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by Paul Rogat Loeb, author of "The Impossible Will Take a Little While"

Is there meth in Ted Haggard's heaven? Does it rot your teeth? In his 2005 Barbara Walters interview, Haggard says you can eat all the food you want in heaven and never gain weight. Can you shoot all the meth you want and never lose your teeth or grow emaciated? What about unprotected sex with gay prostitutes? Do you get divine protection against AIDS? Or only if you give regular spiritual advice to the President, and help the Republicans blame gays for America's family problems

Make your election outcome predictions in the coment section below this BuzzFlash News Analysis.


First of all, before we get into the punditry, don’t stop doing whatever you might be working on to get out the vote for Democrats. Don’t stop until the polls close and you see that the doors are locked!

by Brent Budowsky

American commanders in Iraq have privately told the President that additional troops will be needed in Iraq to maintain the current policy.

Plans are secretly underway for a suprise new call up of National Guard and Reserves to be announced sometime after the election.

by Brent Budowsky

It is now very possible that we wake up on Wednesday morning with the Republicans keeping control of Congress and Karl Rove proclaimed the reigning genius of American politics.

by Brent Budowsky

To save any semblance of rationality for American policy in Iraq new leaders, a Democratic Congress and the resignation of Secretary Rumsfeld are urgently needed.

by Peter Rost, M.D., former Vice President of Pfizer and author of "The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman"

Few recent elections have been as critical for the drug industry as this one. And that's the reason The Wall Street Journal reports that "Assailed by Democrats, drug companies are pouring millions of dollars into close races, giving some Republicans a financial edge."



How long should the Bush administration get away with their shenanigans by always claiming stupidity? We have to sue to get the papers of secret meetings by Cheney and information regarding 911. Bush resealed the papers of his father (shouldn't have been allowed to do this) George H. W. Bush, and President Reagan ... and even then, a group of partisan judges are able to stop that information from becoming public, or maybe it just gets shredded. Much of the regular government information to the public has been taken down from the Internet because of the Bush administration ... it's the public's right to know. The most secretive administration ever to supposedly work for the American people.

Friday, 03 November 2006 06:48

Ruth Lopez: Kerry Was Right

by Ruth Lopez

Anyone who points out the Bush Administration's mean-spirited and self-serving treatment of our troops is quickly and loudly painted as anti-military. This is to stop the public from tuning into the sad reality that, for all their flag-waving, the Republicans' treatment of our troops is not much better than their treatment of Katrina victims.

Friday, 03 November 2006 04:48

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 3, 2006


Subject: drug rehab for haggard before tues? cnn reports he ONLY spoke with w h staffers

that'll work for bush. put haggard in rehab before tues with no admission of gay sex. and have the media report, like cnn just did just now, that haggard only spoke with white house staffers not bush. protect bush at this point at all costs. pricks.

by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

This morning, Ann Coulter, along with a steady stream of Republican heavyweights (and no Democrats) appeared on "Fox and Friends," the "fair and balanced" morning show of the Fox "News" Channel. She shared a couple of pieces of political wisdom with her audience that I thought might enlighten our readers about what she is really about (that is, if you need any further enlightening). First, she told us that the prime reason that the Republicans need to retain control of Congress was that only the Bush Administration could be trusted to secure our nation's security. This on the morning that the New York Times revealed that since March until Yesterday, the Department of Defense had up on the web a site about the dastardly Saddam Hussein that showed, among other things, how to make an atomic bomb. When asked how she would compare the Foley scandal with the Kerry scandal (sic), Ms. Coulter allowed that the former only concerned one single individual who needed help, while the latter concerned the whole of the Democratic Party, revealing how traitorous it is (well, you know those liberals). And there you have it, folks: the wisdom (sic, and sick) of Ann Coulter.

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