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by Greg Palast

So, Osama Walks into This Bar, See? and Bush says, "Whad'l'ya have, pardner?" and Osama says...

But wait a minute. I'd better shut my mouth. The sign here in the airport says, "Security is no joking matter." But if security's no joking matter, why does this guy dressed in a high-school marching band outfit tell me to dump my Frappuccino and take off my shoes? All I can say is, Thank the Lord the "shoe bomber" didn't carry Semtex in his underpants.

What Does The GOP Have in Common With BP?

by Tony Peyser

The White House insists it has "no timetable"
To leave Iraq where normal life has exploded
And British Petroleum said the same thing
About cleaning oil pipes that have corroded.

August 15, 2006


A short time ago, BuzzFlash posted an editorial about how suicidal it is for progressive advocacy groups to insist on self-righteously supporting faux Republican "moderates" like Lincoln Chafee.

As we pointed out, Chafee is not really a moderate because his presence in the Senate enables a Republican majority that ensures the goals of the progressive advocacy groups who support him will not be achieved.


Last Friday, Federal District Judge John D. Bates conducted yet another feeble judicial capitulation to the Bush Administration when he ruled that it was acceptable for the president to sign a bill that had not been passed by Congress.


Never judge a book by its cover is an old saying that usually means looks can be deceiving. With Bush, when I think of it, the cliche reminds me of times when traveling or in school, having met a few individuals who would pack their reading material around or under their arms covered with the covers from books of well known literature, hoping people wouldn't notice what they were really reading, as if anyone cared. 

Monday, 14 August 2006 08:23

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 14, 2006


Subject: Bush Stirs Up More Hate

If you believed all the high-ratings terror-talk that has been spewing forth from the major news media the past few days, you might not want to get on a commercial airliner ever again. After all, the passenger next to you might detonate their tube of Crest or their bottle of Herbal Essence, and you would be covered in glycerin and Blue Lake #4. God forbid, you might end up scarred for life by some fitness water.

Monday, 14 August 2006 06:27

Jimmy Lohman: In Times of Crisis

by Jimmy Lohman

The evils of Bushism are most obvious in times of crisis. When true leadership is most needed, its absence is most painfully clear.

We saw this on 9/11, when the Oblivious One apparently did not realize that the crashing of a commercial jetliner into the tallest building in the United States was more important than reading to second graders from My Pet Goat. Over time, we have learned there was much this dastardly administration could have done to avert the incomprehensible events of that day.

Israel And Hezbollah Pounded Each Other Up Until The Beginning Of The Cease-Fire

by Tony Peyser

I'm reminded of severely
Overweight people
In a similar situation:

Having a Krispy Kreme
Weekend before their
Gastric bypass operation.

by Norman Solomon

The leading pro-war Democrat in the Senate is hoping for a landslide in the New York primary next month. And unless progressives quickly mobilize to dent her vote total, she's likely to get it.

A must-see video from a BuzzFlash reader:

This video I made is starting to get some buzz and I would love to see it on BuzzFlash.

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