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by Jesse M. Reiter, President, Michigan Trial Lawyers Association



DNC: Ney Guilty Plea Highlights Ever-Growing GOP Culture of Corruption

Washington, DC - Disgraced Ohio Republican Congressman Bob Ney today finally pled guilty to felony charges of conspiracy and making false statements after taking tens of thousands of dollars worth of trips, sports tickets, campaign contributions, meals and casino chips from convicted Republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. This is just the latest example of the ever-growing Republican culture of corruption. Ney's conviction follows the conviction of former GOP Congressman Duke Cunningham, the resignation of former Republican House leader Tom DeLay and the eruption of numerous scandals surrounding a number of Republicans in Washington. At the same time, Republicans in Congress have consistently blocked ethics reform packages proposed by Democrats.


As we all know, there are lies, damn lies, and reports from the Bush Administration. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), soon to be chairman of the House Reform Committee, has identified the latest one: a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) fib about the cost of Medicare.

Friday, 13 October 2006 06:12

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 13, 2006


Subject: There's No Turning Back

The tidal wave of rage, disgust, and indignation of most Americans toward the fascist Bush regime will not be stopped by any stolen election. We will only grow stronger. The neocon chickenhawks cannot prevail against an insurgency in America any more than they can one in Iraq. When faced with a population determined to defend OUR freedom and OUR country, they will cut and run. They always do.

by Peter Michaelson

The Los Angeles Times of Thursday, Oct. 12, has a superficial story about George Bush as teaser, describing the president's frat-boy comments to the White House press corps concerning how they're dressed. "What Not to Wear in Front of Bush" reads the headline.

Friday, 13 October 2006 03:23

Steven Jonas: The October Surprise

Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

Well, it's the middle of October and the Republican October Surprise that Karl Rove promised us just a few weeks ago has not been delivered. At least it hasn't appeared to have been delivered. I think that that Republican October Surprise for this year is that there will be none. That doesn't mean that the Republicans themselves have not been surprised. They tried to keep the Foley Scandal under wraps as long as they could, but they couldn't manage to do that for long enough.


Since when has unscrupulous, dishonorable, mean, nasty, corrupt, behavior become "brilliant"? As I listen to the various commentators and read the various articles about Karl Rove's brilliance, how he will do anything to win, I am struck with the contradictory, conflictions in that statement! I do not believe that scam artists are brilliant. I do not believe that lying, cheating, and, yes, stealing are exemplary qualities to brag about! I do not believe that dishonest, dirty dealing, politicians should be given a free pass simply because they have achieved their goals in screwing the public. Raping the United States of America and its people is immoral and unjust; these guys should be treated as any other charlatans; they should be tried in a court of law for their crimes!

by Norman Solomon

No one knows exactly how many Iraqi civilians have died from the war's violence since the invasion of their country. The new study from public health researchers at Johns Hopkins University estimates that the number of those deaths is around 601,000, while saying the actual total could be somewhere between 426,369 and 793,663. Such wartime figures can't be precise, but the meaning is clear: The invasion of Iraq has led to ongoing carnage on a massive scale.

Friday, 13 October 2006 02:14

DNC: Republican Homeland Insecurity Continues

Written by


DNC: Republican Homeland Insecurity Continues...

Washington, DC - After ignoring port security for the last five years, today President Bush will sign the SAFE Port Act. Five years after 9/11, the Bush Administration and Republican leaders in Congress still have much more work to do when it comes to keeping our country safe. The GOP has not only neglected port security, but they've also ignored the security of our airlines, our nuclear and chemical plants, our railroads, critical infrastructure and under-funded important first responder training.


Senator's Advisers Suggest He Say As Little As Possible Until Election

by Tony Peyser

That man of the people, Confederate friend
Jew-bashing, Black-hating, cut-up
Finally has a new message he can stay on:
"I'm George Allen ... and I'm gonna shut up."

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