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"... the general surgeons are doing their work and there is the body of this Navy SEAL, which is a physical specimen to behold," he told IPS. "And his abdomen is open, they're exploring both intestines. He's missing both legs below the knee, one arm is blown off, he's got incisions on his thighs to relieve the pressure on the parts of the legs that are hopefully gonna survive and there's genital injuries, and you just want to cry." No wonder George Bush wants Americans "to go shopping"; he is desperately attempting to divert attention from the realities of the Iraqi war! If the American people knew what is really going on in this insane war, the only "SURGE" would be every American marching to Washington to tell George Bush personally, NO MORE WAR!

by Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"

Reverting to form, Democrats in Congress are cautiously trying to have it both ways so as to avoid having to take a stand on any of the issues that matter.


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1//The Scotsman, UK

Gordon Brown yesterday moved to announce himself as the pre-eminent figure in British politics, forcing Tony Blair to break his silence on the execution of Saddam Hussein and issuing what amounts to a scathing criticism of the Prime Minister's foreign policy. ... Despite growing domestic and international unease about the taunting of the former Iraqi dictator, Mr Blair adamantly refused to comment on the matter last week, insisting he would make his first public statement later this week. But yesterday, a few hours after the Chancellor said that the way the execution was handled was "completely unacceptable", Downing Street issued a statement telling how the Prime Minister also believes the manner of execution was "completely wrong". During his BBC interview, Mr Brown came as close as he ever has to admitting he now expects to be prime minister by this summer, sketching out more of his plans for government and his approach to power. And, in his boldest challenge yet to Mr Blair's waning authority, Mr Brown tacitly criticised the Prime Minister's relationship with George Bush, the US president, promising to take a much more assertive approach if he enters Downing Street later this year. ... Mr Brown dropped a significant hint about his sympathies with Mr Bush's Democrat opponents, pointing out that he has worked closely with "all the major figures of the previous US administrations".

by Brent Budowsky

One of the Democratic Party's leading pollsters, consultants and strategists is quoted in the Washington Post as advising Democrats to avoid taking a strong stand against the troop surge and escalation of the war in Iraq.

Sunday, 07 January 2007 23:29

Bush in the Bunker


In reading a BBC News Profile of Saddam Hussein from 2001, we couldn’t help but be struck by some eerie points of nexuses with George W. Bush:


As Nancy Pelosi first picked up her gavel as Speaker of the House, the Democrats finally got their "money shot" – and a masterful one it was: the first woman Speaker surrounded by a swarming group of grandchildren.

By Danny Schechter

New York, New York: "The conservative era is over," proclaimed a well-known progressive activist on the day that the Democrats triumphantly took charge in Congress. There has been lots of smiling and back-slapping since the midterm meltdown election in which the hard right stumbled and took a well deserved fall.


We may have a Congress who is still too timid and do not want to get too tough, "BUT," I don't feel that the majority of American citizens are going to put up with Bush for two more years. Congress, the Democrats, would have to really go out of their way to be more nasty than the GOP has been for the last 15 years. They don't have to worry about how badly they are treating these criminals.


Well, Americans are going to have to get real "tough," in order to get the GOP corporations, including the Republicans in government, to pay attention. I didn't think Wal-Mart could stoop any lower, but you must read the latest ploy in this article in WAG, in how they get cheap work our of people and yet, punish the worker. The greed in a company like Wal-Mart is the best example of the Republican Party and the best example of what will happen to this country if these corporations are allowed to keep using people instead of hiring people as respectable and dependable employees. This is what happens when this country has sunk to such a level that Wal-Mart is the largest employer of these United States. That is something that is damn shameful. Damn shameful! This has to stop and we need government to stop it. How can we compete in the world when we have slave owners in our own businesses, and that's what this is? Slavery in the workplace. These people who own this business are among the top ten wealthiest people in the world. This is criminal.


Well, I got this from Senator Reid and I just had to clear the air.

We are the majority. Now what?

Today for the first time since 1994, Democrats are the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. As great as winning in November was, we now need to demonstrate that Democrats are prepared to lead -- finding a solution to Iraq so our troops can come home, cleaning up Washington, and moving our country forward on the many issues affecting the lives of Americans each and everyday.

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