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If the Repuglican Party really wants to survive it's imperative for some statesmen, if there are any left in Washington D.C., to step up to the plate and make that "it's time to resign" trip to the White House. If America is to survive, it's time for us all to say enough already! It's time for wiser, saner, men and women to see to it that the madness stops right here, right now! And as far as "pardons" go, forget about it! How do you pardon someone who is responsible for the preemptive, unnecessary deaths of over 600,000 innocent people! 


My son was a high school cross-country runner (and a pretty good one). On the course that his team ran most frequently, at about the halfway mark, was the beginning of a fairly steep hill. At the meets, I would stand at that point and when my boy came along, I would yell "focus, focus."

by Tony Peyser

You have to admit that
This is kinda sneaky
What’s next: some bling
And a dashiki?


Anytime Attorney General Alberto Gonzales speaks to the ultra-neocon American Enterprise Institute (the same bunch that helped Bush craft his Iraq "surge"), you can bet he will say some pretty outlandish things, especially if the event is closed to the public. Sure enough, his speech today was a doozie.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007 05:10

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 17, 2007


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Last night I forced myself to watch Mr. Bush's interview on national public television. If you happened to see it I think you will agree that it was a telling exchange. It was the first time I have allowed myself to watch Mr. Bush in recent memory; so great is my contempt for his policies and practices that have weakened our country and strengthened our true enemies in such unprecedented ways.

What struck me most was his demeanor: he looked every bit a defeated man vainly defending himself and his administration. His slouching posture was Nixonian and his closely knitted staccato words expressed a tensioned level of stress I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.


Every school in Scotland will soon own two copies each of Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth on DVD. Teachers will not be forced to show the film, but the Scottish government expressed optimism that all students will have the opportunity to view it.

The decision came just days after a Washington State school board issued a moratorium on the movie after complaints from parents like Frosty E. Hardison, who "believes the Bible predicted global warming."


by Neil Wollman and Leonard Williams

After every national election, pundits and politicians work overtime to interpret the results. Fall 2006 was no different. People who follow the news and commentaries witnessed many efforts to explain why Democrats gained control of the Congress. Now that the dust has settled, analyses have essentially ended, and Congress is in session, we want to give our version of events based on some of these past analyses and our own. We do so even more for the future and what lessons for that should be drawn from the past election.


Now why does this not surprise me, and why has it taken so long for mainstream corporate media to figure it out!!!??? "At a not-for-quotation pre-speech briefing on Jan. 10, George W. Bush and his top national security aides unnerved network anchors and other senior news executives with suggestions that a major confrontation with Iran is looming." Well, Duh! 


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1//RIA Novosti (Russian News & Information Agency), Russia

Russia has completed deliveries of Tor-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran, the defense minister said Tuesday. "We have supplied modern anti-aircraft short-range missile systems under a contract. Iran is not under any sanctions," Sergei Ivanov said, adding that Moscow will continue to develop military and technical cooperation with Tehran. ... The Tor-M1, developed by the Russian company Almaz-Antei, is a high-precision missile system designed to destroy aircraft, manned or unmanned, and cruise missiles flying at an altitude of up to 10 kilometers (6 miles). It was introduced at the Russian aerospace show MAKS in 2005.

by Tony Peyser

The United States will soon invade Cuba
And hand its assets to a select few
Like Hyman Roth and Michael Corleone
Were planning in “Godfather II.”

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