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Wednesday, 04 April 2007 08:20

Ira Chernus: What Will We Learn From Our Iraq War?

Written by BuzzFlash


Really, when they complained that we had not fought the Vietnam War forcefully enough, they didn’t mean because we didn’t put enough forces in. They didn’t blame Johnson or the Pentagon. They blamed the left. They blamed the counterculture. They said that American culture had been feminized. ... From their point of view, what happened abroad was really a reflection of what was happening here at home. And we have the same language now, particularly from Cheney, but from Bush as well. ... Their own fears of moral weakness are being played out on this international scale.

by Peter Rost, M.D., author of "The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman"

How much money is the $35 million criminal fine Pfizer was forced to pay this week for illegal marketing of Genotropin??

by Peter Michaelson

A Newsweek poll reports this week that 48 percent of the American public rejects the scientific theory of evolution. That's nearly half the voting public that can't tell fact from fiction or reality from ideology. To save democracy, we've got to help these people to evolve.

by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

It's become a TV ritual: Every year on April 4, as Americans commemorate Martin Luther King's death, we get perfunctory network news reports about "the slain civil rights leader."

Wednesday, 04 April 2007 06:41

BuzzFlash Mailbag for April 4, 2007


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Subject: Gratitude

I am eternally grateful for the morning that I discovered BuzzFlash. I am a Blue Lady in a Purple State with very Red neighbors on either side. I am an Old Lady with some health problems and I was feeling very alone. Then I wandered onto the BuzzFlash site and the world no longer seemed quite so bleak.


Today, Rep. Waxman writes to RNC Chairman Mike Duncan requesting emails stored on Republican National Committee servers related to the use of federal resources for political purposes. The text of the letter appears below:


Hmm, have to commend those who have become enlightened! To realize the "loyal Bushies" have just been using them for political advantage is indeed progress! "White House Advisor Karl Rove was the target of a protest on the American University campus Tuesday night, News4 reported."

by Dave Lindorff

It's been only four days since I published a column on my Web site calling for Democrats to quit a party that is being misled by calculating politicians who are willing to fund a war until the next election, and who are unwilling to impeach a criminal president, all in the interest of possibly winning the White House and a few more seats in Congress in 2008.

Wednesday, 04 April 2007 03:08

Will Durst: Presidential Spring Training

Written by BuzzFlash

The World Series of Presidential politics may be 19 months down the road, but the players are already lacing up their cleats and playing pepper with fungo bats on the sandlots of Iowa and New Hampshire.

When many gamblers are bluffing
They unknowingly have a "tell"
A gesture they do which indicates
that they're thinking all too well.

Bush, who gambled it all on Iraq,
Has a tell -- there's no denying:
Each time you hear him say "uh"
You can bet the ranch he's lying.

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