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Senator's Advisers Suggest He Say As Little As Possible Until Election

by Tony Peyser

That man of the people, Confederate friend
Jew-bashing, Black-hating, cut-up
Finally has a new message he can stay on:
"I'm George Allen ... and I'm gonna shut up."


1//The Chosun Ilbo, South Korea--SEOUL ‘TO CONTINUE' INTER-KOREAN PROJECTS (The government has apparently decided to continue with two big inter-Korean business projects even if the UN Security Council adopts a resolution sanctioning North Korea over its purported nuclear test earlier this week, it emerged Wednesday. After reviewing the draft resolution, government officials concluded that it was not necessary to stop the Kaesong joint industrial complex and package tours to the North's Mt. Kumgang. The two inter-Korean projects are a major cash cow for Pyongyang, and there are fears that continuing them would take much of the sting out of any UN sanctions. But a government official here said the Security Council was likely to ban the transfer of money, goods and technology related to the development of weapons of mass destruction, but the two inter-Korean projects had nothing to do with WMDs. Seoul also did not halt the cross-border projects after North Korea's missile tests on July 5 and the subsequent Security Council resolution.)

by Brent Budowsky

I have been quietly talking to many of the "right people" about a proposal I will formally make shortly after the election that would create a Democracy Venture Fund that will provide direct support to projects, sites and ventures to promote people and ideas working for an enlightened America.

Right up front: the core group of 3-5 million Americans who are the most progressive, independent and committed have the unilateral and pre-emptive power to make this happen.



As Reynolds Tried to Save GOP Seat, President Bush's Chief Political Advisor Threatened Disgraced Congressman's Lobbying Career

Thursday, 12 October 2006 07:07

Indecent Exposure on Daytime News TV?



A better question would be ... What is the difference between showing one's ass or just acting like an ass? None.

Today on Democracy Now, I watched Jim Gilchrist, is a GOP goon with a goon squad who call themselves the "Minute Men." A group that wants to play war, except they don't like fighting people who are armed and fight back. That could be dangerous and bad for one's health, so they just go after unarmed immigrants who are trying to get into this country with their families to look for jobs. It does get dull at times watching these Republicans constantly show their ass, and Gilchrist was no different. He shows up with an unseen or undercover lawyer when asked to talk with a college student, and when said student, Karina Garcia, was giving her story about this military-wannabe group, the Minute Men, (when speaking of today's Minute Men group, I thought it must have something to do with their sexual prowess. [old joke?] What else could it mean when a group of jackbooted, heavily armed men stalk US borders looking to kill unarmed poor people who are trying to sneak into this country to get a job? That isn't what the real Minutemen did in the American Revolution -- cute idea, but in this case, not salable), Gilchrist becomes unstrung fairly early in the discussion of what happened on campus.

Thursday, 12 October 2006 05:27

DNC: Bush Renews Failed Renewable Energy Policy

Written by


DNC: Bush Renews Failed Renewable Energy Policy

Washington, D.C. - Today, President Bush will address the national renewable energy conference in St. Louis. Despite the White House's lofty rhetoric when it comes to renewable energy the fact is that America's dependence on foreign energy has increased under Bush's watch. The Bush Administration allowed their friends in the energy industry to write our nation's energy policy. Since then, America's working families have struggled to keep up with escalating gas prices.


Plane That Crashed Into New York Building Wasn't A Terrorist Attack

by Tony Peyser

To figure this out you didn't have to be
Mystery writer Dashiell Hammett
I'd bet that many White House staffers
Were loudly grumbling, "Damn it!"

Thursday, 12 October 2006 05:05

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 12, 2006


Subject: 911

The MANTRA for ... us Democrats should merely be: 911 Happened on George Bush's WATCH!!!!

This is easy to say, and irrefutable for the wicked Right-wingers!!!!!!!!


Secret Document Is Circulating Naming Closeted Lawmakers, Congressional Staff

by Tony Peyser

This is like when Sen. McCarthy
In 1950 held up a list
Of government employees that he
Said were Communist.


If and when these "faith-based" Christian conservatives ever find out they've been used and abused, God help the perps! Frankly, it's impossible to really believe that those who lie, cheat, and steal are truly "faith based"! Given the current Repuglican culture of corruption, reality tells us God is not first and foremost within this political realm! And if money is the "root of all evil," then these moneyed politicians are about as evil as evil can get!!!

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