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Monday, 05 February 2007 03:51

Steve Jonas: Impeachment! But of Whom?

"Impeachment!" The word rings in the air, and the BushCheney Presidency is presenting many avenues of attack for those who think it would be a good idea, in terms of policy and politics. But assuming that for practical and political reasons, it could not be both men, however each deserves it, the question must be raised: Bush or Cheney?

Monday, 05 February 2007 03:23

John R. Bomar: A Sane Way Forward

by John R. Bomar

It is an interesting irony that the most comprehensive overview of the Iraq debacle, and a possible way out -- while preserving the best of America's intentions -- was presented by a man named Zbigniew Brzezinski. This Eastern European born gentleman and scholar, who was national security adviser to Jimmy Carter, has outlined what many think is simply the most enlightened overview of the Iraq war and Middle East conundrum to date. He is no ideologue, but a true realist who in recent testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (available at www.commonwealmagazine... began by describing the war in Iraq as a "historic, strategic and moral calamity ... driven by imperial hubris ..."

by John Williford

So, the Summary Report of the International Panel on Climate Change has been issued. It represents the collective wisdom of literally thousands of international scientists and work that has extended from 1988 to 2005.


When the Repuglicans are on the attack, you can be sure these yellow bellied chicken-hawks are afraid! And afraid of Senator Obama they are! It's gotten downright ridiculous for this bunch of juvenile morons to launch personal attacks against a man who has by far proven in every way his preeminence! 

You're too old to be the leader of the free world
A job like that is energy zapping
Cameras found you at Bush's State Of The Union
Where you were soundly napping.

You served your country well in the Vietnam War
You soul and spirit took a beating
But some years later, you looked rather crooked
In dealings with Charles Keating.


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by Larry Beinhart

God bless our Neo-cons. They believe in Freedom. With a capital F. They believe government is the enemy of Freedom.

Iraq – partly consciously, and partly unconsciously – was their great experiment.


Many of them were great football players, American heroes in their prime, NFL stars who were the toast of the town and now in their 60's and 70's many of them are hurting and poor.

To the rescue comes Jerry Kramer, the Hall of Fame star of the Green Bay Packers in their prime. In those days, the Pack were the champions of the world, Vince Lombardi was the coach of a generation, and the National Football League was building its megabillion dollar business.



It's really kinda hard to keep up with how many people Libby talked to and how many knew who Plame was. My puzzlement over this whole thing is ... I understand that Plame had been undercover for many years, so why would anyone in the CIA blow her cover to the Bush administration? Are all of our secret agents told to every administration that comes into power? I don't think so. At least, I hope not. But, the way that our government has been controlled and run by the Republicans for the last 30 years, who in the hell knows? Dollar signs are the only things that light up their eyes. Beyond those, they don't seem to see anything.

by Jeff Cohen

It's conventional wisdom that if Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign falters with Democratic activists in places such as Iowa and New Hampshire, it will be over the issue of the Iraq war. And her vacillations on the war.

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