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Friday, 16 March 2007 02:29

BuzzFlash Mailbag for March 16, 2007

[BuzzFlash Note: With sincere apologies, here's the Friday 3/16 Mailbag. It was inadvertently posted Friday at BuzzFlash.org but not on BuzzFlash.com. The Monday 3/19 Mailbag also is posted now, here: http://www.buzzflash.com/articles/mailbag/341]

Karl's office was bombarded with reporters' calls
But he was not available to comment to the press
Even though his secretary forwarded messages to
Where he was hiding behind Harriet Miers' dress.


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Call me cynical if you like
Or even accuse me of lying
But next they'll say he made
Mueller do domestic spying.

Thursday, 15 March 2007 13:24

Cindy Sheehan: The Ides of March

by Cindy Sheehan

A few days ago, I sent out a frustrated e-mail to a small listserv that includes some major peace activists in the nation, including Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich. My e-mail read as follows:


Cronyism isn't just a habit of the Bush Administration; it's official policy. Shortly before Bush took office in 2001, Robert Moffit of the neocon Hertiage Foundation drafted a guide called "Taking Charge of Federal Personnel."

Thursday, 15 March 2007 05:55

BuzzFlash Mailbag for March 15, 2007


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Subject: Siegelman Case in Alabama


"Canadian lawmakers have written an Afghanistan version of the Iraq Study Group report, reaching a conclusion that the conditions on that original battlefront in the 'war on terror' are grave and deteriorating." Everything George Bush, Dick Cheney, and this administration, along with the support of a Repuglican majority Congress have done has created a tragic disaster! How can anyone trust anything they say and do anymore?

Thursday, 15 March 2007 03:08

Paul Rogat Loeb: Election Fraud, My Ass

by Paul Rogat Loeb

They just wanted to protect the sanctity of the vote. That's the administration's pious explanation for why they fired eight U.S. Attorneys who were Republican enough for Bush to have appointed them in the first place. "The president recalls hearing complaints about election fraud not being vigorously prosecuted and believes he may have informally mentioned it to the attorney general," explained White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. How could you question such a laudable goal?

Thursday, 15 March 2007 02:38

Karen Webb: Bush Supports Gonzales

by Karen Webb

"Any time anybody goes up to Capitol Hill, they've got to make sure they fully understand the facts and how they characterize the issue to members of Congress," Bush said. "And the fact that both Republicans and Democrats feel like that there was not straightforward communication troubles me and it troubles the attorney general. So he took action, and he needs to continue to take action."

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