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by Dave Lindorff

It's time to quit being a Democrat, and start being a democrat!

I've always been a registered Democrat. I think it has something to do with my having reached voting age in 1967, when there were actually some serious anti-war candidates challenging the party leadership, and being able to vote in the primaries really mattered, and because in 1972, there was a genuine choice between an honest peace candidate and a truly wretched war-monger, who was working to destroy the Constitution.

Friday, 30 March 2007 07:44

Cindy Sheehan: Camp Casey Peace Awards

by Cindy Sheehan

The Camp Casey Peace Institute is pleased to announce the recipients of the First Annual Camp Casey Peace Awards.

The individuals/or groups that are receiving the honor have made significant contributions to the success of Camp Casey, Crawford, TX AND to the peace and justice movements in general.



The Washington Post referring to Bush as a "wartime Commander in Chief," must just thrill Bush plum to death. We Americans understand that Iraq was not a war until Bush and his cohorts in crime used the US military to invade that country. Based on their lies that Saddam's Iraq posed a threat, which still was not a valid reason to attack another country. The US was not attacked by Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. However, Bush's friends, the bin Laden family and Saudi Arabia, had much to do with 911 as most of the men were from there. Is that the commander in chief of a war or a crime against humanity? Bush should be judged by his peers except they are all in it together.

Senate OKs war bill with Iraq timeline - Yahoo! News

And another thing about that "none binding" slippery slope. Shouldn't that apply to the Democrats as well? What if the Democrats decide to start ending Bush's invasion/war before the next 120 days? None binding can work both ways can it not? Bush will try to blame the carnage on the Democrats no matter what they do until they stick the debt, death, and destruction firming on all of those who should be made accountable.

Any escalation of the violence by the Iraqis will be nothing more than defiance against the occupation by the US and anyone connected to the US. Nothing will change that until the US is gone from Iraq. It would be an advantage to the Bush GOP administration if Americans were as stupid as their (Bush GOP) actions seem to demonstrate, but, it takes time for people to get used to their power and what it can do. Bush knows this. The GOP knows this . . . Congress and the American people are beginning to find out. Another goonish, goober Goliath throwback figure (Bush GOP) will be put down again, and this time, loopholes and all should be closed for good. Accountability is what will protect the future generations from the rise of any more US Goliaths.

Just a thought,

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith 



It has crossed my mind before, why haven't the Bush GOP closed Guantanamo since their unlawful, systematic abuse there has been exposed? If the Bush GOP close that fun camp of theirs, will they ship the prisoners off to other "known" secret prisons? The US government (Democratic Congress) needs to know all of the names and records of these prisoners and should demand to know about all of the other secret prisons, who their prisoners are, and if there are no charges, ship these people home, for gawdsake.

Friday, 30 March 2007 04:57

BuzzFlash Mailbag for March 30, 2007


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Subject: Senate Republicans and Joe Lieberman Vote To Not Fund the Troops

"It's no small thing to come up here and meet before this committee."
(I wish I were home listening to The Osmonds in Salt Lake City.)


"We were torturing people for no reason." So much for torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib being limited to a few "grunts" at the bottom of the military pecking order! "As a specialist in a military intelligence battalion, Lagouranis interrogated prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Al Asad Airfield and other places in Iraq from January through December 2004. He and other soldiers discussed the Geneva Conventions during military training at Fort Gordon, Georgia, in 2003, before being deployed to Iraq. But it became clear they were not always expected to abide by them, he says ...The feeling was that what we had been taught about the Geneva Conventions was not going to be followed anymore." Impeachment is an option that should never be taken off the table!


Summaries are excerpted from the source articles; the featured article follows the summary section. A recommended "site of the day" will also appear occasionally following the summaries.

By Burt Hall

(Buzzflash has published this article in five parts-this is the last one. For the other parts, see our previous four entries. The first four all concern the misadventures of the Bush presidency, mostly pertaining to our nation's security, and the consistent failure of Congress and the media to hold him in check.)

In a representative democracy, public opinion influences public policy. Success depends on whether Congress and the media keep the public well informed. Each time the Bush administration went astray, the public was helplessly uninformed or misinformed. A recent USA Today/Gallup poll rates Bush's performance worse than any of his five predecessors. His performance also trails recent presidents rejected for a second term. Yet, we reelected his failed presidency. Our democracy is not working the way it should.

The Economist Intelligence Unit Index of Democracy rates all countries with full democracies in 60 factors divided over 5 general categories: free and fair election process, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation, and political culture. The U.S. ranked 17th, near the bottom.

What has happened to our great media of yesterday? Absent are the hard-nosed and independent investigative reporting that made so many newspeople famous. Even one of the best, Bob Woodward, became a White House stenographer while writing his first two books on the current administration -- Bush at War and Plan of Attack. He returned to the old Woodward we all know and respect in his third book, State of Denial. In earlier times, reporters would dig into important issues and stick with them until the bitter end. Today, reporters hit and run from one subject to another -- nobody closes the deal for the public. (The recent expose of the Walter Reed scandal is a remarkable exception.)

Much of the media has relinquished its independence and acceded to government power and increasing control of big business. Under expanding corporate ownership, the media has a monetary incentive to play it safe and go along with White House propaganda. Goebbels of Nazi Germany set the tone: "Think of the press as a giant keyboard on which the government can play." The Bush administration took full advantage.

Some of the factors that have turned our media from guardians at the gate into stenographers are identified in the book, News Incorporated: Corporate Media Ownership and Its Threat to Democracy:

by Larry Beinhart

It is now a conventional complaint on the Right that university faculties are dominated by liberals.

It's true.

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