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Here we are, as the Iraqi horror story deteriorates into a living Hell.

The only thing that has changed about the Iraq War is that it has spiraled downward into something resembling Dante’s Inferno.


This morning, George Bush followed Thanksgiving tradition by sparing a pair of turkeys from slaughter. "I'm happy to report that (the turkeys) have many tomorrows ahead of them," he announced in a speech today. "I am granting a full presidential pardon so that they can live out their lives as safe as can be."

Wednesday, 22 November 2006 03:55

Stephen T. Gheen: It Was . . . Was It?

by Stephen T. Gheen

A multitude of articles has appeared to explain the Democratic Party’s success in the 2006 mid term elections. From TPJ’s perspective, most of what is being written looks at a particular slice of the polling to reach overly broad conclusions. For example: the articles below, with their central thesis, have appeared:

Wednesday, 22 November 2006 02:52

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 22, 2006

BuzzFlash Note: Look for the next Mailbag to appear Monday.


Subject: Let's Give Thanks

Thank you, America! We can celebrate our first victories in the War on Fear this Thanksgiving! We have taken the first huge steps by changing our government. Perhaps the next front could be the Corporate Media, which appears to be running on fumes and completely oblivious to the fact that WE'RE NOT BUYING IT ANYMORE! They will go away when we stop supporting their advertisers, and when we turn them off altogether. As always, we the people have the power of the purse.

Wednesday, 22 November 2006 02:02

Peter Michaelson: Class Struggle Cometh

by Peter Michaelson

Jim Webb overturned the money tables in the Temple this week, while telling the Democrats what needs to be done for our national salvation.

by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

As is well known, President Bush bobs and weaves a lot in describing and defining his positions on various matters. (If he were a Democrat, what he does would be labeled "flip-flopping" by the media, but he ain't, and it ain't either.) I decided that it would be very helpful to readers of BuzzFlash to have a series of guides designed to help us follow what he talks about and actually does. And so, about two weeks ago, in this space I published the "BushGuide to Combating Terrorism." We now turn to the issue of defining "victory" in Iraq. Over time, Bush has offered many different definitions of this concept. For maximum utility, then, we will present as many of them as I can remember, with a note for each as to whether it might still be useful. Since George Bush is a man of simplicity itself, we will present his Guide in the simplest of terms. And so:

BuzzFlash Note: Look for Barbara's next "Daily Buzz" on Monday. 


"Report: Hunger rising in New York City" ... If the economy is going "great," then how come so many people are hungry? The disconnect between the haves and the have nots is the one thing that is really growing in these United States.

by Thom Hartmann

Many of the world's mature democracies require every high-school graduate to serve a year or two of either military or nonprofit service, as Congressman Charlie Rangel has proposed every year for some time now. At first blush, this may seem like an oppression by government, but history shows it's actually one of the best ways to prevent a military from becoming its own insular and dangerous subculture, to prevent the lower ranks of the military from being overwhelmed by people trying to escape poverty, and to keep military actions of the government accountable to the people.

by Brent Budowsky

My fellow Americans:

On November 22 four decades ago I left you, and for those of you who think of me, let me ask a personal favor: reflect for a moment on the world we lived in, the things we believed in, the deeds we did, and the Nation we left in trust for you.


Bush Eats With GIs In Honolulu
by Tony Peyser

He's hated world over
Which explains why he
Has to do photos ops
With troops in Hawaii

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