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Newt didn't mention also cheating on his first wife
Whom he dumped after her cancer surgery
But Gingrich said the president's behavior was worse
Because Bill had committed perjury.



It's about time. Treating Fox News as a legitimate news corporation is the same as helping to spread Bush's GOP propaganda. Enablers or charity work for a very wealthy collection of misfits. Besides, don't we have enough members of the GOP and their friends dependent on US government money? They will love the Democrats for it.


Since "Scooter" Libby is not Martha Stewart and definitely not a Democrat, it will be a big surprise if he actually has to serve any "time" whatsoever! Look for the Appeals process and Judge Sentelle to find some way for Libby to "get out of jail free"! A little Ken Starr background on Judge Sentelle: "PROFESSOR STEPHEN SALTZBURG - GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: The independent counsel who was serving was Robert Fisk, a very distinguished New York lawyer, and this three judge panel unceremoniously fires Mr Fisk. And then the chair of the panel, Judge Sentelle has lunch with two very conservative North Carolina Republican senators, and the next thing we know is Kenneth Starr, who formerly was a judge in the same court as Judge Sentelle, is appointed. He's known to be a partisan Republican." Leaves one wondering if conservative judges will do favors for one conservative and another????

by Dave Lindorff

What's going on in Baghdad?

Wasn't that "surge" and security crackdown supposed to be reducing the violence?

Perhaps in a televised speech
We'll hear the president declare
That all convicted killers should
Get the sofa instead of the chair.


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by Chad Rubel

A congressional subcommittee held a hearing Wednesday on a decision the previous day to hike Internet radio royalty rates well beyond what most free stations will be able to afford.

Prior to the ruling, most Internet stations paid royalties based on a percentage of their revenue. Now, outdated copyright laws are being interpreted to require stations to pay a fixed amount per song, per user. What's more, stations are being forced to pay royalties for all of 2006 retroactively.

The royalties paid by FM and satellite radio channels are far less stringent even though they typically all have commercials or subscription fees, unlike most Internet radio stations.

"This represents a body blow to many nascent Internet radio broadcasters and further exacerbates the marketplace imbalance between when different industries pay," said Rep. Edward Markey, chairman of the Commerce subcommittee.

Vice-Chairman Rep. Mike Doyle called the new royalty provisions "outrageous" and noted the many calls his office has received about the matter. Unfortunately, Doyle's press secretary Matt Dinkel tells BuzzFlash that Congress is unlikely to complete any legislative action on this issue before the appeals process expires.


A major Bush counter-terrorism initiative was called into serious question when the Department of Health and Human Services scrapped a contract yesterday for a new medicine to treat radiation poisoning.

Thursday, 08 March 2007 04:21

BuzzFlash Mailbag for March 8, 2007


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Subject: Corporal Sanchez

Come on, BuzzFlash! Where's the story on Cpl. Matt Sanchez, right-wing media darling, escort and gay porn star? This story is waaaaay too tasty to pass up!

Thursday, 08 March 2007 02:12

Cindy Sheehan: The Flash Point

by Cindy Sheehan

I was sitting in an airport by my gate -- it is shocking how many of my stories begin that way these days -- and CNN was on the video screen with The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. There was a "tease" about the Scooter Pie Libby verdict and Wolf actually had the gall to say: "How much more can the Bush presidency take?"

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