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The real reason Scooter Libby wasn't actually pardoned

Please note the reason for the commuting of Scooter's sentence is so that Scooter can still claim the 5th Amendment in further investigations of Bush, Rove, and Cheney.



It doesn't take the Fourth of July for many of us Americans to understand that we are slowly, but surely losing this great country to greed . . . whether it's greed for money or greed for power . . . it runs rampant throughout our government, and never more openly than during these last six years of the Bush administration's stranglehold on this country.


by Carol Korreck

I just finished an article in the Washington Post that describes how the president is meeting with historians and philosophers in an effort to seek answers to the disaster he has created since taking office.

Tuesday, 03 July 2007 07:03

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 3, 2007

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BuzzFlash Note: July 4 will be a BuzzFlash holiday. Hope it's one for you, too. See you Thursday, Patriots!

by Mary Pitt

A mere two centuries is not long in the history of previous great nations of the world, but it does seem that Americans are eager to end their era of influence in world affairs. We are soundly in the grip of the two-party system, made up of professional politicians, the parties locked belly-to belly in a danse macabre to the music of the multinational corporatists until it is nearly impossible to discern one from the other. In this artificially elongated campaign season, the feeling that arises from the grassroots of the mountains and the prairies is a heartfelt prayer for a sensible person with no ties to any of them to arise and save our democracy.

by Dave Lindorff

In a fascinating article published in NewsMax yesterday, online journalists Mike Stark and Dave Johnson report that in a conversation they had with speaker Nancy Pelosi, the speaker told them she had decided "at least a year ago," before Democrats had even taken control of the House and Senate, "that impeachment was something that we could not be successful with, and that would take up the time we needed to do some positive things to establish a record of our priorities and [Republican] short-comings."

edited by Gloria Lalumia

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by Michael Winship

So much for, "No man is above the law."

The chief prosecutor, jury, trial judge -- a Republican he himself appointed to the bench. The federal appeals panel. The majority of public opinion. All ignored.

It would appear he's thinking of his legacy:
Will he be seen as a loser or a fighter?
All that matters is he looks like a "C" student
Who's trying to pull an all-nighter.

To the normal world, this doesn't compute
But our corrupt president just had to commute.

This immoral outcome was always decreed
In the home of the knave & the land of the freed.

41 knew to pardon as you're heading out the door
Bush just stabbed himself but hurt his party even more.

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