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DNC Press

With Gillespie Pick, Republicans Again Take Care of Their Friends

Washington, DC - On the same day that two more former senior White House officials were served subpoenas to testify before Congress about their roles in the US Attorneys scandal, the White House is welcoming another crony into the President's inner circle. Today, President Bush appointed long-time Republican lobbyist and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie as his replacement for outgoing counselor Dan Bartlett. The ultimate Washington insider, Gillespie has been involved in numerous Republican scandals, including the New Hampshire phone jamming conspiracy and other examples of voter suppression and intimidation around the country.

by Linda Milazzo

Senator John Kerry has joined the effort to save Net Neutrality by delivering a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin:

Subpoenas Issued To Top Aides Of Bush And Rove

Sara Taylor and Harriet Miers are no longer sitting pretty
Now asked to appear before a Senate & House committee.


Thank You, to Mikey Weinstein!  His is the bravery of a great man.  He is the epitome of Democracy and I thank him for having the courage to speak out in support of the American Ideal!


Whenever a virulent form of any religion has engaged the machinery of the state -– and by that, I’m talking about the armed forces, where the sticks and stones are that break our bones -- we end up with oceans and oceans of blood. And it’s happening again now.



True, age shouldn't matter, but even in a country as young or as old as the US, depending on how one looks at it, when a country fails to mature along with its citizens ... it brings about a miscarriage of justice in the true spirit of US law as seen in this teen sex case in Georgia ... hard to imagine that it came to a trial by jury, leaving Americans, such as myself, wondering how that happened, and what was the real reason or purpose for those people who wanted this young boy punished, when we have so many problems today, just keeping our young people alive and well and out of a criminal government's grip. We witness every day, the number of our young people who are injured for life or dying because of an illegal and treasonous invasion into Iraq.


DNC Press

Pardon Mitt's Hypocrisy, But Scooter Libby is Really Popular with the Base

Washington, DC - At last week's Republican presidential candidates debate, smooth talking Mitt Romney brought his efforts to pander to conservative primary voters to a new low. On the same day a federal judge sentenced Dick Cheney's former chief of staff Scooter Libby to 30 months in prison for perjury and obstruction of justice, Romney said he would keep open the option of pardoning Libby. Romney's willingness to pardon Libby stands in stark contrast with his campaign trail rhetoric about being "the first governor in modern Massachusetts history to deny every request for a pardon or commutation," a stance Romney took "because he did not want to overturn a jury." [AP, 6/12/07]

by Christina Smith

Wolf Blitzer often pretends to be a neutral broadcaster while framing his questions and his news using conservative frames. During the second Democratic debate on June 3, he was caught, and Barack Obama caught him. Wolf's "question" was:

Wednesday, 13 June 2007 07:34

Will Durst: Paris Hilton Pays For George Bush's Sins

Written by
Poor poor Paris. Okay. Admittedly, she's as likable as fingernails on a blackboard. Fingernails that have never been chipped in the normal pursuit of an actual day's work AND brandishing an exclusive not-for-sale Chanel sparkle enamel sheathing a recent and impeccable French manicure. But holy moley. People have jumped on the Kick Paris When She's Down train like there were free stacks of 100 dollar bills secreted in the seatback pockets.
Wednesday, 13 June 2007 05:59

BuzzFlash Mailbag for June 13, 2007


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Subject: What's Wrong With America?

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