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Monday, 14 August 2006 02:06

World Media Watch August 14, 2006


1//Arab News, Saudi Arabia--OUTRAGE OVER BUSH'S USE OF ‘FASCIST' TERM (US President George W. Bush's statement that the US is at war with "Islamic fascists" will deepen anti-American and anti-Western sentiments, a cross-section of expatriates contacted by Arab News said yesterday. Reacting to the report that some Muslims in Britain were involved in the plot to blow up aircraft bound for US airports from London, the US president said: "It was a stark reminder this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation." Describing the US president's remarks as "ill-conceived" and "inappropriate", expatriates from Britain, India and Pakistan said some hypermarkets in Riyadh had already withdrawn American products from their shelves in response to the US' anti-Islam campaign. "By linking Islam with fascism, Bush is stoking the fire of hatred against his country and his people, besides further expanding the recruitment pool of extremists," said the expatriates.)

More GOP Talk About Terrorist-Friendly Liberals

by Tony Peyser

It's yet another strategy
That's undeniably Rovian
To make voters salivate
In a manner Pavlovian.

August 14, 2006


On Sunday, BuzzFlash posted an editorial accusing the Bush Administration of treason.

It is a subject worthy of a book.

Their priority is not to fight terrorism, as we have said many a time. Their priority is the accumulation of dictatorial powers, primarily by using terrorism as a tool for doing away with our civil liberties.


August 13, 2006

As BuzzFlash has repeatedly editorialized, the Bush Administration is a detriment to America's national security. Our lives are increasingly at risk every day that they are in office.

They will never seriously battle the sources of terrorism in an effective, strategic fashion. That is because politically they need the terrorists as much as the terrorists need them. And the goals of the Bush Administration are the consolidation of power and the acquisition of natural resources and economic dominance, not the eradication of terror.

by Larry Beinhart, author of Wag the Dog and Fog Facts

Say it loud, say it often, "Republicans are bad on national security." Every Democrat running for national office – and local offices too, why not? – should say, "I'm running because Republicans are bad on national security."


As we've said before, when it comes to using fear to achieve political ends and consolidate power, the Bush Administration makes us feel like it's Groundhog Day everyday when they need some tyrannical law passed or election season is approaching.


This is Part 2 of the August 11, 2006 BuzzFlash Mailbag. Click here for Part 1.

Subject: The Crazy V.P.

If it wasn’t bad enough that this nation has a President with the I.Q. of a fruit fly we are also burdened with a crazy Vice President!

Unable to change channels fast enough there have been times when I was forced to listen to Dick Cheney. (Don’t you just hate it when you’re sitting on the remote?)


Subject: Airplane Plot

Hi, Buzz --

Isn't it a good thing Britain wasn't waiting for Chertoff and the security boys here to sound the airline plot alarm? On Wednesday Bush is out on his bike in Crawford, Texas circling around the U.S.A. press idiots. Urging them on in 100 degree heat to run three miles. For a tee shirt and a photo with him. Offering "playful taunts and encouragement" according to the L.A. Times. Isn't Bush known to diddle around in August? Funny. If anything big were to happen the press boys would be in the throes of heat stroke.


News from the DNC:

Dusting Off The GOP Playbook: Fear-Mongering And Desperate Tactics

Washington, DC - In the wake of an unfolding terror plot and their own plummeting poll numbers, Republicans in Washington have once again dusted off their tired campaign playbook in a desperate attempt to stay alive politically. Party leaders and even White House officials have again begun engaging in fear-mongering to distract from their failed record and salvage their dwindling campaign prospects in November.

Friday, 11 August 2006 04:33

Barbara's Daily Buzz for August 11, 2006


Seems to me the “establishment” is whining, complaining, and offering advice to internet bloggers because they fear the bloggers may get the truth out and thus inhibit mainstream corporate media’s chances of spinning the dark fantastic!

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