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Monday, 23 October 2006 01:50

Will Durst: Bring Back Saddam

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WINSTON CHURCHILL: "Democracy may be the worst form of government known to man, with the possible exception of every other form."

I don't know if you got your head screwed on tight right now, but if not, you might want to pull out some eight penny nails and a claw hammer and place them in the ready position. Because chances are, after you hear this, you're going to want to nail your skull onto your spine before it spins off into the ether like a runaway flesh colored helium balloon. A bi-partisan commission, headed by James Baker, is investigating options to George Bush's strategy of "staying the course" in Iraq. And it seems pretty apparent that, as soon as possible, (i.e., hours after the midterm election) wholesale changes are in store. Although, it's yet to be determined whether any of the strategic plans call for the President to step down and accept the position of greeter/shoveler at the official stables of the Arabian Horse Association, as is my suggestion.

Today, Monday, October 23, the BuzzFlash Internet News Network is proud to officially launch BuzzFlash.net.

BuzzFlash.net is designed to be the ultimate in pro-democracy news and commentary sites, because readers control what news is submitted and what news is most important. All of this happens 24 hours a day.

The Third in a Series of Democratic Campaign Ads BuzzFlash Would Like to See

Ad Title: "I want it to be Morning in America Again."


(Man walking in grazing field with horse)


For years, people on both sides of the political spectrum have griped that Democrats don't have any issues or a real agenda. The fact that Republicans have controlled Washington for the better part of this century certainly shows that Democrats have not successfully maximized their advantages and opportunities.

Friday, 20 October 2006 09:41

Carla Binion: Bush's Absolute Power Grab

by Carla Binion

On October 17, George W. Bush signed into law the Military Commissions Act of 2006. This new law gives Bush power similar to that of Stalin or Hitler, and grants agencies within the executive branch powers similar to those of the KGB or Gestapo.

Friday, 20 October 2006 08:19

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 20, 2006


Subject: "Votes for Sale?" on PBS's NOW tonight!

On Friday, October 20, 2006, the PBS weekly newsmagazine NOW will present a special hour-long episode into the fight to keep American elections free and fair across the country. Called "Votes for Sale?", the show will spotlight the Clean Elections movement that has taken hold in Maine and Arizona as well as talk about campaigns to win Clean Elections across the country. [local air times vary]


Today in Iraq: The Latest News From the President's War of Choice
U.S. Says Violence in Baghdad Rises, Foiling Campaign

Washington, DC - A report in today's Washington Post concludes that after three months, the Forward Together military operation that President Bush ordered has failed to reduce escalating violence in Iraq as intended. Democrats have been joined by leading Generals and top Congressional Republicans in rejecting President Bush's failed stay-the-course strategy in Iraq and want a new direction that is both tough and smart.

Note: To view enlarged versions of the tabloid covers, just click the images.


You won't read it on the front of the New York Times (although they were eager to place under a microscope every salacious inquiry into the marriage of the Clintons).


Black smoke billows out of the shattered truck, still engulfed in raging fires. Bodies lie strewn about in pieces, many of which are unrecognizable. Fresh, dark blood pools into the nearby gutter, and screams of pain and loss howl unbearably.

Friday, 20 October 2006 06:02

DNC: The Real Stakes: RNC Ad Shows Desperate GOP

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The Real Stakes: RNC Ad Shows Desperate GOP

Washington, DC - Democrats denounced the RNC's latest fear and smear attack ad, as a desperate ploy to once again try to scare voters and distract from their failures on everything from the economy to the war in Iraq, their inability to handle a natural disaster, to the war on terror. Instead of offering voters any kind of positive vision for America, the RNC, realizing they have only repeated failures to run on, released a shameful ad invoking the image of despicable terrorists to scare the American people.

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