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by Danny Schechter

The buses were arriving as I was leaving the Take Back America conference Tuesday afternoon in Washington to bring delegates and activists to Capitol Hill to join union members rallying for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, which was being debated in the Senate.

According to one report: "Defying 97-degree heat, heavy humidity and a planned Republican filibuster, several thousand workers and their allies rallied in Washington Tuesday to demand the Senate pass the Employee Free Choice Act."

The bill's passage was far from certain as labor fights an uphill battle for its survival and the right of workers to join unions. This issue is one of many that is critical to Democrats who want to take the government back because unions have long been a main funder and grass roots energizer of the party.

Writing on TomPaine.com, Dmitri Iglitzin reprised labor's challenge and eroding position.


Strange how the lies and the cover up are not seen as criminal and immoral from the conservative side of politics, when it's a Repuglican committing the acts! How oft it was repeated, "it's not the act, it's the lies and the cover up that were criminal" when impeaching a Democratic President was the goal for the Repuglicans. As recently as March 2004, the Repuglicans were overjoyed when Martha Stewart was convicted and then sentenced to a prison term for "obstructing justice and lying to investigators," primarily because she was a well known Democrat. Today the Repugs are doing everything they can to absolve one of their own for the same thing. "Obstructing justice and lying to investigators" is still a crime, even when it's a Repuglican! Scooter Libby knew what he was doing; he lied and tried to cover up the outing of a covert CIA agent, during a time of war.  

Since March, it's been hit on over 80 occasions
26 people have all wound up dead
Isn't it close to -- or already past -- the point to
Change the color from green to red?

His Tom Cruise-like comments coming out now, I would dare say,
Aren't thrilling the producers of his upcoming release, "Hairspray."

Unless producers think the way to fill up every studio coffer & cupboard
Is to be actively courting the moviegoer base of fans of L. Ron Hubbard.

But if Scientology fans could make movie grosses volcanic
Why wasn't "Battlefield Earth" a bigger hit than "Titanic?"


(Editor's note: We have permission from Thom Hartmann to run this chapter from his book, "Screwed: The Undeclared War on the Middle Class - and What We Can Do About It." You can purchase this book at the BuzzFlash store.)

by Dave Lindorff

Don't tell Faleh Abood Umara or Hashmeya Muhsin Hussein that you want the U.S. to quit Iraq, but that you're worried about a resulting civil war.


Not only is this the earliest primary run for the presidency, it's starting to look like perhaps the most fluid.

We got Fred Thompson, the last great actor hope of the Busheviks (and laziest U.S. Senator in recent history), about to make an end run to head the pack of GOP dwarfs and con artists (that guy must need a lot of Viagra with his bourbon to keep up with his zaftig trophy wife whom he married after divorcing his childhood sweetheart). We got the possibility that if the Dem candidates start to bunch up -- or if, on the other hand, the likely winner of the Dem primaries looks like a loser in the general election -- that Al Gore might come to the rescue and enter the race in the fall.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007 05:43

BuzzFlash Mailbag for June 20, 2007


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Subject: Woodward and the J. Scott letter



All of the GOP supporters coming out for Libby . . . poor, poor little Libby having to go to jail for a few months . . . this criminal Bush GOP sentenced hundreds of thousands of people to death. This criminal Bush GOP have sentenced millions of innocent men, women, and children to a life of poverty, a life without homes, without an education, without a stable government.


Though he may like to think so, Fred Thompson is neither a Davy Crockett nor a Daniel Boone, just like he isn’t a real District Attorney! It’s all a façade---below the surface there is no substance to any of these Repuglicans and that’s why they have to conjure up a made for television charade!

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