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As one expert in the film argues, if things continue like this, we're going straight into serfdom. Instead of being a serf to the landlord, you're a serf to the bank and to your debt. ... Prices are going up across the spectrum. Interest charges are going up. Adjustable rate mortgages are going up. All of this is squeezing the American consumer and your working people in this country tremendously. And our politicians are not speaking to it. -- Danny Schechter, maker of the film, "In Debt We Trust"

Wednesday, 31 January 2007 04:50

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 31, 2007


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Subject: Electronic Voter Fraud

Thanks for continuing to report the electronic voting fraud in Florida's 13th district.

If Democrats don't use their new majority to stop electronic voting fraud and keep it from returning, say good-bye to democracy in the U.S. Our planet's leading democracy, its most powerful free society, has lost its ability to guarantee free, open elections. And the sheep in Congress can't even manage to bleat about it.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007 03:16

Shirley Smith: He's All Yours DLC ... Huzzah



Perspective can get lost or refurbished, especially in government where people like Lieberman, who had a job, health care, retirement, was even given the privilege of being on the Democratic ticket with Gore ... how crazy was that, since he really didn't appreciate that, I guess. He owes the Democratic Party for all of those years and all of his perks and lifestyle, and what this party has gotten back from him in return, we couldn't sell in a thrift store. Damaged goods.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007 03:08

Shirley Smith: We Know Who Not To Ask



Without being a lawyer or expert on our Constitution, many of us Americans know that because our Declaration of Independence states very clearly why there was the need for a Constitution and Bill of Rights, and that alone is a strong indication that no "one person" was expected to ever be allowed to rule these United States. The settlers of this country wanted their freedom from the British Crown. The only power Bush has is what he has done on his own without anyone stopping him, but our forefathers, "Those who pledged their 'lives, fortunes and sacred honors' to achieve independence and establish a new nation wanted to get things in writing." (Ronald A. Sarasin, US Capitol Historical Society.)


Hmm, interesting: "The United States is the first to be blamed for the rise of Iranian influence in the Middle East. There is one thing important about the ascendance of Iran here. It does not reflect a real change in Iranian capabilities, economic or political. It's more a reflection of the failures on the part of the U.S. and its Arab allies in the region. ... Iran's power is waxing. And we're supposed to rely on the approach of the White House, the guys who created the terrible situation in the first place, to solve the consequences of their latest screw up. It's like a perpetual motion machine of calamity and self-justification." To sum it up, following the leader into the abyss is the equivalent of suicide!

Crawford isn't that far from San Antone
But I'll bet that Bush won't be in a rush
To visit any patients treated there when
He’s so often back home clearing brush.



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1//Worldpress.org, US

Unconfirmed allegations about "the serious illness" of Iran's supreme leader has triggered heated speculation in expat media sources on who the successor to Iran's highest political authority could be. ... Supreme leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered to be the most dominant and influential position in the country's political arena. The leader has absolute power over the functioning of government, parliament and the judiciary system, and is the commander in chief of the military forces. ...


All we know is that allowing Bush to put more soldiers in harm’s way in a war that Bush claimed had achieved its mission years ago – and has since degenerated into an imploding civil war which America has no cause to be involved with – is akin to giving an alcoholic a couple of bottles of 100 proof Vodka, handing him the keys to a car, and pointing him toward a pedestrian mall. -- BuzzFlash

Tuesday, 30 January 2007 05:37

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 30, 2007


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Subject: Tweety the Nit Strikes Again



Democrats and Republicans around the country should tack this list on their frig and remember it and keep track of all other votes against the citizens of this country as a reminder that we need Republican leadership like we need the black plague, Russia, or China taking care of business. These people voted for a bill by Allard of Colorado to eliminate the minimum wage altogether. What do the people in Colorado see in this thug who has no respect for the American worker at all? What kind of people do we have in our government today? A sorry, sorry bunch of tight-assed swells.

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