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For years, Iraq and America kept Iran in check, preventing them from developing threatening military capabilities. Now that Iraq has been dismantled and the United States is in no shape to threaten another war, nuclear and conventional proliferation in Iran has skyrocketed.


You can make a difference in the election tomorrow. Yes, you. More than half of registered voters are not expected to vote, even in the closest races, and any additional turnout could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Elections are fought for months, but actually won in a single day.

by Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"

When you go into the voting booth tomorrow, here are a few things you need to think about.

by Dave Zirin

"The money don't know where it came from." -- Laurence Fishburne, "Deep Cover"

This column is usually dedicated to those in the sports world who believe in the power of protest - and back their words with deeds. But today, in recognition of this Tuesday's election-lunacy, we give space to those who back their political ideas with cold, hard, filthy, cash. Thanks to newsmeat.com you can see where your favorite athlete and other assorted glitterati, choose to put their money in the all-important "wealth primary" that determines every election. In 2004, the majority of athletes who pried open their wallets supported the Bush/Cheney ticket. But this year the giving has been far more even.

by Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

We all waited for Karl Rove's "October Surprise," but it turns out he saved it for the final 72 hours before Election Day. It's been termed "robocalling," and Democratic and swing voters urgently need to hear about it in these last moments before voting.


If ever George Bush and the Bush administration were likened to a movie, I'd have to say it is "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Their bizarre brand of governance can only be ascribed to the worst kind of alien invaders! 


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Britain has emerged as surveillance society number one, while Germany is the only EU country offering significant privacy protection, according to a study by civil liberties group Privacy International. It estimates that there are now over four million cameras in Britain, one for every 14 residents, a 300 percent increase in just three years. ... The study, called The Privacy and Human Rights Report, assesses the state of technology, surveillance and privacy protection in all EU countries together with eleven benchmark countries. Britain ranks as the worst western democracy at protecting individual privacy, at the level of Russia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. Only slightly better were the US, Thailand and the Philippines, described as "extensive surveillance societies." ... Germany comes out as the only EU country offering significant privacy protection, followed by Belgium, Austria and Greece offering "adequate safeguards against abuse," while citizens in nine EU countries are exposed to "systemic failure to uphold safeguards." These are Denmark, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands and Sweden. Only the UK ranks in the black box of "endemic surveillance societies."

by Stephen Crockett, co-host of Democratic Talk Radio

American politics is experiencing a historic challenge by average citizens to the Corporate control of American politics. The old Left-Right division has largely been eclipsed as a realistic way of analyzing American politics. Corporatism is now being seriously challenged by a new populism.

This populism cuts across the normal political divide in surprising ways. Tax policy, public spending, legal rights, immigration, environment, civil liberties, government secrecy, healthcare, campaign financing, trade policies, public debt, minimum wage, outsourcing, media concentration, anti-monopoly policies, government contracting, worker rights, foreign policy, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are all seriously driven by the financial and political power of the largest corporations. Small businesses, workers, consumers, small investors, taxpayers and the poor are all being negatively impacted by the Corporate Agenda on these and many other issues.

Monday, 06 November 2006 01:12

Will Durst: The Demagogic Whistle Stop

Written by

Oh for crum's sake, people. It was a joke! "If you don't study in school you'll end up getting stuck in Iraq." Get it? LIKE THE PRESIDENT! He can't get out of Iraq. He didn't study. He's stuck. John Kerry was talking about George Bush. He wasn't talking about our troops. John Kerry was a troop. Anybody who can't figure that out is either a cynical oaf hiding their scurrilous ass behind the troops or pretending they're dumber than they already are, and from all appearances, the President falls into one of those categories, and if its the latter, that's a very scary proposition indeed.


Haggard + Foley + Kolbe + Gay Porn & The RNC = Tough Times For Republicans

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