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Friday, 10 November 2006 23:43

Ray McGovern: Robert Gates-Gate

by Ray McGovern

[Full disclosure: I am in Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's debt for TV notoriety on May 4, when my impromptu questioning of him elicited denials easily shown to be false. I have known Robert Gates, whom the president has picked to succeed Rumsfeld, for 36 years, starting when Gates was a journeyman analyst in CIA's Soviet Foreign Policy branch which I headed.]

Friday, 10 November 2006 08:56

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 10, 2006


Subject: Howard Dean

I have not viewed or read anything about the great job Howard Dean has done to get the Democratic party back in the mainstream. He was instrumental in winning Tuesday's election and deserves out thanks.

by Sean T Lewis

In all of human history, no sane person has gone into battle thinking, “This is what I want for my children.” No one has sliced another person open with a sword, driven a bayonet into a heart, shot into an ambush, launched a missile, or raided a civilian home with the thought, “Someday, my children will get to do this.” No one has taken a bullet, smelled their own burning flesh, lost a limb to a roadside bomb, contracted cancer from Agent Orange, or hung himself out of guilt with the idea, “I can't wait until my kids get to experience this.” Yet generation after generation after generation, this is what we do.


While America will get a new Congress this January, it looks like we already have a new president. Ever since George Bush was sworn in six years ago, he has been stubborn, contentious, and above all, divisive. He refused to compromise or even listen to anyone that was not already convinced he was right. Because he was wrong, America suffered.


by Akhil Bhardwaj

As I read about Rummy being replaced/fired, then heard about Ken possibly stepping down, Chafee quitting the Republican party, etc., I was reminded of the following:

Cascading failure (loss of elections) is common in power grids (political parties) when one of the elements fails (George) and shifts its load to nearby elements (other Republicans) in the system. Those nearby elements are then pushed beyond their capacity so they become compromised and shift their load onto other elements (Fox News, Rush, and friends).


The dust has settled and it is time to step back and look at voting irregularities across the nation. Unlike their counterparts, Democrats have long championed electoral reform, especially after the Florida debacle in 2000 that cost America its duly elected president. Now that Democrats have secured a decisive victory and control Congress without dispute, they should fight even more aggressively to improve elections since they can no longer be dismissed as merely sore losers.

Friday, 10 November 2006 04:03

Cindy Sheehan: Another Open Letter to George

by Cindy Sheehan


First of all, I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall on November 8th, when we all knew fairly early that the Democrats had taken back the House of Representatives. I would also have loved to be in the room when Senator George Allen conceded and the Senate was lost. I hope you realize that your demented policies and miserably failed leadership style is responsible for the thumping that your party took this week. Even though I couldn't be a secret first hand witness to your political demise, it was good to be in front of your soon-to-be-vacated premises in DC.


Mehlman Is Stepping Down As Republican Committee Chairman

by Tony Peyser

Out of a job
Without a doubt
But some doubt
When he'll be "out."


Prayers and heartfelt sympathies go out to Ed Bradley's family. The media and the public have truly lost an outstanding journalist, a man of grace, dignity, honor, and truth! Our loss is heaven's gain! 


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1//The Independent, UK

A former diplomat has revealed that the British mission to the United Nations opposed the policy of regime change in Iraq but was ordered by London to change its position in the lead-up to war. The disclosure was made to MPs yesterday by Carne Ross, a member of the mission who resigned in protest at the Iraq war. He told the Foreign Affairs Committee that the US government was repeatedly warned by British diplomats that Iraq would fall apart if Saddam Hussein was toppled. But from mid-2002 instructions were received to change that view to fall in with the Bush administration. Speaking in public for the first time since he left the diplomatic service two years ago, Mr Ross also confirmed suspicions that the Prime Minister made up his mind months before the Iraq invasion in March 2003 that the war was going to happen and British troops would take part. Mr Ross said when he was serving in the embassy in Afghanistan, as early as April 2002, British officials there knew troops were being held back in readiness for the Iraq invasion. He claimed that when official documents from the Foreign Office are made public, they will prove that the view of British officials, repeatedly conveyed to the Americans, was that overthrowing Saddam Hussein would cause chaos.

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