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The Navy is on the verge of firing an officer for speaking out against a racist recruiting policy that the Navy itself later admitted was "legally indefensible," The Tennessean reported yesterday. In October 2002, Lt. Jason Hudson was a regional recruiting director reviewing updated enlistment guidelines when he identified serious problems with Directive 1133.8B, which limited the number of minorities with lower aptitude scores that could be hired under a new quota system.

Monday, 20 November 2006 04:04

Will Durst: Who's the Comeback Kid Now?

Written by

Guess who the Republicans snuck in as Senate Minority Whip? Trent Lott. Yes, that Trent Lott. Welcome back buddy! You're a breath of stale air. And just the shot of smack in the arm the GOP needs. A return to the good old high flying junkie days of yore when votes stayed counted and people had priorities. Winning. At all costs.


James Carville Is Right To Criticize Howard Dean!

by Tony Peyser

Dean left too much money in the bank!
He should have made it a top priority
To have the party walk away with
A far bigger Congressional majority!


Talk about a bunch of rats leaving a sinking ship, boy are they going fast and furiously! Those who played a major role in creating and orchestrating the preemptive unnecessary war in Iraq are trying desperately to save their own skins by abandoning what "they once saw as ‘their brightest hope'!" That statement alone should tell the whole world something about the neocon's powers of analysis -- "their brightest hope"??? It's been painfully obvious from the very beginning George Bush ain't exactly the brightest light bulb in the bunch!


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by Brent Budowsky

The voters gave Democrats an overwhelming mandate to launch thorough Congressional oversight and investigation of the fraud, corruption, mismanagement, and influence peddling surrounding Iraq Reconstruction.

by Brent Budowsky

If my first political memory was a child watching President Kennedy sending the Right Stuff astronauts into space, my first political action was working for Al Lowenstein and Robert Kennedy in New York, before being old enough to drink or vote.



I was kinda, sorta surprised to see so much made out of the votes for Hoyer rather than Murtha by our media. In my mind, the media sees this as a defeat for Pelosi because they are used to Bush constantly getting his way, even on very controversial subjects, such as an illegal and treasonous war in Iraq. Bush, with the assistance of his loyal comrades, twists arms, brow beats, lies, and bullies (or in some cases, kisses) until Bush gets his way. It's been years since the US public has been a witness to democracy put in motion in our government by the vote of a majority who voted their own mind.


Iraqis are getting less food from the government now than they were under Saddam Hussein, reports London Arabic newspaper Azzaman.com. "Most (food) warehouses were looted and burned when U.S. troops arrived" in Iraq, and the Ministry of Trade's "fleet of nearly 3,000 trucks (have) all but disappeared" due to mounting violence and attacks.

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