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Friday, 29 September 2006 03:33

PFAW: Bush Judges Confirm Opponents' Fear

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Report Documents Impact of Bush-Nominated Appeals Court Judges

Federal appeals court judges nominated by President Bush are threatening and undermining Americans' rights and liberties, and working to reduce congressional authority to protect those rights and liberties, according to a legal analysis published today by People For the American Way Foundation.


Senate Betrays American Values, Undermines Rule of Law

Fundamental Protections Central to Our System of Justice Thrown By the Wayside as Senate Passes Election-Year Tribunals Bill


//The Globe and Mail, Canada--GREAT LAKES MACHINE GUNS RAISE IRE IN CANADA (The United States Coast Guard has started to patrol the Great Lakes with machine guns mounted on their vessels and is conducting live-ammunition training drills on the U.S. side to prepare officers to combat terrorists flooding across the border from Canada by boat. The automatic-weapon drills started earlier this year but came to light only in the past two weeks after information about the Coast Guard's move to create 34 permanent live-fire training zones in the Great Lakes was published in the U.S. federal register. ... . "It was a big surprise on both sides of the border. At first I thought it was an Internet hoax," said Mike Bradley, the mayor of Sarnia, Ont., who has written a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to intervene. "The longest undefended border in the world is gone. It's passé. And this is an example of it." Toronto Mayor David Miller chairs a coalition of U.S. and Canadian mayors working to restore and protect the lakes. He said the target practice violates a treaty signed after the War of 1812 that outlaws military weapons on the Great Lakes, tampering with two centuries of peaceful history. ... . "At a time ... when there is interest in restoring the integrity of the lakes," he writes in a letter to the Prime Minister, "it is most disturbing that the U.S. is contemplating exercises that will militarize the lakes, cause pollution and environmental degradation, restrict shipping and recreation, and change the peaceful border between Canada and the U.S.")


Southern Group Angry At Allen For Qualifying Support Of Confederacy

by Tony Peyser

Maybe it's time to take a step back
From these unrelenting attacks
To acknowledge George's uniting
Virginia's rednecks and Blacks.

by Brent Budowsky

The surge of support for several Democratic candidates has put the Senate within reach of Democratic control, joining the House of Representatives in what is now an election battle royale.

Thursday, 28 September 2006 22:42

On Friday, September 29, It's Mourning in America


Just as it is hard to fully comprehend the grief of a beloved friend or relative killed needlessly in an accident, it is excruciatingly painful to try to come to terms with the pernicious betrayal of our Constitution and liberty that occurred in the Senate on Thursday, September 28.

Thursday, 28 September 2006 06:44

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 28, 2006


Subject: Oh, That Keith Olbermann

I will only speak for myself, but Keith Olbermann keeps knocking it out of the ballpark with his special commentaries, and just his show in general.

I was horrified to read yesterday about the "fake" anthrax threat sent to Mr. Olbermann at his personal residence.

Even more appalling, however, was the "hit piece" and cheap shot leveled at him by Rupert Murdoch's NY Post.

What can we who appreciate Mr. Olbermann's incisive and straight forward commentaries do to more fully show not only him, but MSNBC and the media at large our appreciation for Mr. Olbermann's bravery in speaking truth to courage, and standing up for truth, honesty, and the principles upon which this country was founded?

The MSM and the neocons need to know there are a lot more of us out here who appreciate intelligence, courage, and personal integrity.

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI


When I pause, take a deep breath and look around at what George Bush, the Bush administration and the Repuglican Party have done to my country, I can only sit down for a while and cry!

by Rory O'Connor

I wasn't aware that this is Advertising Week (I thought every week was Advertising Week!) until I received an invitation from Mark McKinnon to attend a panel discussion on "The Evolution of Presidential Campaign Advertising." As chief media advisor to George W. Bush, McKinnon directed the President's advertising effort for both the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, and he has committed to playing a similar role in 2008 for Senator John McCain. Nevertheless, McKinnon remains a key member of Bush's small circle of top strategists, one of what a leading trade journal described as "a handful of players behind every big decision, consensus or roadblock in Washington...putting a unique, sometimes hidden stamp on the outcome of today's debates."


Sen. Allen Denies New Claims That He Used Racial Slurs

by Tony Peyser

The bubba bubbe seems like
A complete and total liar
Who may have used the "n-word"
More times than Richard Pryor.

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