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Thursday, 24 August 2006 04:22

Time for the Greens To Choose Up Sides



When I first heard of this it pissed me off, mainly because all we hear from the Greens is that they don't agree with the Democrats and they certainly are not for the GOP, but then they split votes, because they aren't large enough to do anything else, and Republicans win by default if they haven't rigged the count. Today, with a criminal faction in our government, it matters. Democrats may have our problems ... we do have some "blue dogs" in this party, but they will eventually be leaving ... why? Because, we've had enough. Had it with anyone who supports this treasonous Bush fascist, out-of-control, warring regime.

by Jeff Cohen

The cover story in the new issue of TIME, the flagship publication of the Time Warner media empire, informs readers that Hillary Clinton has "virtually nonexistent opposition for her senate seat."


Staged?? Rovian?? Damn tootin -- Rocky VI produced and directed by Repuglicans, for Repuglicans, starring a Repuglican! Gag me with a spoon, these guys will do anything for a vote up to and including trying to con the American people. The only things the White House and mainstream corporate media missed were the facts, and the "Rocky" theme song, entitled "Gonna Fly Now"! So here's a link to the music! 

A Tale Of Two Headlines

by Tony Peyser

1) Marines have been "involuntarily recalled"
In this botched terror war, yet another blot
2) Prozac-hating couch jumping Tom Cruise
Has been pink-slipped at the Paramount lot.


Everyone knows it's coming.

Rove doesn't deviate from his playbook; and it's his third time around with this one.

So what's going to be the terrorist fright just before the election? Will Osama be taken out of deep freeze? Will a videotape suddenly be "found" in which Osama declares that he wants a Democratic Congress? Will a terrorist cell be broken up the week before the election, allegedly plotting to fly planes into 12 American cities and bomb the Super Bowl with Weapons of Mass Destruction that Saddam gave them from his cell in Iraq?

Thursday, 24 August 2006 01:33

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 24, 2006 Part 1


Subject: Thank You Judge Anna Diggs Taylor

This website was launched to offer support for the Honorable Anna Diggs Taylor. We feel she is yet another example of a great American patriot and civil servant working to protect the rights we all cherish. Unfortunately, Judge Taylor's objectivity and professional reputation will likely be disparaged by those who choose loyalty to a corrupt Bush Administration over critical thinking and the rule of law as defined by the United States Constitution. Please offer her your support by signing our guest book and taking a moment to learn more about her and her landmark ruling against the Bush Administration.

Wednesday, 23 August 2006 22:50

Video: Republicans hit with flurry of campaign woes

Written by


"Free trade" is just jingoism. It means nothing. Free trade is just a mantra created by the multi-national corporations and their friends in politics to describe an opportunity to ship American jobs overseas. Trade agreement after trade agreement is unfair to our country. ... we have to create rules that are fair, rules that lift us up rather than push us down. -- U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D - North Dakota)


A feud between FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers is leaving helpless countless people near floodplains around the Gulf Coast in the event of a hurricane, with President Bush nowhere to be found in resolving the dispute. Executive Order 11988, issued by Jimmy Carter in 1977, instructed the federal government to minimize building on floodplains to reduce water damage.

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