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After dubbing Iran's military forces a terrorist organization, the only thing left for the Bush Administration to do before striking is to declare that Iran's Revolutionary Guards are operating against American forces and/or interests in the Middle East.

Thursday, 16 August 2007 14:58

Mary Pitt: The Search For The Great Middle

by Mary Pitt

The amusing aspect of this primary campaign for the 2008 president is watching the candidates groping their way in search for the "middle of the road." Poor Hillary Clinton, while being reviled by the Republican protagonists as a "leftie Liberal," keeps turning her wheels to the right as she navigates the fog in which American politicians are groping in order to find "the will of the people." On the other hand, the Republicans have long ago left the road and are off four-wheeling in the brush that keeps threatening to take over the famous "ranch" in Crawford.

Thursday, 16 August 2007 13:47

Cindy Sheehan: Collateral Damage: Bethena

by Cindy Sheehan

Amman, Jordan -- Last month, when Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Ray McGovern, and I took over 300 people and a petition with over a million signatures to Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), Chair House Judiciary Committee, demanding impeachment, we believed we were morally correct then. Despite Rep. Conyers' long record of public service to our nation and several private meetings that went absolutely nowhere, and despite the mild to severe criticism we received, we believed then and still believe now that impeaching BushCo is a Constitutionally mandated requirement and a necessary tool to reclaim our representative republic, end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan ("The troops aren't coming home while I'm preznit," GWB), and to hold the monsters accountable who have wreaked havoc on our planet.

Marcy Wheeler steps into an area that
Few Republicans would dare approach
By calling GOP strategist Ed Gillespie
Gonzales' "lie & forgetfulness coach."


"O'BRIEN:... can the government use spy satellites to snoop on us here at home?

COHEN: ... Now we're talking about the Defense Department and the intelligence community using something far more sophisticated. And if you combine that with eavesdropping capability -- namely, the wireless -- the search -- the search warrant wiretapping... that we're doing now without search warrants, if you combine that capability with this, then you have some real civil liberties issues that we have to contend with... we are on a slippery slope. And I think it's really important that Congress take this opportunity as soon as it comes back into session, take an opportunity to analyze what the issues are, what sort of filters should applied. We've had posse comitatus. This is a prohibition against using defense capabilities for domestic law enforcement purposes. Now, if you label everything "homeland security" or "anti-terrorist activity," does that mean you no longer have any kind of prohibition against the Defense Department or the intelligence community, which has its own culture and its own mission now being used for domestic purposes? This is a serious, serious issue. It ought to be debated. It ought to be really fleshed out and say, what are the standards, what are the restrictions that we can apply?"

Hmm, they say "not to worry if you aren't doing anything wrong", but now you won't be able to drop your drawers without your behind being observed!

This would be like expecting to hear the truth
About any given Road Runner crisis
If an assessment were made by Wile E. Coyote
Who is so fond of Acme devices.

The idea that the U.S. could be considering classifying the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a "terrorist" organization, based upon some dubious evidence that the organization is supplying some weapons -- in particular those shaped charges that have been so effective in roadside bombs against U.S. military vehicles -- is pretty preposterous when you consider the source.

by Harvey Wasserman

Karl Rove scoots off the sunken White House ship with his plans for future neo-con dominance safe and secure -- in the hands of Democrats unwilling or incapable of challenging his dirtiest deeds.

Elected to end a lunatic war, the Democratic Congress has prolonged it, earning approval ratings even lower than those of George W. Bush, whom Rove designated as a "war president" long before the attack on Iraq.



The Superior man is liberal towards others' opinions, but does not completely agree with them; the inferior man agrees with others' opinions, but is not liberal with them. -- Confucius.

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