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by Brent Budowsky

Disclosure: I have never had any business relationship with Air America, do not have any such relationship today, know various financial players who might participate in its future, and readers should consider that I reserve the right to possibly have some future business interest.


A nuclear war machine bearing the name of Bush is certainly apropos! It's truly understandable for the heavens to open up and rain down tears on "this month's christening of the nuclear aircraft carrier" bearing the name of George H.W. Bush! Given the actions of his son, George W. Bush, the "shock and awe" he ordered up, the thousands upon thousands of innocent people who have died as a result of W's preemptive unnecessary war, it's inconceivable that any God anywhere would approve! George H. W. Bush's legacy will go down horrifically as being the father of the worst president America has ever had to endure!


DNC: Today in Iraq: The Latest News From the President's War of Choice

2 GOP Senators Want New Iraq Strategy

Washington, DC - The Associated Press reports that two leading Republican Senators have come out against President Bush's failed stay-the-course strategy in Iraq. Senator Chuck Hagel and Senator John Warner joined the growing number of Americans opposed to the Administration's current strategy as sectarian violence continues to escalate, placing American troops in the middle. Democrats reject President Bush's stay-the-course strategy and want a new direction in Iraq that is both tough and smart.


Spin That Will Make You Dizzy

by Tony Peyser

Some Christian Conservatives
Have gone to the mats
To claim Gay Republicans
Are closeted Democrats.

Monday, 16 October 2006 02:46

Will Durst: The Boogeyman

Written by

"If you don't watch out, the Boogeyman is going to get you."

When we were young, every one of us suffered a grandparent or a creepy weird uncle or a fat pimply faced cousin who planted similar irrational fears in us. A psycho adult who got his jollies off by gleefully magnifying the shapeless dread of monsters lurking in the dark to susceptible children. Monsters who waited to gobble us up and skulked everywhere. Under the bed, in the back of the closet and pretty much the whole of the entire basement especially behind the furnace. And still, that creepy weird uncle continues to frighten us with tales of the Boogeyman. And that psycho adult's name is George Walker Bush.


1//The Japan Times, Japan--IRAN OIL DEAL GONE, AS IS HEADACHE (A Foreign Ministry official seemed more relieved than disheartened when he heard last week that Inpex Holdings Inc.'s concession in Iran's Azadegan oil field was cut to 10 percent from the original 75 percent because the Japanese firm failed to get started on the project. "You can't help it, with what is going on in the United Nations Security Council," the official, who asked not to be named, said about the standoff with Tehran over its uranium enrichment program. Resource-poor Japan was caught in the dilemma of needing to go on with the project and the harsh eyes of the world, especially the United States, to back off amid global pressures to compel Iran to drop its nuclear quest. For the Foreign Ministry, which did not want to damage U.S. relations, last week's agreement put an end to the diplomatic tension while allowing Tokyo to still hold onto a portion of the project. ... Now speculation is ripe that China, France and Russia will try to fill the void left by Japan in the Azadegan field, where crude oil reserves are estimated at 26 million barrels. Iran had threatened to turn to China and Russia when Japan dragged its heels on getting started on the $ 2 billion project.)


To understand the crucible of the elitist, tyrannical and barbaric worldview of the Bush Administration, BuzzFlash has recently published two editorials that go back to explore the Kissinger doctrine of supporting the torture and murder of tens of thousands of people in South America, Central America, Vietnam, East Timor and elsewhere in the world.

Saturday, 14 October 2006 22:39

Larry Beinhart: Foleyisms

by Larry Beinhart, author of "Wag the Dog" and "Fog Facts"

Trusting our Nation's Security to Republicans
Is like
Trusting your son to Mark Foley

by Paul Rogat Loeb

It's easy to delight in the Hastert/Foley meltdown, and how it's hit a national nerve. Building on all the administration's abuses, failures, and lies, the cover up of this out-of-control congressman may just give America the inadvertent gift of a chance to finally change course.

by Brent Budowsky

Every American has a profound opportunity to stand with Democrats, independents and genuinely concerned Republicans to elect a Congress that will bring America together, lift all Americans higher, make all Americans proud, and restore unity and integrity to our democracy.

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