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by Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"

Forget Nancy Pelosi's "100 Hours" agenda for the new Democratic Congress.

by Larry Beinhart, author of Wag the Dog and Fog Facts

George Bush went to Vietnam. He was asked how that war compared to this war and his answer was, "We'll succeed unless we quit."

by Michael Winship

Robert De Niro rang me up a couple of weeks ago. Tony Bennett did, too. Ciao, bellissimo!

It's not as if the three of us are old paisans or anything. They telephoned about a gazillion other people, too. On tape, urging everyone to support Hillary Clinton's reelection to the United States Senate.


Pentagon Officials Lay Out Iraq Options: Go Big, Go Long Or Go Home

by Tony Peyser

I like the "go home" option
But "go big" and "go long"
Both seem like certain plans
To do things completely wrong.

by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

While all the nattering is going on about the really refreshing openness and consideration of different viewpoints on such matters as the War on Iraq and Congressional earmarks in the House Democratic Caucus, it might be interesting to consider some of the basic positions of the newly elected Republican Senate Minority Whip, Trent Lott. Let's, for example, hear what he has to say about race and racism, homosexuality and homophobia. They tell us volumes about what the Republican positions on these two critical questions concerning the social fabric of our county really are.


"ZAHN: ... our top story in politics tonight, the presidential hopes of Illinois Senator Barack Obama ... let's talk about his experience, straight off the bat here. Only two years in the Senate. Does anybody think he has enough experience in international issues that he really could be a viable candidate?" It's obvious to most Americans Senator Obama has more experience and is certainly more qualified than Zahn's boy Bush! For starters Senator Obama has a brain, he has the intelligence it takes to be a President! Not only does he know their names, he also knows how to pronounce the names of leaders throughout the world! And he's a helluva lot quicker on his feet than you Ms. Zahn. "OBAMA: The experience that I have as a state senator, as a constitutional law professor and a U.S. senator, I think, gives me a good grasp of the issues that we face as a country. ... But I think the important thing is not experience per se. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney had the best resumes in Washington and initiated a fiasco in Iraq." Yessir, he also has that genuine quality so rarely found in most politicians, he has charisma, he tells the truth, and he has the ability to transfer hope for a better future to all Americans!

Monday, 20 November 2006 09:04

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 20, 2006


Subject: Gloria Borger, Worst Person in the World

Sometimes when a fool on television says something particularly stupid it takes a minute before the idiocy sinks in. So it was on Sunday November 19 on the Chris Matthews show.

Monday, 20 November 2006 06:07

Peter Michaelson: Last Al Qaeda Standing

Satire by Peter Michaelson

Quasim Ayyad decided to die in the morning. He slumped against a pile of blankets and prayer rugs in his cave at Tora Bora, relieved to have the matter settled. The late afternoon wind shifted into the entrance and blew at him with cold concurrence.

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The Navy is on the verge of firing an officer for speaking out against a racist recruiting policy that the Navy itself later admitted was "legally indefensible," The Tennessean reported yesterday. In October 2002, Lt. Jason Hudson was a regional recruiting director reviewing updated enlistment guidelines when he identified serious problems with Directive 1133.8B, which limited the number of minorities with lower aptitude scores that could be hired under a new quota system.

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