush identified a banana-shaped swath of territory across the Sahelian regions of the southern Sahara that presumably harbored Islamic militants and sympathizers of Osama bin Laden on the run from Afghanistan. ... . The US spin on these events was all very dramatic. And it was all largely untrue. ... . How and why did such a deception take place? The "how" is simple. First, the Algerian and US military intelligence services channeled a stream of disinformation to an industry of terrorism "experts", conservative ideologues, and compliant journalists who produced a barrage of articles. Second, if a story is to be fabricated, it helps if the location is far away and remote. The Sahara is the perfect place: larger than the United States and in effect closed to public access. ... . The second-front deception has done immense damage to the peoples and fabric of the Sahara-Sahel region. The launch of a Sahara front in the "war on terror" has created immense anger, frustration, rebellion, political instability and insecurity across the entire region. ... . Fortunately for the people of the region, this "second front" is collapsing. US regional commanders admitted to a German journalist this past spring that their EuCom predecessors had over-hyped the terrorist situation. In the meantime, US skullduggery in the region is likely to be exposed further by President Bouteflika's recent investigation into fraud and corruption by the Halliburton subsidiary Brown & Root Condor [BRC], set up and registered as an Algerian company by Dick Cheney in 1994.)

by Brent Budowksy

An unpopular war sold with falsehood and failing as policy. Major scandal involving the Nation's ruling party. Threats and intimidation towards those who dissent. Name calling and partisanship of historic proportions. An angry electorate ready to revolt against the corrupt class of insiders. We even have an expose by Bob Woodward exposing the words of leaders as tissues of untruth. Sound familiar?


Sex Scandal With Congressional Pages Takes Heat Off Some Republicans

by Tony Peyser

George Allen once again
Is completely free to do
Things like mocking Blacks
And claiming he's not a Jew.

I'm sure we'll soon see him
Wave a Confederate flag
And tell reporters he always
Thought Foley was a fag.

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