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If this administration's finger-pointing keeps up, I wonder
If they'll need more than one bus to throw each other under.


by John R. Bomar

How easy for the armchair generals of the far right to make pronouncements on Iraq and Vietnam.  They are the same ones that spout Vietnam was “lost on the home front.” It speaks of just how far removed they were and are from the realities of war.

by A BuzzFlash Reader

From this point on, it's all about creating a scapegoat for the cabal.

Behind closed doors, in the smoke filled rooms of the elite and connected, the cabal has finally come to the conclusion at which we long ago arrived. And, since the neocons would rather slow-walk through the coals of hell than open a dialogue with Iran and Syria, they're predictably going to waste an opportunity for a positive outcome by not seeking a diplomatic solution.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007 03:50

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 24, 2007


Subject: "Failure (in Iraq) is not an option"

President Bush keeps repeating that "failure in Iraq is not an option."

Hmm - I wonder why he didn't think of that before he invaded. He says the "egg is just cracked" (maybe he's really referring to his own head!) but in Iraq the egg was smashed no later than April 2003. Now he's noticing?


Thus far every "doomsday" scenario that was presented to George Bush regarding Iraq before his preemptive invasion has happened! Why on earth would anyone continue to follow the "decider" into oblivion! His decisions have resulted in death and destruction; he has made the whole world a more dangerous place and "time" has long since run out for such stubborn blind stupidity! "FOOL ME ONCE, YOU CAN'T FOOL ME AGAIN"!!! 


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1//Asia Times Online, Hong Kong

The risk of war on the Korean Peninsula remains high, and the US government is raising it higher by opening an economic front. In September 2005, one day after regional negotiations produced an agreement with the potential to defuse North Korean-US tensions, the US government charged North Korea with counterfeiting US$100 bills. Calling this alleged North Korean effort a direct attack on US sovereignty and technically an act of war, Washington imposed an ever-tightening and ever-widening web of financial restrictions on the country. ...

BushCheney are planning a War on Iran. That is very clear. That it must be stopped is also very clear. That it will be stopped is clearly uncertain. These men control the U.S. Armed Forces and clearly have no regard either for the consequences of their actions nor the U.S. Constitution. However, there are two players on the stage who could bring the mad dash to nuclear holocaust or at the least the creation of permanent war in the Middle East (in my view the primary goal of BushCheney) to a halt. They are the Congressional Democratic Party and the media. Both blew it on the War on Iraq. Both have a chance to do the job right here.


by Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"

What madness has gripped America?

In November, the nation clearly voted, by a margin of some seven million votes, for an end to the interminable war in Iraq and a return to sanity in Washington.

Today, less than three months later, with a new Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, we have the president not pulling troops out, but sending more troops to Iraq, where the death toll is mounting faster than ever (25 U.S. troops killed in one day last weekend alone). And worse yet, a Navy armada is being assembled in the Persian Gulf with the clear intention of attacking Iran, a nation that poses no immediate threat to the U.S.

And where is Congress? So far, mulling a pair of non-binding resolutions expressing Congress's disagreement with the president's escalation of the war in Iraq.

Wow! That's really telling him!

How can it be that a president who has lost the support of the public -- President Bush, in the latest polls, remains at a dismal 33 percent approval rating -- is able to lead the country in this way from one colossal disaster to an even worse disaster?

The answer is that we, the American People, are letting it happen.

We have become so disengaged from our government and from the basic concept of participarty democracy that if we do anything at all -- and more than half of us don't -- we just go to the polls and cast a vote (which may or may not be counted). Having done that, we go back home, recline on our sofas and bitch. Which is to say we do nothing.

Well, we have a chance this weekend to change that.

United for Peace and Justice, ImpeachforChange, and other groups have organized what looks likely to be the largest anti-war march on Washington since the days of the Vietnam War -- and in mid-winter no less. In the march, scheduled for Saturday, January 27, we expect people coming in by bus and train from at least 31 states. Then comes a massive lobbying of Congress on Monday, January 29.

The lobbying message is that Bush's wars must be stopped -- and that the president should be impeached.

Congress knows what it has to do -- cut off funding for the war and pass a measure barring the president from attacking Iran without prior congressional approval, and entertain bills of impeachment.

What senators and representatives need is a stern and loud reminder from the public that they can no longer hide behind the flag or behind administration lies. They are going to have to take a stand for sanity and for the Constitution, which they are sworn to defend and uphold.

No one should sit this one out!

Be in Washington on January 27. (If you absolutely cannot go, then join the virtual march.

Tell Congress:

No more war in Iraq! Bring the troops home now!

No attack on Iran!

Impeach President Bush!



With all due respect to Roberta Flack (who popularized the song "Killing Me Softly With His Song, Killing Me Softly"), the mainstream press is still caught up in a fictional narrative of an earnest cowpoke decisively leading America.


by Brent Budowsky

Andy Jackson once said: one man with courage can make a majority.

Al Gore's golden moment has come. Academy Award nominations have
arrived. An Inconvenient Truth has been nominated for documentary feature, a triumph of entertainment, information, and education that can move the market and make a difference.

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