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Wednesday, 01 November 2006 06:29

Tom Breuer: Review of "Culture Warrior"

by Tom Breuer

Bill O'Reilly starts off his latest paean to himself with a call to action against the dark forces of secular-progressivism, promising to "get this culture war over with faster than anyone believes" and dubbing himself "O'Reilly Tzu"-in a wry nod to the ancient Chinese military sage Sun Tzu.


Today's report that the Justice Department will dispatch hundreds of election monitors to the polls next Tuesday should do little to assuage voters' fears of Republican prevarication. After all, a skilled magician may be the only one who knows what he is keeping up his sleeve, regardless of how many people are watching.

Wednesday, 01 November 2006 03:52

Amy Branham: My Flag - Part II

by Amy Branham

Last week I wrote about my flag, the flag that covered the coffin of my son. This week, I am writing to tell you that while Old Glory does not fly at my home, there is a flag that does fly. It is the Colonial Flag, a replica of the original flag that stood for so much and inspired so many patriots.

Wednesday, 01 November 2006 03:26

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 1, 2006


Subject: Bush/Kerry Dust Up

First, with regard to "our" president campaigning around the country on behalf of Republicans, let me say that in all of my 61 years, I have never heard a president spew such vitriolic, partisan rhetoric. From a president of this great country, this is absolutely contemptible.

Second, this attack on John Kerry is ridiculous. What is it with this administration and sliming veterans?

The press is pathetic. After one or two questions, they give Cheney a pass on his waterboarding remarks. Over. Done. Tony Snow said the vice president was not referring to waterboarding when he said a dunk in the water was a no-brainer to him. Tony Snow said it was ridiculous to think the vice president would be caught saying that he condoned waterboarding. We do not torture. Done. End of story. Right.

But the press is only too happy to do the administration's bidding and make a big deal out of Kerry's remarks, which, I am told, should have been seen or heard with his preceding remarks in order to understand the context.

Kerry had it right. To paraphrase, "If you think a veteran would criticize the troops, you're crazy." He's right. They are crazy. And when veterans don't jump to defend one of their own, it confirms that it is partisan politics that has a stranglehold on our democracy - the constitution, morals, values, the vigorous defense of right over wrong, all be damned.

Wednesday, 01 November 2006 01:59

Ray McGovern: Bush The Cheerleader

by Ray McGovern

When President George W. Bush was asked at his news conference last Wednesday whether we are winning in Iraq, he answered, "Absolutely; we're winning." The disingenuousness was almost enough to provoke sympathy for the beleaguered president as he lived through another bad week with further diminished credibility.


It is unjust, bizarre, and ludicrous to reduce the death and dying in Iraq to a game of "winning" or "losing"! How does one claim victory when over 2700 American soldiers are dead, when 600,000 innocent Iraqis are dead, when children are left without a father or a mother! The war in Iraq is not a Sunday afternoon game of sport, it is a tragedy of inconsolable death and dying. When will this incompetent cabal of bullies, of madmen, realize that lives are being lost on that battlefield of terror and horror that they, George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the Bush team, unnecessarily created! 


Welcome to "World Media Watch's" new format. Summaries are excerpted from the source articles; an expanded version of the featured article follows the summary section. A recommended "site of the day" will also appear occasionally following the summaries.


GOP Withholds Autism Aid To Allegedly Reform The National Institutes Of Health

by Tony Peyser

They ignore immediate needs
Of kids with problems traumatic
To instead focus on matters that
Are basically bureaucratic?


Remember that Rove's last known diversion will be Saddam's death sentence, coming up in a few days. And expect the whole nine yards of orchestrated and choreographed media reviews of Saddam's evil deeds.

But remember, he isn't responsible for the estimated 600,000 Iraqis killed since the Bush invasion, nor is Saddam responsible for the nearly 3,000 GI deaths. Nor is he responsible for the hundreds of billions dollars that have been spent on a fiasco of a "war." Bush is.

Don't forget that when the Saddam sentencing media "pageant" begins.

He may have been a diabolical man, but there are others in this world. Some of them live within our shores.


by Burt Hall

It is time to put aside all the campaign rhetoric on which political party will keep Americans secure and review the facts.

The Republican image of strength on national security is actually an illusion based on tough talk, cover-up of serious mistakes, and wizardry used by campaign strategists. Republicans allege that keeping our country safe is their greatest strength -- actually, it is their greatest weakness. As a result, our nation's security is more vulnerable now than ever before. This will be illustrated as we review performance of the current Administration.

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