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A whiny demand like this when he has
No support is both sad & odd
I almost feel sorry for Shaha who spent
So much time under this clod.

by Dave Zirin

Dear LeBron:

At the tender age of 22, you have the galactic talent to make us wonder if a mad scientist had Magic and MJ genetically spliced. But talent ain't wisdom. In a recent interview, you said that your goal in sports was to become "the richest man on earth." You also told ESPN, "I'm trying to be a global icon ... on the level of Muhammad Ali."

by Harvey Wasserman

The Democrats think they can smell victory in 2008. A failed war, a polarized economy, and a bumbling, unelected White House autocrat -- what could bode better for a change of power?

In the world of religion, I hope it's not too late
To see more separation between church & hate.


We don’t know if Alberto Gonzales is married or not, because your family life comes second when you are married to the mob.

And if there were any doubters about BuzzFlash’s long-time contention that Gonzales is the consigliere to the Bush organized crime family, it is now gone from anyone who has read about the hit man visit of Gonzales and former Bush Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, to a hospitalized, medicated, severely ill John Ashcroft. You see, the two enforcers for Bush and Cheney were trying to force a gravely weakened Ashcroft into approving the infamous illegal domestic wiretapping powers that "Fredo" Bush and Godfather Cheney so greedily sought.



Hats off to this great organization, Southern Poverty Law Center. Within this factual report, the purveyors and the facts answer all of these claims. This is what US media should be doing, but are not. Instead, they choose to be the purveyors that support a criminal and treasonous Republican regime. The only people in this country who are not immigrants at one time or another are the Native Americans and we know how they were treated. Must history constantly keep repeating itself? Are there no humane answers to problems facing the poor and disenfranchised of this world other than starvation and killing? Not according to those in power who for the most part, never, ever represent their own people, including the government presently occupying the US White House and various other places around the world.

"I have enough on them to f**k them too ... if they f**k with me or Shaha."
If you've doubted he was a bastard, this remark may make you say, "A-ha!"

Wednesday, 16 May 2007 06:13

BuzzFlash Mailbag for May 16, 2007


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[BuzzFlash Note: We had no 5/15 Mailbag as the editor was out for a day. ... Also, we continue to experience some trouble with our email. Some letters are getting diverted to the bulk/spam folder. Our apologies. We're working on this.]

Wednesday, 16 May 2007 04:33

Jeff Cohen: Falwell and Me

by Jeff Cohen

It was fitting to see so much gushing on TV news about Rev. Jerry Falwell in the hours after his death. He and TV news held the same things sacred: fame, soundbites, and uninformed fear-mongering.

In the May 6 edition of the Sunday New York Times Book Review, there was a review of Prof. Allen Brandt's new book, The Cigarette Century: The Rise, Fall, and Deadly Persistence of the Product That Defined America appeared. The review was written by Jonathan Miles who is, oddly enough, a persistent cigarette smoker. In contrast with 70% of smokers, he claims that he smokes because he likes it, and implies that that is the reason most smokers smoke. Mr. Miles apparently knows little about the addictive properties of nicotine: approximately 90% of persons who try cigarettes become addicted to them, especially if they begin smoking at a young age, which is when most smokers begin. (About 20% of persons who try cocaine become addicted to it, but that's another story.)

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