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Defense Secretary Has Harsh Words For War Critics

by Tony Peyser

Rumsfeld's telling us to "back off"
Excuse me but ... ain't that rich?
Don's overdue to be packed off
So, you know, bring it on, bitch.


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Global warming could cost the world's economies up to 20 per cent of their gross domestic product (GDP) if urgent action is not taken to stop floods, storms and natural catastrophes. That stark warning was given to Tony Blair and his cabinet yesterday by Sir Nicholas Stern, a former World Bank economist, and is said to have left cabinet ministers chastened by the magnitude of the threat posed by climate change. In a preview of a report he is to deliver next Monday, Sir Nicholas told the Cabinet the world would have to pay 1 per cent of its annual GDP to avert catastrophe. But doing nothing could cost 5 to 20 times that amount. He told them: "Business-as-usual will derail growth." The massive 700-page report - commissioned by the Chancellor, Gordon Brown - was described as "hard-headed" and "frighteningly convincing". It focused on the economic peril now confronting the world, unless action was taken to combat harmful CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming. ... His review could be a watershed in overcoming scepticism about the existence of global warming. "It was hard-headed," said another source. "It didn't deal in sandals and brown rice. It stuck to the economics." Mr Brown believes it could force the oil-dominated White House of George Bush to concede the importance of action to curb climate change. One minister who was present said it destroyed the US government's well known argument that cutting carbon emissions was bad for business. His report, covering the period up to 2100, warns that climate change could cause the biggest recession since the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression. A downturn of that magnitude would have "catastrophic consequences" around the globe, with the poorest countries hit first and hardest, Sir Nicholas told the Cabinet. Insurance analysts, who submitted their evidence for his report, said they feared insurance claims could exceed the world's GDP.

by George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute

The Bush administration has finally been caught in its own language

"That is not a stay-the-course policy," Tony Snow, the White House
press secretary, declared on Monday.

by Brent Budowksy

Act Blue Site linked below, please include in the post.

If you are fed up with this garbage, go to actblue and do something about it.

The sick thing about George W. Bush is that unlike like any President who has ever come before him he has injected vomit, hate, and slander into the heart of our democracy and has put under attack the very character of the American people.

Thursday, 26 October 2006 08:36

Daniel Ellsberg: The Next War

by Daniel Ellsberg

A hidden crisis is under way. Many government insiders are aware of serious plans for war with Iran, but Congress and the public remain largely in the dark. The current situation is very like that of 1964, the year preceding our overt, open-ended escalation of the Vietnam War, and 2002, the year leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


DNC: GOP "Southern Strategy" Alive and Well Republicans Refuse to Take Down Racist Ads

Washington, DC- After promising the African American community that the Republican "Southern Strategy" had been put to rest Ken Mehlman and the Republican Party are up to their old divisive and backward tricks using racist innuendo to try to win elections.

Thursday, 26 October 2006 06:35

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 26, 2006


Subject: A Neck Ready for the Block?


Well, here goes:  a political prognostication for the coming election.  

Barring any last minute trump cards played by Mr. Rove, and as others have said, Osama Bin Laden in cold storage, ready to be displayed on a plank a day before the vote, I predict a tidal wave of Democratic success on November 7th.   


DNC: Bush Fences In Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Right Wing Political Stunt Stays the Course on Republican Security Failures

Washington, DC - President Bush this morning will complete his definitive abandonment of comprehensive immigration reform by signing a flawed and politically-driven enforcement only Republican bill that mandates a fence on our southern border, but fails to fund its construction. The Republican Congress, in a political stunt designed to cater to the far right wing base of their party, authorized a border fence 700 miles long along a border that spans more than 2,000 miles, and even then appropriated only a small portion of the billions needed to build that fence. Adding to their hypocrisy in an election year, Congressional Republicans left in a provision that even allows small amounts of funding to be used on other programs.

Thursday, 26 October 2006 04:10

Brent Budowsky: Freedom Summer, Fall 2006

by Brent Budowksy

Freedom Summer, Fall 2006: Democratic Leaders Should Host Emergency Call With Leading African American Financial and Entertainment Leaders.


In A News-Free News Conference, Bush (Yawn) Again Defends The War In Iraq

by Tony Peyser

"Shifting tactics"
Does sound nifty
Or is this just a
Tactic that's shifty?

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