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Monday, 09 October 2006 03:03

The Union Leader: "Speaker, others must go"

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The Union Leader: "Speaker, others must go"

Washington, DC - Over the weekend, an editorial in the Union Leader in New Hampshire said that for his gross mishandling of the Foley scandal, "Republicans must insist that [Speaker Hastert] resign." They also noted that Hastert's efforts to blame Democrats have fallen flat and that "there is not one shred of evidence to back up that claim."

by Danny Schechter, Mediachannel.org

New York, Oct 8: Journalism lost one of its brightest lights this weekend when the well- known and globally-honored Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya, a mother of two and the most courageous chronicler of the Wars in Chechnya, was shot to death, KGB style with two bullets to the head in the elevator of her apartment building in Moscow.


October 9, 2006

Dateline -- Buenos Aires, Argentina

For some 30 years, the Argentine women known as the Madres (Mothers) de La Plaza de Mayo have marched every Thursday in front of the Presidential Palace of Argentina. They gather in memory of their children and grandchildren, who were among the estimated 30,000 people who disappeared during "Operation Condor." Another 50,000 people were murdered.

by Brent Budowsky

While the House Republican Leadership is embroiled in a sex scandal involving abuse of young Congressional pages and coverup issues, the White House is now embroiled at the epicenter of the Jack Abramoff lobbying and corruption scandal with the abrupt and surprise resignation of Karl Rove's Deputy, on the eve of a national election.

Friday, 06 October 2006 08:47

DNC: Cheney Brings Fear And Smear Tour To Florida

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DNC: Cheney Brings Fear And Smear Tour To Florida

Washington, DC - Today, Vice President Cheney campaigned in Sarasota, Florida for Republican congressional candidate Vern Buchanan. Once again, Cheney engaged in baseless fear and smear tactics.


PageGate is less about Rep. Mark Foley sexually harassing minors than the Republican leaders who covered up the abuse and put young boys in danger. But the truth is that Republicans have long been doing the very thing to America's youth that Foley wanted to do to his pages.


DNC: McCain's Double Talk Express Hits Stump For Congressman Who Covered For Foley

Washington, DC - On Friday, October 20th, Senator John McCain is scheduled to campaign with NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds, who is currently embroiled in the GOP cover-up of former Republican Congressman Mark Foley's sexually explicit messages that he sent to under-age House pages. Even after Reynolds was informed about Foley's transgressions, he encouraged Foley to run for a seventh term, gave $5,000 to Foley's campaign, and took $100,000 of Foley's campaign cash for the NRCC rather than investigating the matter further. As the scandal came to light, Reynolds' chief-of-staff worked to keep the media from exposing Foley. Yesterday, McCain called for an independent investigation of the scandal by "credible" people. Instead of campaigning with Reynolds later this month, McCain should cancel his fundraiser for Reynolds and call on Reynolds to tell the truth about his actions in this scandal.


If it weren't all so pathetic it would be hilarious, watching the Repuglican leadership in the House of Representatives and all the rest of those armchair, chicken-hawk, warrior Repuglicans, "cut and run" from the Foley disaster! "I didn't know", "I told him", "it's in his corner now", etc. etc. etc.! They aren't even dodging bombs and bullets and they can't stand up! Yep, there's nothing like sex crimes and scandal to cower a bunch of wimps without backbones! To know their boners are self-inflicted, doesn't lessen the blow and/or the damage!


Maf54: u know whats really hard?

XXXXX: Spanish verbs?

Maf54: harder than that.

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Friday, 06 October 2006 06:19

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 6, 2006


Subject: Keith Olbermann

Keith hit another homerun last night with another "special comment"

You guys need to acknowledge him and put it on your site - I know you've done it before, but the effort needs to be sustained.

Sorry, if I've missed it today --

A BuzzFlash Reader

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