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Since the price over Iraq is really so tiny,
Then how can any Republican now resist
Making every child of theirs 18 and older
Drop everything and immediately enlist?

by Stuart A. P. Murray

The new capital of the United States was named Washington City in 1800, honoring the Revolutionary War commander-in-chief and the country's first president. It was the highest honor a grateful and adoring people could bestow.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007 08:33

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 12, 2007


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Subject: Bush says troops are gonna come home .... this time fer sure!


Developing Story Update:

CBS is reporting that one of the moms has requested a fuller explanation of her son's death: War Critic Dies In Iraq, Mom Wants Answers: Mother Seeks Details Of Soldier's Death Weeks After He Co-Authored Op-Ed Criticizing War. "Mora and one of his co-authors, Sgt. Yance T. Gray, 26, of Ismay, Mont., were killed Monday in a vehicle accident along with five other U.S. soldiers and two detainees. The single-vehicle accident also wounded 11 other soldiers and one detainee. The military did not mention hostile fire and did not specify the neighborhood in western Baghdad. "


“The further we go, the behinder we get”! “COOPER: … General Petraeus talked about bringing 30,000 troops home by next summer …. Everyone seems to be acting like this is some sort of strategy. MICHAEL WARE ... In no way is this a new direction or a policy shift by the U.S… no, this is no new direction. This is not a grand policy announcement that America is drawing down. It's just the end of the surge …”! “Fool me once, you can’t fool me again”!

by Tony Peyser

The Ambassador’s Tricky Trifecta

Ryan Crocker insisted, “I can’t give you
Who’d accept those terms to fix a car,
Let alone fight a war overseas?
* * *
GOP Calls On Democratic Leadership To Condemn Anti-Petraeus Ad
Senators like Kerry and Reid have already caved
This is a Rovian trap to step in
And any Blue State politician should know by now
It’s as strong as any weapon.
Republicans have stolen billions in war profiteering
Thousands have died; that’s bad.
Yet some spineless Dems have tails between their legs
Creating fake outrage to deflect from their real failures
Is a GOP ploy tough to improve on
But any Democrats who want to get re-elected next year
Better move on soon about MoveOn.



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Tuesday, 11 September 2007 08:58

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 11, 2007


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Subject: What's Really Preventing Another 9/11?

by Carol Korreck

From the beginning, this presidency has been a media blitz. It has been all about marketing and getting those great photo ops. It seems blatantly obvious to me that if there is a need to sell a war to the American public, there must be a problem with the actual reasons for the intended war. Starting with the tragedy of the twin towers, this administration seized the opportunity to show our tough, fearless leader (who was finally coaxed away from "My Pet Goat") on top of a pile of debris with his megaphone promising revenge to the enemy who dared to inflict such catastrophe on United States soil.


Remembering the victims of 9-11 and their families, on this day, 6 years later!

* * *

"Evidence that Bin Laden is still directing al-Qai'da operations, despite the best efforts of the US military and a $50m (£25m) price on his head, will be a blow to President George Bush who staked his reputation on winning the 'war on terror.'" Another "blow" for George Bush and the Repuglicans, has got to be that money does not buy everything! 

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