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by Peter Michaelson

Rudy Giuliani has unveiled his presidential campaign strategy: He will pursue the Republican Party's goal of encouraging Americans to be fearful, thereby weakening the country.

Tuesday, 01 May 2007 08:35

BuzzFlash Mailbag for May 1, 2007


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Subject: BuzzFlash

Just wanted to say thank you for all you do. :) Your website has been part of a journey from certain ignorance. I have been a voting dem, liberal minded person for most of my life, but my views are more educated now. Thank you for reporting on reality. And I will continue to make all of my purchases through you!! And now that I am back to work, I will even be able to make some full donations soon...

by Carol Korreck

I wrote the following letter in May 2003. After watching the "Mission Accomplished" performance by my son's "commander-in-chief," I was appalled.

by Dave Lindorff

It's been four years now since President Bush pulled his stunt of landing on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, which his staff had ordered to circle around outside of San Diego, and which they had decked out a huge banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" for a backdrop.



These candidates and others in DC who voted for this Bush GOP slaughterhouse in Iraq, should keep up with the public more or maybe the Internet and the news. I remember so much more than these people, who claim that they "never knew" before Bush's invasion. (If we knew, then they should have known, or what the hell are they doing in DC?) But, even if they didn't know, the one fact that no one dare talk about is this ...

The President has asked for the full funding for the U.S. occupation of Iraq with no timeline for withdrawal. This is the only way, he says, it will be known throughout the world, as well as on the frontlines (however one might define them) that we as a nation are united in "supporting our troops." It appears clear to everyone at home and abroad (except, apparently for the Georgites and their Privatized Ministry of Propaganda) that a substantial majority of the American people does not support the war and wants the troops to come home, now. But, he says, a) that he's got to have the money with no timeline, and b) that he wants to meet with the Democratic Congressional leadership to discuss reaching a common ground.

He said this in Elko, Nevada which has
Five brothels in that location
Which reminds me what a whore McCain
Is for the Bush administration.


"... the Bush administration ... micro-managed every aspect of the [Iraq] occupation to disastrous consequences ... The economic reconstruction of Iraq has been a failure for everyone except the U.S. corporations that have ripped off U.S. taxpayers to the tune of many billions of dollars ... a military surge has been ordered to provide a social order for Iraq that this president's policies have destroyed." The "surge" is also designed to cover Bush's "cut and run" with the money in the end! All that's needed for that realization is to look at his past history -- the sale of Harken Energy stock, the intricate underhanded dealings using local government to obtain real estate for the Texas Ranger's stadium and subsequent sale of his interests! Who among us could get away with such a deal??? The guy is dangerous and the sons and daughters of America are making the ultimate sacrifice. This time around his dealings, his plots and schemes have cost more than 3300 American soldiers their lives as well as thousands of innocent Iraqis their lives!!! Impeach and prosecute!!!

by Harvey Wasserman

Twenty-one years ago this week, lethal radiation poured into the breezes over Europe and into the jet stream above, carrying death and disease around the planet.

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