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By Dave Lindorff

When it comes to defending the Constitution from the saboteurs of freedom and democracy in the Bush administration, my hero is Conyers.

Thursday, 31 May 2007 03:23

Kathy Kelly: Being Hope

by Kathy Kelly

Earlier this week, the American Friends Service Committee asked me to speak about finding hope in hard times as part of an interfaith service to conclude their "Eyes Wide Open" display in Chicago's Grant Park. The display arranged 3,438 soldiers' boots to commemorate U.S. military people killed in Iraq, along with life-sized pictures of Iraqi civilians and a collection of numerous civilian shoes to remember hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have been killed in Iraq since 2003. I asked the audience to join me in recalling experiences I had while imprisoned at the Pekin Federal prison for "crossing the line" at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Questions Linger About Robert Zoellick, Wolfowitz's Likely World Bank Replacement

A terrible temper, he keeps enemies' lists
One assumes he's prone to pounding his fists.

A combative chap who back in the day was then on
A good number of corporate boards including Enron.

To the Neo-Cons, Zoellick has the requisite panache
But he looks like John Bolton with a smaller moustache.

by Burt Hall

During the last six years, the President and Vice President have adopted a failing strategy to combat terrorism, have taken us to war unnecessarily, have ignored pressing domestic needs, and have changed our world image from the most-admired country to one of the least-admired. These top officials pose the greatest danger to our country in decades and would have been replaced long ago had a parliamentary-style system of government existed here.


Only in the Republican primary field could a relatively unknown and inexperienced candidate enter the race months late and still start in second or third place before any official campaigning. But that's exactly what is likely to happen if actor and former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson formally throws in his hat as expected in early July.

by Stephen Crockett

Why are Democratic officeholders in the U.S. House and Senate not actively seeking situations where Republicans resort to filibustering popular Democratic legislation and situations where Bush vetoes similar measures? The benefits in political terms for Democrats far outweigh the risks, and good legislation might just get enacted into law.


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New reports indicate that the U.S. government is to blame for an Atlanta man taking two transatlantic flights despite having a rare, potentially deadly type of tuberculosis that is highly resistant to treatment. The man – under the first federal quarantine in decades – says CDC officials knew he had the disease and even put him on a no-fly list, yet he was still able to leave and return to the United States.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007 05:19

Will Durst: Hill Songs

Written by

We members of the CCJU; the Comics, Clowns & Jesters Union, can currently be found moping around, wearing an excess of black, plunged into a state of funk that can only be called "pre-mourning" as we anticipate the end of what will surely be known as the Golden Era of political humor. The reign of George W Bush is nearing an end. Destined to go down in history as the worst President EVER, and that includes William Henry Harrison, the guy who gave a three-hour inaugural speech in the rain, caught pneumonia, and served 30 days supine in a sick bed until becoming the first president to die in office.

by Danny Schechter
Editor Mediachannel.org

It was sad to read Cindy Sheehan's letter of "resignation" from the peace movement because she offered so much of herself -- despite all the personal pain she suffered from the loss of her son, the breakup of her family, and all the vicious and insensitive attacks on her politics and personhood.

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